Here’s Another Look At Mighty No.9

Wonder how Mighty No.9 is shaping up? Well we’ve got a new video showcasing the Xbox One build of the game. The footage may be familiar to some as it’s the same footage that emerged from the beta of the game which was shown off earlier this year. However, some of the dialogue is different and the visuals seem to be a little shaper. Mighty No.9 is due for release later this year.



    1. The 4 million has to cover more than just the games development. It also is not that much money considering big budget games can cost around 20 million to produce. I would like to see the people complaining about how the game looks develop a better game in udk.


      1. Or games like GTA and Destiny which cost about 200 million to develop and another 200 million to advertise.


    1. Most games look pretty boring to play. Mega Man Legends was the same way. You’ve gotta be invested man. Keiji Inufane’s been in the business for a long time.


    2. It doesn’t look boring to me at all. And this is just a beta. Almost a proof of concept even. I seriously doubt what we just saw will even be in the final game. And if it is, good, I liked what I saw.

      This game is to please old mega man fans, not to garner new fans. If you didn’t play the original Mega Man games it will be hard for you to understand the excitement behind this game.


    1. Were you the guy who posted the supposed “announcement video” For Sunshine on Wii U which ended up being big buff dudes in speedos making out with eachother?


  1. Unrelated but anyone else get their Majora’s Mask messenger bag from club Nintendo? Just got mine, nice but cheaper quality than I expected.


  2. I’ll get the game, just because I know EVERYONE will be playing it and as a gamer, you can’t be left out. However, I’m not optimistic with the way it looks so far.

    Like some people have said before, it looks like the game will be very boring. The gimmick with Beck shooting an enemy and having to “jump” through them to finish them off looks like it will ware off after the first two or three enemies…

    I seriously hope it offers more than a couple bad guys standing on some boxes. I mean, the first level of Kirby 64 looks more advanced than this.


  3. I love how people keep fucking forgetting or dont even know that it’s supposed to look like that since it’s meant to look the same in every console it’s coming to which is every current fucking console! also, think, a million dollars isn’t even close to enough money for game developving nowadays especially with how much content this game was said to have.


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