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The Developers Of Adventure Quest Want Artix In Super Smash Bros

Yet another developer is wanting their franchise to appear in Super Smash Bros as part of the upcoming downloadable content. The latest developer is the team behind Adventure Quest who want Artix to be a challenger in Super Smash Bros. It’s soon going to be extremely hard to decide who to vote in for Smash.

Thanks, takamaru64

113 thoughts on “The Developers Of Adventure Quest Want Artix In Super Smash Bros”

    1. this is so fucking funny how all these developers who turned their backs on Nintendo want their characters on the biggest Nintendo game (by biggest I mean having some of the biggest ip (maininly nintendos) in one game that’s actually good). I think the best thing Nintendo could do is put the characters that has stuck by Nintendo. Or a very iconic character that would stir up buzz like banjo. I personally would like bayonetta

      1. I’m waiting for Ubisoft to post something for one of their characters and pretend like they haven’t been jack asses to nintendo and nintendo fans in the last few years

          1. true but like cave story’s ports on the Wii and 3DS is what helped at least sell it beyond the state. there’s no denying that the bump to being ported on Nintendo’s sites is what made the freeware game actually a well known title period, at least in indie standards. Just look at Shovel Knight and Shantae, its the same story for them as well

              1. Actually I never heard of Cave Story until it went onto Nintendo systems. I’m personally not a huge fan of nintendo, but I love mostly all games on their systems, I keep an eye on the store for that reason :)

                But yeah, I’m also a decently active PC gamer, and I’ve never heard of Cave Story until they ported it and it appeared in the store. I know several friends who are the same way honestly.

    1. they want a character from”game that plays on your web browser!” to be in smash bros.
      I choked on my drink when i saw this

      1. Says somebody who’s actually never given the game a try.

        Mind you, it isn’t just “One game” it’s literally a full-fledged series. Adventure Quest, Dragon Fable, Adventure Quest: Worlds, Battle Gems, there’s even an Adventure Quest: Worlds 3D version being made.
        There’s just as much merit to browser games as there is for… well 3DS games, Mobile games and even the odd facebook game that’s actually any good.

        Me? I’ve played every game Artix Entertainment has released. I’ve also done the same for Epic Games, Relic, Blizzard Entertainment, id Software, Firaxis and several others.

        The platform is irrelevant. Adventure Quest games are large for browser games, almost to the point that they’d fit right at home on any console or even as standalone PC titles.
        AQ: Worlds is an MMORPG, and it’s more fun to play by miles than World of Warcraft, simply because Artix knows how to make an MMO, and they know that fetch quests that take a while are total bullshit :)

        So don’t judge a game based on it’s platform. Judge it because you’ve played it and it sucks. Not like you can’t anyways, it’s free to play, and everyone can play it, literally.

  1. Stop with these “developer wants character voted in smash” articles. It’s pretty much spamming the same article with name swaps

  2. Yes we know; every dev wants their character in smash bros. Is it really necessary to report on every one of them? Adventure Quest has never even been on a Nintendo console!

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>Our empire is the one asking, they don’t need to do anything other than to sit highly on their unreachable pillars and laugh at the cattle>>>

    2. It’s good though, with indie support, Nintendo won’t really ever die since indie games are starting to keep PC gaming afloat more than 80% of all AAA titles now.

      Nintendo doesn’t need to request anything technically though. They own Smash and are developing it ^_^

      I’m sure someone’s asked for a 3rd party character, but honestly we’ve already seen them in a Nintendo game.

  3. If you have to go put and ask people to vote for your character, it pretty much means nobody waa voting for them to begin with.

    Characters like Isaac and Wonder Red are getting many votes, yet you don’t see Camelot or Platinum begging on Twitter.

    1. Obviously not, because those are insanely popular characters/series.
      Some people don’t vote for certain characters because they don’t see it as a possibility.

      Plus alot of people who were playing Adventure Quest: Worlds and Artix’s various titles hadn’t even heard of Smash’s fighter voting system, or maybe even of Smash.
      May be hard to believe, but that is possible, I personally find out about Smash games about a month after they’re announced. Not because I’m not wanting a new one, but because I’m playing games.

      But also characters like Isaac and Wonder Red would be wierd in a side-scrolling beat’em up.
      Even with the slightly decent roster they have now, you need to introduce characters that you’re sure will be different. We could use more humans who use weapons not including ranged ones in smash.

      Plus there’s never been a paladin-like character in Smash or even many Nintendo games, and paladins are awesome.

      Plus the personality and design of Artix is more friendly and cheery than Isaac for sure, since Isaac comes from one of the most legit depressing games on the market if we ignore licensed games like The Walking Dead.
      A Naked child who cries on things to kill them, yeah by social standards in even Japan, that “totally” screams fun for the whole family.

      Certain characters just don’t work, Isaac is likely one of them, and Wonder Red is likely another.

      Artix on the other hand, is in nothing but side-scrolling games. Not any Beat’em-ups but it’s not like they’re any different from RPGs, just combat is handled a bit differently.

      After all, he’s already got movesets, he’s already got a well-established personality, and he’s basically perfect for a beat-em up.

      1. Not to be offensive, but this character has had literally NOTHING to with Nintendo. Characters such as Isaac, Quote, Shantae, Banjo & Kazooie, Wonder Red, heck, even Shovel Knight, deserve to be in Smash TWICE as much as this obscure PC Character. And NO. We do NOT need anymore sword/axe/mace/whatever wielding human characters. We already got Shulk, Lucina, and Robin this year, and we already have Link, Ike, Marth, etc. etc. etc.
        Can’t we have some variety? Like Shantae (Belly-Dancing Genie Girl who turns into animals for attacks and abilities, also has a variety of pirate-based weapons), Rayman (Guy with no arms, legs, or neck. Flings punches, wears a hoodie, etc.), Banjo & Kazooie (Totes a bird in his backpack that helps him with certain moves in his games), Wonder Red (Unites with tons of colored people to form epic shapes/forms), or Quote! (Utilizes guns, lasers, fireballs, and even a bazooka to terminate foes.)
        As stated above, all of these characters are unique and have been on Nintendo consoles. Artix has done nothing to merit being in Smash, and, no offense, but his character design is INCREDIBLY generic.

        1. Oops, when I said Isaac I mean’t Isaac from Golden Sun. Not the Binding of Isaac. That game is ANYTHING but family friendly.

          1. you should die, above anonymus guy.. Artix is literally perfect for smash bros, he’s a paladin, so he’s unique, he’s unique looking, so he would fit so well and be unique. Adventure quest is awsome and would represent computer games really really really really really well. and your wrong, we don’t have enough human characters, and we don’t have enough girls, they should put a boy/girl version like Robin, also, do you see any Paladins in smash bros for wii u and 3ds bcuz i sure as heck don’t,, he could use his axe to counter moves by blocking and then countering.he could use his magic to restore his health like robin. IN short? ur stupid and should go to hella nd feel pain and die twice a lot because Artix is a cool character and would fit with smash. get burned scrub!! 😎

            1. ur also stupid because shantae, quote, wonder red, banjo and Kazooie, are generic while Artix is not, look at Shantae: she looks just like Dixie kong but isn’t a monkey and has purple hair. Look at wonder red, hes like captain falcon but he’s red. look at banjo, he looks like yogi bear. and quote is waaaaaaaaaaay to much like mega Man! Artix looks amazing!!! i mean sure he looks kind of like Ike, but they could just make it so that when the artix dlc comes out Ike is removed from the game? i mean, Ike is too generic and their are to many Fire emblem characters. besides, no one likes Ike anyway. (Haha lol! You see what i did there? like with the announcer thing where the crowd says “We like Ike!” which no one does!) sorry to all of u scrub lords who main Ikey Ike but artix is just way cooler.

              1. Ummm… chill out for starters. Secondly, we have the same profile picture thingy. What luck(?).
                What I’m trying to say is, hasn’t merited the honor of being in Super Smash Bros. YET. If Artix Emtertainment started making really good games on Nintendo consoles, maybe THEN he would have a shot. Until then, his chances are literally none. Actually no, they’re worse than none. They’re laughable.
                By no means am I bashing his series, though.

  4. To hell with them.
    My vote all still goes to Rayman who, unlike all of these characters, is a gaming icon, has a ton of moveset potential, has a ton of history on Nintendo platforms, and Legends was a Wii U exclusive in Japan.
    If Sakurai actually chooses him over Rayman, I have lost faith in him.

    1. This is actually a better reason than most people use to disregard Artix with a bitch-slap. Because the character would work.
      Being a gaming icon isn’t really a reason though. An icon is well-known, if anything those that aren’t well known should be in more so. Ubisoft hasn’t really touched Rayman in a while though, so I kinda doubt that Rayman is getting added anytime soon, since having him as a trophy, and having him as a playable character, are two different things.

      Personally if Sakurai chooses Artix over Rayman, I won’t lose any sleep. If anything, I’ll be happy that Smash FINALLY has a Paladin, which would be true originality as far as Smash characters go. Plus the guy wields an axe, not like anybody else does. All we’ve got is swordsmen, which are really boring honestly. They’re fun to paly ofcourse, but it’s not iriginal to add more of what already exists, it’s repetitive.

      Ofcourse Rayman doesn’t use swords, he instead lobs magical energy at enemies whilst speaking what is essentially Simlish, only different. He’d probably play like Megaman however. Sure, they’re not the same, far from it, but it’s not like their method of attack is really different. One can charge and the other just has more tools. They both run around shooting things ^_^

      But yeah. Not the end of the world if Rayman doesn’t get in while Artix does.

  5. Ahahahahahahahahahahaha, no! First it was the Minecraft fanboys and now it’s this shit? The last thing Smash needs is more PC crap to poison their games.

    1. Says somebody who’s actually never played a Browser game, let alone Artix Entertainment’s.

      Let me tell it to you this way instead of going on and on.
      Artix Entertainment is the Blizzard Entertainment of Browser games, only younger and smaller and if they mainly made fantasy RPGs that don’t suck in any real places.

      It’s got about as much content if not more than alot of “Decent” RPGs on Steam, plus, I can hardly play Diablo 3, Divinity: Original Sin and WoW for more than an hour at a time, yet I get lost in AdventureQuest: Worlds.

      I would grow up a bit and judge a game based on actually playing it for a decent length of time and instead look at it neutrally of how good the game actually is. Not be a dumb child and judge a game based on the platform.

      After all, the only real difference between a mobile game and a game for any handheld device, is simply… how you acquire the games and little else.

      1. Never played a browser game before? I’ve played Super Smash Flash 2, Adventure Quest, Runescape, and countless other online games in the past. Sorry if I came off as accidentally insulting this game because I in fact used to enjoy it in my high school days. It’s just that any developer these days think their own own creations are suddenly eligible for Smash despite the fact that they aren’t giants like Nintendo or Capcom.

        The main problem I have with this is because Artix himself NEVER appeared on a Nintendo console before and shares little history with the company in any way. There were plenty of Nintendo releases for Sonic, Metal Gear used to have some games on a Nintendo platform, and Namco had been supporting Nintendo since the 80’s by porting their arcade titles to the NES. Hell, even Banjo himself used to be on Nintendo consoles and Phil Spencer (A famous Xbox executive) is giving his “former” fans the A-OK to vote for him. I just don’t see any merit in his inclusion, even if I’ve enjoyed the games.

  6. pink0crystal0midbus

    Good god… this character has been alive for what, a couple months? These developers want hi in a prestigious Nintendo fighting game… lol!

    This is just as bad as saying “Vote For Goku!”

    1. Or Steve from Minecraft, who was thankfully bought by Microsoft so his fanboys wouldn’t ask for him anymore. If they still do vote for him or request him on Miiverse, then they are really fucking desperate.

    2. More like, a couple years. This game has existed since I was in the 9th grade, and that was 13 years ago

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        Seriously!? I thought this was like a brand new indie game just starting out on kickstarter or something lol!

    3. Actually Artix has been alive for 13 years now, since 2002.

      Also saying for Goku to be in it would not be comparable in any way. Goku would be one of the easiest characters to put in to smash ever. Literally. He’s already got a moveset, play any of his games and he’s built for Smash.

      Would make a hell of a lot more sense than Steve, Isaac or even frigging Wonder Red ffs.

      But yeah, Artix has been a character for 13 years, longer than World of Warcraft has been a game.

  7. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

    Like I said before. Sakurai just say vote for your favorite NINTENDO characters to be considered in Smash……. Like King K. Rool :)

  8. Are they fucking kidding?! This game was not even on any nintendo platform! I agree with Characters like Shovel Knight or Shantae, but this is just ridiculous. Retards….

    1. Yes, because people would be so excited for a browser game on a nintendo platform, simply because like Mobile games in the past, people still think little of browser games, even if ALOT of good game series have come from the browser, and alot of browser games are superior to their standalone counterparts on Steam.

      But also, my main point would be: How about you talk when there exists a game on a Nintendo console which utilizes Adobe Flash or something similar to code for.

      Also no, they’re not kidding you. Not like Artix isn’t already well-established. He’s more of a character than anyone in Gears of War, and he’s only 1 year younger than Master Chief himself, but is still way more of an actual character.

      I mean… he’s from a game series that is about as family-friendly as Kirby, and already has an obvious moveset, due to being a battleaxe-wielding paladin.

  9. please stop posting articles like this.
    1. it isn’t news, everyone wants to be in smash
    2. it’s incredibly obnoxious seeing the same article over and over again
    3. if you have to post on twitter that you want x character in, x isn’t going to get voted for. Even if they are voted for it’s NINTENDO that decides who to put in and they would never put this fool in.

    at least they better not

    1. It’s not really the same article actually. Each different character from a dev is worthy of an article, after all, this IS Smash we’re talking about.

      You don’t want to hear about this? just ignore it :)

      After all, I make sure to ignore the existence of a new Smash for the first month of it’s existence simply due to the fact that releases are horrible now and never release without bugs or problems.

      And AI for non-amiibos are still freaking awful.

    1. You should totally go play some AdventureQuest: Worlds. Artix Entertainment (where Artix originates) has a long history of game development, having about 12 games under their belt, all of which are always maintained, still going today, and content is released for each one (on occasion for the older ones) But let’s just say AdventureQuest was released before World of WArcraft, though it took a couple of years for it to gain anything to allow players to play together or against eachother.

      The more relevant version is AdventureQuest: Worlds, an MMORPG similar to WoW, only fetch quests don’t suck completely everytime you do them, and entirely made in adobe flash so you can play it in a browser.

    1. Why would a decently established publisher and dev group make a flash game for freaking consoles?

      It’s not that easy. Besides, not like there’s EVER been a Metal Gear game on Wii, yet Snake got into Smash.

      So who knows, just because it’s raining somewhere, doesn’t mean it’s raining everywhere.

    1. This is the one time I will agree with you. At least both Shovel Knight and CommanderVideo has been on Nintendo platforms though, this Artix bastard has never even been close to one. They got their nerve….smh

      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

        I know. I wish Nintendo would just come out and say fuck off to all the irrelevant companies.

    2. Nice dissing of the only thing keeping PC gaming afloat right now. I’m sure if consoles had support of indie devs… oh that’s right, I forgot. It’s way easier to not suck on Console because you don’t need to try as hard.

      Sorry, will keep that in mind for next time.

  10. If I was going to vote something this far out there I would vote for Alien Hominid. At least he had a gamecube game.

  11. SO many fucking indie developers that wouldn’t touch Nintendo with a 20 foot stick suddenly want free advertising for their games.

    The only Indie character I would EVER consider being good enough for Smash Bros is Shovel Knight.

    1. Shovel Knight is a very cool character in itself IMO, and so is the game he stars in. However: he should be in more Nintendo-exclusives if he wants in. Pacman, Megaman, Sonic and Snake are enormous icons, which is why they got in despite being 3rd Party. Shovel Knight hasn’t gained that right, thus he can only ever be in if he becomes Nintendo exclusive. Obviously that doesn’t need to happen because so many people love his game on many systems now, but just leave him outta Smash then.

  12. I don’t know who this character is, but from what I heard he hasn’t even been on a Nintendo system. What.
    Seriously, first put your game on a Nintnedo system THEN maybe ask for him to be in Smash.

  13. TheMightyDekuWarrior

    Personally, I would LOVE Artix to be in (I used to play a lot of Adventure Quest). BUT, like everyone has already stated: Artix and AQ never been on a console. They’re going to have to get the game on Wii U and 3DS if they want him anywhere NEAR being a playable Smash Fighter.

    Also, PLEASE don’t stop posting these articles! I like hearing about these things!

    1. I agree. Its a nice dream, but they have a long way to go before Smash admission is even close to tangible

  14. Only characters I want in Smash are Banjo, Rayman, King K. Rool, or Isaac. And I’ve never even played Golden Sun.

  15. As much as I thought Meatboy would be idiotic, at the very very least I knew the character. Jesus. Who the fuck is Artex LMAO.

    1. Are you kidding me?
      Just because cool games like Shovel Knight and Shantae say it, doesn’t mean you can too.
      This greatly disturbs me.

  16. ARe you fucking kidding me? Like… this has got to be a joke. But it’s not April Fools anymore. Seriously, WHO is this?

  17. Please continue posting articles like this! These are hilarious!

    … Even though if I were a developer, I’d probably do the same, lol

  18. Wow, it’s bean years since I last heard about Adventure Quest. As far as I know it’s a F2P PC only game, with not a single intention of a Nintendo platform release. I see literally no reason why he should be considered to be a Smash character.

  19. whats up with all these obcscure 200th party companies wanting their characters in? adventure crap is so 2006, who even plays that anymore. nintendo is just laughing at this kind of crap. aint nobody got time for that!

    1. It’s like no one cares about him. I was hoping he’d get the same treatment as Mega Man but he’s not popular at all to make it into smash.

  20. “It’s soon going to be extremely hard to decide who to vote in for Smash.”

    I beg to differ, lol.

    HEY Mynintendonews, I want my OCs in Smash, do I get an article on it?

  22. Everyone is wasting their time. Nintendo will never put a NOBODY character in Smash Bros. It will probably be a Nintendo IP character they choose. Like King K. Rool etc.

  23. Space Pirate Initiate

    ‘Facepalm’ Apparently someone didn’t read the rules on Smash inclusion. Two simple rules: 1. Originate from Video Games, no other source. 2. Series must be on a Nintendo platform at least once. Stories of Indies I seen that have a legit claim: Wayforward(Shantae)
    Yatch Club Games(Shovel Knight)
    Intel Creates(Azure Striker Gunvolt)
    Choice Provisions(Bit Trip)
    Studio Pixel(Cave Story)

    These guys & Team Meat however have no such claim. And no, the ‘we’ll make the game if they’re in Smash Bros.’ excuse is not going to work. Guess Team Meat thinks Meat Boy’s cameo in three of the Bit Trip games count, but I seriously doubt it.

    1. He got my vote.

      Juan’s already a fighter & comes w/ a skill-set (which could be tweaked for SSB). He’s vibrant, & not only did he appear on Wii U but in a ‘Metroidvania’ style game. Juan would certainly add some luchador action & racial diversity to Smash.

  24. The main indie game that could be considered are Shantae, Cave Story, and Shovel knight. All other indie developers seem pretty irrelevant. Especially ones that have not been on a Nintendo system or were not even popular. Indie developers should want their characters in the game vecause they actually care and believe their character has legitimate reasons to be in the game. It should not be for free advertising.

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