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Here’s A Look At Mario Kart 8 200cc Mode On Mute City

Want to see just how fast the upcoming 200cc mode on Mario Kart 8 is? Well, we’ve got some footage showcasing the new mode on the Mute City track and it’s blazingly speedy. Equip a mushroom and watch your racer hurdle through the course like there is no tomorrow. The 200cc mode is coming as a free update to Mario Kart 8 on Wii U and will arrive on April 23rd.

Thanks, White Eagle

40 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At Mario Kart 8 200cc Mode On Mute City”

    1. Wat. That is literally the first time I have seen that shortcut at around 0:30…. Am I the only one here???

      1. I knew about that, because I like to take the time to take a leisurely drive around a new course, to familiarize myself with the layout of the course, where any hazards are and where any shortcuts are, after that, I do a time trial around the course. I take it every lap on Time Trial. Usually, you would need to trick off of both ramps, but this shows that the 2nd ramp can be avoided.

      1. Each lap finishes about 7-9 seconds faster. So the races will be about 21-27 seconds shorter. Which is pretty substantial actually..

      2. I hope that it becomes a part of a future update. The ability to change how the lap count per course.

      3. I think 3 lap is already long enough. If they mandatory make it 4 laps instead of 3, I’m gonna rage quit. I’m hasty.

  1. It looks like hacks when Mario does the flying jump that lasts all the way through the finish line. Also mushroom boosts look like 300cc.

    1. I’m not sure it has, but I hope it’s not mandatory- sometimes I’m having so much fun dominating in a race I’d hate for it to end too soon… >;D

  2. Imagine if Nintendo announced a new F-Zero game and then said while you wait here’s 200cc so you can get a little taste of what you’re going to get. That really would have been perfect!

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