Sega Is Releasing Next Set Of 3D Classics: 3D Sonic The Hedgehog 2, 3D Streets Of Rage 2, And 3D: Gunstar Heroes

Great news for Sega fans as the US branch has announced that they’re releasing their next set of 3D Classics this summer on the Nintendo 3DS. You’ll be able to purchase Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in September, Streets of Rage 2 in July and Gunstar Heroes in August. There’s also some more titles following these. They include¬†3D Fantasy Zone II (April 16, 2015) and 3D Thunder Blade (May 14, 2015). You can read about each title on the official Sega blog.

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  1. I’ll definitely be picking up Sonic 2. I liked Sonic 1. But how does Sonic 2 compare to Sonic 1? Is it better???

    1. Personally, I like Sonic 1 more, but Sonic 2 is good. They introduced the spin dash (although that was added into 3D Sonic 1), Tails, and much harder bonus stages that paid off with a better reward for completing them all. Also, no spoilers, but probably the best ending to a video game of its era.

    2. Sonic 2 is better. Sonic 3, not sure in my personal experience but I’ll say this: The original Sonic trilogy is superior to ALL Sonic games including that disaster called “Sonic 4” being split into episodes with different and yet stupidly changed graphical fidelity like no momentum in Episode 1.

      1. Sonic 3 was good, Sonic 3 with Sonic & Knuckles was phenomenal. Sonic CD from the same era was also great, and yeah, just about every game that’s followed has been terrible. Sonic Adventure was ok, Sonic Colors was, admittedly, really good, and I’ve heard pretty good things about Generations. Sonic 4 was so broken it hurt inside.

  2. Yeah a good sonic game. I’ll consider but… I have the orginal sonic two on genesis….

  3. Awesome! Was really hoping they’d do Sonic 2 at some point :D one of the greatest games of all time and I will happily get the 3D version.

  4. Why did Nintemdo stop makin the 3d classics? I love playing retro games in 3d. The 3d effect is very deep on some of them. I will be picking up Sonic 2 for sure.

  5. I was just wondering when Sega was going to remake Sonic 2. After that they need to to do Sonic 3.

  6. Has anyone bought any of the Sega 3ds classics dose the games look good in 3d I am thinking about buying them

  7. Yay! I loved Sonic the Hedgehog 2 so I look forward to playing it in 3D on the 3DS! On a semi unrelated note, I wish we could get Chrono Trigger & both Golden Sun games converted into 3D.

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