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Here’s A Look At The Special StreetPass Week Nintendo 3DS Theme

To further celebrate International StreetPass Week, Nintendo has rather kindly produced a brand new theme for the Nintendo 3DS. The theme is absolutely free and it requires you to go to special Nintendo Zones to get it. If you would like a closer look at the StreetPass theme then be sure to check out the video above during which NintenDaan gives us a tour of the theme.

9 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At The Special StreetPass Week Nintendo 3DS Theme”

  1. That’s what I’m wondering too. Every site reporting this says to go to a Nintendo Zone, but never any details on how to actually get it.

  2. Too bad the nintendo zones never fucking work. So annoying, it’s the only way I can get streetpasses around here and they don’t work and no one working at the 2 locations where I live have any clue what I’m talking about or what to do.

    Get it in gear Nintendo and make sure these sites actually work. It’s such a simply IT service only laziness and neglect causes it to not be reliable and it IS Nintendos responsibility to make it work.

  3. For anyone wanting to know. The Free Streetpass Home theme offer is NOT available in the US or Canada. I have confirmed this with Nintendo Customer Support. So if you live in America or Canada, Your just out of luck. Sorry.

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