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Rumour Update: Twilight Princess 3D Rumour Busted?

If you saw our previous post, you’ll know there’s a little rumour going around that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess could be coming to the Nintendo 3DS, after someone apparently got a hit on StreetPass of someone who’d recently been playing Twilight Princess 3D.

Obviously being assumed to be a fake, twitter user TaDavidID then posted a photo of his full console to add some credibility.

But, we still weren’t convinced. So, as he promised, he posted a Vine of him bumping into the Mii on StreetPass again. It’s enough to get your heart racing a bit, especially when other people have tweeted about finding the same thing.

A reddit user pointed out that these can easily be faked through the use of Homebrew applications, to make it look like you’re playing any game which, according to this report, looks like what happened.

9MID1BbThey had me going for a minute there, but this is likely to be fake, as much as we’d all love to see a remake of Twilight Princess.


62 thoughts on “Rumour Update: Twilight Princess 3D Rumour Busted?”

  1. I knew it. Why’d we get another remake so soon after Majora’s? Maybe we will get it one day but it wont happen now.

  2. If a massive game like xenoblade is able o fit on the 3ds then twilight princess is 100% possible.

    Although I would like to see on the wii u

  3. I came down from Heaven so I could play this sacred game in stereoscopic 3D. Only once in a millennium is that allowed. If this proves to be false even if an Act of Contrition shall be prayed to thee, I shall bust that man’s cunt and banish him to the pits of hell.

  4. Who on Nintendo’s sake would be out there playing a Alpha or Beta versions of a not yet announced game in public and with the street pass on?

    That guy or girl would be fire in a heartbeat or kill in the hands of the Nintendo Ninjas.

  5. Loved the game, but it’s not one that I enjoyed playing over again. But it’ll sell like hot cakes. I haven’t played Link between worlds yet, but its very tempting. Also I missed Phantom Hourglass…

    1. You’re not missing much by missing Phantom Hourglass (or Spirit Tracks). The stylus control in those games is arthritis-inducing. Put definitely play Link Between Worlds. It’s AWESOME!

    2. The only remakes that are purchase worthy are Wii U HD remakes. Who cares about playing one on the tiny 3DS? I can’t believe that the Wind Waker is the only major game that got the HD treatment.

    3. I guess I let my excitement get a hold of me, though I didn’t fully believe the thing, because hacking the icons is simple especially because the games that show up in a street pass include 3DS and the old DS.
      Plus why doesnt he press “YES” to go to the eShop, there will likely be nothing but it’s good to be convincing.

    4. sasori obinna: the puppet master

      what did sickr already pick someone…..jackyanne
      arrgggghhh…. at least it wasn’t that drone commander lol

            1. Not really into petitions that much. Especially if they’re big and have a lot of signatures, they usually hype up something that probably won’t happen, leading to overwhelming disappointment :(. I would love it for Wii U, but a petition probably wouldn’t influence Nintendo’s decisions, seeing their previous statements…

              1. It’s been 2 months since the last Zelda remake, what’s next Skyward Sword 3D?
                I hope this leak isn’t true.

              2. A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, and Windwaker have all been remastered or remade. It’s only a matter of time before the best selling Zelda game of all time (Twilight Princess) gets the same treatment.

              3. A 3DS version wouldn’t be a remake, but a demake.
                If they were to make a remake/remaster I’d much rather get it on Wii U to finally fix those murky textures.

                1. And add proper lighting… When people usually say TP was “dark” I usually mention how literally DARK the game is in terms of lighting. One of those games I had to turn up my TV’s brightness for…

                  1. It wouldn’t be a downgrade for 3ds resident evil revelations the game engine that was used is pretty dam good so if they can do that with res I am sure it can be done for twilight princess some of the 3ds games look almost good as Xbox 360

                  2. I don’t get who would be so hyped and needy of TP to return. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate TP, but I’m not a big fan of remakes in general. Full disclosure, I did get Majora’s Mask 3D, but I was pretty much against it being remade. Hell I felt if it was going to be remade it should be on a console and, much as I do enjoy MM3D, I stand by both sentiments. I’d prefer a new game to a remastered old one unless the remastering was going to pull in ideas and everything originally intended, but left out due to hardware limitations, or just to add more value to the game.

                    I mean what next people want WW on the 3DS too? Skyward Sword? How about asking for another Oracles game?! That series was the mad business! Or maybe a 3DS TP continuation story like MM where Link has more adventures or something? Possibly needing to find an alternate way into the Twilight Realm. Sure have the game brought over to the eShop or something for preservation, but a full on re-release is not necessary.

                  3. I think this would be a fake anyway since I don’t think Nintendo would’ve allowed games in-development to be leaked via Streetpass. Especially since games are developed using the developer’s verison of the 3DS which would most likely be programmed not to Streetpass with the consumer model.

                  4. It’s a fake and those who tried checking the eShop link got banned.

                    It may have been a nice idea or a prank even, but getting other 3DS owners banned because of this is? Tsk tsk tsk

                  5. The New 3DS can easily handle Twilight Princess but it would be the same graphics and nothing new can we call that a Remake? People call Xenoblade Chronicle 3D a remake, but seriously, there’s no difference between the WII and 3DS version nothing new they just take the same game and slap 3DS on it and people are hyped for this?

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