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A New Adventure Time Game Is Coming to Nintendo 3DS And Wii U

OH MY GLOB! We’ll go to very distant lands in this new 3D adventure game titled ‘Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations.’ Developed by Vicious Cycle, this point and click adventure will see Finn and Jake stepping into Finn’s foster parents’ shoes and becoming Private Investigators. With new areas to explore in the extensive Land of Ooo and new enemies to face, hopefully this will be unlike any Adventure Time game we’ve seen before. I find the graphics style and screenshots unconvincing, but will keep my hopes up that this game will do justice to the world of Ooo.

17 thoughts on “A New Adventure Time Game Is Coming to Nintendo 3DS And Wii U”

  1. It’s kinda funny to see him run in the cartoon, but to see Jake run like that in the game will want me the stop playing haha

  2. I wish they could make a 3d with a render that has “less volume” like they did with fireemblem if, it is awesome. But well I’m not saying thatgraphics from this new AT game it is not good as well. Finn running is akward btw..

  3. Eh, I may be a bit more hesitant on getting this game since Vicious Cycle isn’t as renowned of a licensed title developer as WayForward who put quality in all of their titles, licensed or original….. But, who knows, it’s too early to judge.

  4. It looks like it’s still pretty early in development, there’s no sound to the footage, and nothing looks polished, and it has some rough edges, and the characters animations are flat

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