Check Out Splatoon Direct On 7th May To Learn More About Splatoon

On the 7th May, Nintendo of Europe are hosting a Splatoon Direct on their Twitch at 16:00 CEST/15:00 BST. It remains a mystery what we might find out, so remember to watch next week on Thursday to learn more about the upcoming Splatoon game, coming out at the end of May for the Wii U.

UPDATE: Nintendo of America are also showing the Splatoon Nintendo Direct at 7am PT/10am ET.


  1. I can already imagine this being this generation’s Animal Crossing, another new IP that can be successful enough to be its own franchise. Maybe I’m being crazy, but I do admire all the attention that this game had been getting since its reveal.


  2. Won’t buy because of the amiibo dlc. Should be already be included in the game. Not being biased because I’m refusing to get ps+ for online.


  3. Someone pointed out on Reddit… the Inklings in the banner pic for this article look REALLY plasticy and some parts of the guns make them look almost like these could be new Splatoon amiibo.


    1. I was going to say the same thing the Splatoon character in the header of the article look too real it might be a seek peak of a new line of amiibos maybe another 3 pack?


  4. i am getting a PS4 on July. Xbots Sucks. Sony/Nintendo are superior. I’m not on topic on this news cause i hate splatoon. lel. I’m never joining the inferior Xbots twats. empire.


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