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Fire Emblem If Will Support Amiibo


It’s unlikely to come as a surprise to many, but it appears as though the forthcoming Fire Emblem If for the Nintendo 3DS will support various amiibo figures. The news was revealed today along with the amended box-arts which now sport a CERO C (15+) rating in Japan. This is the first Fire Emblem game to be given this rating, so it will be interesting to see what it contains to give it this rating.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6


      1. When you say “That’s why you preorder” you are saying “That’s why you never EVER leave your computer chair and press F5 on the R Amiibo Thread until you see that preorders have gone live somewhere.” Nice try to damage control for Nintendo.

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  1. So…is it just two cover arts, or are they two games? I’m kinda confused.

    I’m so excited for this game.


    1. Its sounding like, Japan gets the entire two part game or however you want to phrase it. And the American version will be one of the storylines and the other will be offered as DLC.

      If I’m wrong, anyone please point it out.


  2. New Advance Wars please. Or hell make them available for eShop damn it. I’ll the GBA one even, just gimme. AND NOT JUST FOR WII U FFS!


  3. Holy shit, this might as well be the darkest Fire Emblem game in history if this is true. I mean, why else would this specific Fire Emblem title have a higher Japanese rating than all the previous titles that were released?


  4. This seems like it will be the best Fire Emblem yet. However I will be disappointed if they don’t have a marriage/children system like they did in Awakening. I’m not sure how it would work to be honest…

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    1. Considering there are 3, or is it just 2 *is so confused by all of this complication*, alternate paths that make up a majority of the game after Chapter 5, I’ll be surprised if they actually managed to throw in a marriage/children system.


  5. Amiibo function? Will Robin, lucina, Marth and Ike be playable like Codename S.T.E.A.M.
    I’m picking Nohr and it’s not because of that boob-lady, I want that mage/sorcerer.


  6. Does Cero C (15+) equate to a M Rating in America? Because if that’s so, I’m going to have a hard time convincing my parents to let me have it (Then again, it’s coming in 2016, so I’ll be 16 then. Maybe it won’t be all that hard.)
    Either way, 15+ seems like a T Rating to me, but Awakening got a T Rating and yet this is higher somehow.


    1. I dunno bro, but maybe you just need a bit of argument leverage. I’d assume this is kinda like the OT16+ rating in English-translated manga, which makes up, like, most manga, to be honest…

      Remember that even all the rated M games don’t have the same level of maturity; it depends on the content, which is explained at the back.

      My first M game was 9 Doors 9 Persons 9 Hours…I was, ehh, I dunno, 12 or 13 or something. 999 isn’t really that bad, it’s just some gore and dark themes and sexual jokes that will fly straight over your head if you’re young enough (If not they’re hilarious though SNNRK ELEVATOR SCENE). Another easy example is Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies…Bro. I’m not really sure what bumped it up but I think it’s just the animated movies, bloodier CG, and, eh, “darker” themes of a broader scope of crime and corruption? Dialogue-wise and in terms of events that are taking place, though, it’s the same as every rated T AA game…To be honest I’m under the impression the ESRB and other rating systems are becoming stricter lately. (Where I live Big Hero 6 was given a PG rating)

      (“Cut me some slack, you big meanies!” <–A quote from said Ace Attorney. Wow, such dark, much mature.)

      Other M-rated games are the kind that really make up the most adult themes of the rating, stuff like GTA and No More Heroes in terms of violence and morality and maybe Catherine and SMT for thematic maturity. It really depends on the game itself and the maturity level of the player, what they can handle, and how easily they can be influenced.

      Anyway the ESRB rating is meant as a guide and not as law. So just because you're a year away from 17 doesn't mean you can't handle an M game…This is why I dislike birthday input for videogame sites. It's so iffy.

      (Also I locked myself out of the English Blade and Soul site that way, damn it, I thought I was old enough)

      Ahem, sorry, wrote an essay, Sheep out


  7. First FE game to get a higher rating than all predecessors in Japan, eh? Interesting…

    I just hope they don’t water these ones down here in the states like they did with Awakening…

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    1. lol We better not hold our breathe, though. Apparently Nintendo AND Square Enix of America think bikinis on teenagers is pure evil. Which is totally retarded since anyone can go to a public beach or public pool to see the same exact thing. In fact, the censoring for Tharja in the bikini made it look a hell of a lot worse than what was actually seen.

      “Is that supposed to be a curtain? It looks like Chrom’s cape… O.O Oh my god!” lol


      1. There’s censoring & then there is just “what in the fuck were they thinking!?”


  8. Can’t wait, I love me some FE! I’m praying to God they keep everything the same in both the JP and Western versions of the games from conversations to outfits to DLC. And I really hope the whole game can be bought through retail on one cartage at a higher price or something, because I hate having to download stuff unless it’s eshop only or on sale. The whole have half on a cartage and half downloaded on the console gets on my nerves too. Nonetheless this will be an awesome game. :)

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    1. As I said to the guy above, don’t hold your breathe if you live in the States. Nintendo of America, as evidenced by Miiverse alone, apparently thinks anything even bordering on possibly being sexual is evil. :/

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  9. Yay! I can use my Mar-no, no. I don’t have him. Yay! I can use my Ik-no, no. Don’t have him, either. Yay! I can use Rob-no, no. Yay! I can use Luci-fuck! -.-


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