Mario Kart 8 Update Version 4.1

A new update has rolled out for Mario Kart 8, version 4.1. It’s a pretty small update that just fixes some general bugs. The update has:

  • Improved the overall gameplay experience
  • 200cc and Mirror Mode are now immediately unlocked

So now you don’t have to earn all the gold trophies in 150cc to be able to play 200cc and Mirror Mode!


  1. God damn kids! Back in my day you needed to complete 50cc, 100cc and 150cc to unlock Mirror Mode! :P

  2. “200cc and Mirror Mode are now immediately unlocked”… … why? now the whole accomplishment of unlocking these modes is gone…

    1. 200CC? Fine. The update was all about it. Mirror Mode? No. That should always be made to be unlocked…

      1. Most of the people that haven’t unlocked Mirror Mode probably don’t even care about it.

    2. Because today’s generations are fucking whiny pussies who are scared of a challenge. No wonder humanity’s education/intelligence is fucked.

  3. “Improved the overall gameplay experience”

    Hopefully this includes the god awful item balance…

    8th place? Single Mushroom
    7th, 6th and 5th place? Triple Mushrooms, Golden Mushroom and Triple Mushroom in that order…

    1. Worst part is when everyone around you gets the same item… What good is a triple mush if 3 people around you all have it? Dumb

  4. They should have been unlocked from the start. A big problem with AAA games is that since most people give up on a game soon after the beginning most people have to pay for content that they will never see, this fixes that problem for this game.

    1. Pay? There is no pay outside of the tracks and items… these were unlockable by playing, so that doesn’t matter… should have left it as is… Maybe the 200cc just being there, like 150 and the rest is fine, but mirror should be an achievement

  5. I was wondering what the update was all about. The 200CC and the Mirror Mode part doesn’t really bother me, because I 3 Stared all of the non DLC cups in all of the CCs ages ago. I wish that they would go into a bit more detail about ‘Improved Gameplay Experience’ part, rather than being so vague about it. What about it has improved? Why was it necessary? Also, am I the only one that has gotten the Super Horn item a little more frequently since the 200CC update???

        1. Seriously. I always get hit by a stray green shell when I’m in first with the horn. :/

  6. lol I’m fine with 200cc being unlocked I still haven’t unlocked it yet and have mostly played with it with my friends, I don’t see the big fuss though the games been out for a year

  7. I’m pretty tired of this gradual shift to “casualty” (see what I did there?). It’s like the rich spoiled kid over the down to earth kid who had to work for what he got. Making money or patches the answer to achieving things instead of allowing people to challenge themselves…sigh. No wonder everyone acts like someone owes ’em something nowadays.

    1. That’s how society works. Rich people will stay rich and poor people will stay poor.

  8. That’s seriously lame! What happened to skillful gameplay needed in order to unlock harder/more challenging modes. Rewards. Boring!

    1. Not just kids but people in general are becoming lazy these days.

      With access to internet right in front of you, people are becoming stupider than before.

  9. And we’re still stuck with this half-width two-player mode, even though the game uses two displays anyway… :(

  10. Surely most people here have already unlocked Mirror mode? Not sure why it affects you. I’ve 3 starred everything on all 5 modes, and even if I hadn’t, the availability of these modes wouldn’t annoy me. Mirror mode is hardly an exciting unlockable – you know you’re going to get it.

  11. Ugh… I hate it when games take away progression like this… It makes it much less fun to play a game, imo, when it doesn’t have much in the way of progression. I was one of the people that was turned away a little bit by the lack of special ways for unlocking characters, but this is practically making the game have less content by means of no unlockables. I would be kinda fine if 200cc stayed unlocked, since it’s new, but Mirror mode? Why does that need to be unlocked too? What about the people who actually wanted to unlock those modes. (In fact, I was almost done finishing up the gold cups for 150cc a couple days ago…)

  12. It really doesn’t bother me. I’m 12 and it was simple for me to get mirror mode. Even if mirror mode was a reward it felt pretty stale for me. I don’t even care for the mode as much as it is!

  13. I’m pretty sure 90% of people who would have unlocked everything already did before 200cc. Most Wii U owners have already bought no and unlocked it. If you haven’t by now, you probably never will.

  14. whats up with nintemdo not saying what there updates do? for example (improved the overall gameplay experience)

  15. I don’t understand the need for this update. If someone isn’t good enough to get all gold in 150cc, the won’t even stand a chance in 200cc! I think the urge to jump in at the highest difficulty (due to pride) and then promptly getting destroyed will turn people away from the game.

  16. I play online and vs all the time. I barely play Grand Prix that much to be concerned about unlocking Mirror Mode or 200cc. The dlc tracks and 200cc have completed MK8 in my opinion. MK8 feels like a full game now.

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