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Nintendo President Briefly Talks About The NX

We know next to nothing about Nintendo’s next gaming device other than it’s called the NX and it’s a dedicated gaming platform. Speculation seems to point towards it being a home console and handheld hybrid of sorts sharing the same OS. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has briefly talked about the system with investors and has assured them that we won’t hear any details until 2016.

“We will not announce any details about NX until 2016. I used the name “NX” during our joint press conference with DeNA on March 17 because we thought that our announcing the business alliance with DeNA to start a smart device business could result in such misunderstanding as “Nintendo is making a transfer to smart devices because it is pessimistic about the future for dedicated video game systems.” I intentionally chose to announce the development of NX so early because I wanted to confirm the fact that we are developing a new dedicated video game platform, that we have never lost passion regarding the future for dedicated video game systems and that we have bright prospects for them. Though I cannot confirm when it will be launched or any other details of the system, since I have confirmed that it will be “a dedicated video game platform with a brand new concept,” it should mean that we do not intend it to become a simple “replacement” for Nintendo 3DS or Wii U.”

“Your question also included the “current notion of thinking about home consoles and handheld devices.” When it comes to how dedicated game systems are being played, the situations have become rather different, especially between Japan and overseas. Since we are always thinking about how to create a new platform that will be accepted by as many people around the world as possible, we would like to offer to them “a dedicated video game platform with a brand new concept” by taking into consideration various factors, including the playing environments that differ by country. This is all that I can confirm today.”

“Taking this opportunity, because we were often asked if we will make any new announcements about NX, smart device applications or QOL at this year’s E3 show, let me confirm that we will not discuss anything about our smart device business or QOL there because, to us, E3 is an event mainly for dedicated video game systems. Also, because we have confirmed that any new information about NX will be announced in 2016, I hope you will understand that if you expect us to discuss NX during the upcoming E3 show, you will just end up being disappointed.”

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  1. Hybrid Console Confirmed
    Half Life 3 Confirmed Exclusive
    Reggie is oiling himself up for next year Confirmed

    1. Hybridization may be a good idea considering how Sony got themselves in a tight corner with the PSV, the high specs of the console made it too expensive to develop games for it yet sell them at handheld price, which eventually resulted in a downward spiral of consumer unrest and developer distrust; we’re already seeing signs of this with the N3DS and the nearly nonexistent catalog, if Nintendo were to make an even stronger handheld it would probably be a retread of the PSV situation.
      But by hybridizing a home console with a handheld they make a good case for the continued existence of both, as handheld play becomes a mere option, mitigating the reason why the PSV failed.

      1. I still wonder how Nintendo could retain the relevance of a home-console & a handheld if they become 1 & the same. I’ll buy a system designed for the TV, & I’ll buy a system that has its own screen(s), but if they shared the same library, I’d pick only 1. I buy handhelds not for their portability, but for their exclusives, as w/ any dedicated gaming platform.

        I also wonder how the power ratio would be. If PS4 is any indication, most are going to flock to the home-console w/ the highest specs, & largely ignore the “weaker” variations, especially re multiplats.

        Streamlining the architecture between what would then be 2 current platforms helps smooth the dev process. But, as tempting as multiplatting would be for the 2, it would only push them into direct competition w/ each other. So it seems it’d be best to support each 1 w/ different software, but that would seem to defeat the purpose of a hybrid.

        Unless Nintendo is just going to design a handheld to communicate w/ a TV, then really they’ve left the home-console sector. Certainly, a handheld would lose the authentic thumbsticks & only increase in power based on handheld gens, otherwise, being as powerful if not more powerful than PS4 would be very expensive, especially since carts/SD cards are more suitable for handheld-gaming, as opposed to cheaper discs.

        But I’ll just have to wait & see what NX really is. A hybrid has yet to make sense. It’s also not new, as Super Game Boy released in 4th gen, & both the Game Boy Player & GCN/GBA link cable released in 6th gen. Of course, those were far from seamless than the idea of a hybrid. & Wii U & 3DS already share several games via their eShops, albeit w/ out sharing saves. Nevertheless, the gaps were/are bridged, but thankfully, the home-consoles functioned like home-consoles, & the handhelds functioned like handhelds; plus, each still retained quite a bit of exclusives. But merge the 2, & I imagine quite a few elements will suffer.

        1. Unless of course all you want to do is take a water-downed version of a console-game on the go, & then for some reason play the more graphically pleasing experience via a TV? Maybe even buy a full controller for the TV time?

          Again, the hybrid concept baffles me. Maybe Nintendo has found a way, but NX could be anything w/ in the context of dedicated hardware, really.

          & I doubt Nintendo will use a cloud-based service, which would suffer, even if Nintendo was internet savvy. So I imagine there’d need to be 2 devices, both w/ different specs to keep costs down.

    1. I don’t think so, he said it wouldn’t replace the Wii U or 3DS, this is probably because this is a third device. It well most likely be a VR or AR device much like Microsoft’s hololence. The 3DS and Wii U well most likely have replacements that have similar aspects such as running on X64 and X86 respectively and have the same OS allowing cross development of games. The NX well probably be its own device. He said “new platform” which also suggests its not going to be backwards compatible or use a new mechanic that wont work with old games. Again that would make sense with AR, which the company has tried and played with a lot and even said last year it was keeping a close eye on it. So I’m guessing its AR/VR which may pair with the QOL, and the real replacement devices of 3DS (handheld) and Wii U (tv/settop box)

  2. The NX will not succeed as the public believes it will. We don’t have any reason why….. it’s just a gut feeling.

              1. That’s just as bad… how am I burnt when you burnt yourself.
                Also, I didn’t know you liked Dance Central

    1. Absolutely you are right. He let it spill with the bit about accommodating different play environments. Japan likes their handhelds. America likes their home consoles. He really said everything we need to know to ascertain that it’s a fusion of the 3DS and Wii U. All that’s left to do is speculate on how they’re going to pull it off.

  3. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

    Please Understand.
    I really hope it’s a connection between the two and not really a successor to the Wii U…… Yet.

  4. Unfortunately it seems they’re going with the gimmick route rather than the traditional videogames console.

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      If they just did a traditional video game console, it would be a clone of the PS4 and Xbox One…. which we already have.

      Nintendo has to do a gimmick in order for the console to sell. Nintendo can’t just copy the competitors and expect all kinds of support.

      1. They’ll need to copy the architecture at the very least. They can’t have another generation of games shopping because devs don’t want to invest in porting.

        1. It’s not about what devs want. It’s about making your customers happy. Laziness gets you no where in life. If you think your game will sell on a console then put it on there and stop bitching. It’s not Nintendo’s problem if Sony and Microsoft want to be corporate slaves to these devs.

          1. in the gaming world you need to make both happy. if devs arnt happy they have ios, android, windows, linux, steam, ouya, game stick, vita, ps4, sheild, to develop the game for. customers want games, so you need to cater to both. nintendo needs to take a moment and take developers into account, new, old, AAA, indie, and first party.
            and also look at compation, what works, what dues not, and what to do different. mean while they also need to take that same look at customers. what dues the modern customet want, ( games, services, UI, buisness models, apps, and who in the home well use the device, and how much it well get used)
            their is a lot to acount for.

      2. actually that is exactly what they can expect. If they make a console easy to develop for and port to 3rd parties will make the games. They don’t presently because the Wii U requires extra work and we all know 3rd party devs are lazy and inept. Nintendo needs to make it a path of least resistance and then the games will come. Why you and a few others like you think a Nintendo console close to the others in specs and build is a bad thing is beyond fanboyism. Seriously! You’d get the best games Nintendo 1st party can make on a powerful system..AND you’d get the 3rd parties. Isn’t that what we wanted to the Wii U to be? And the fact that it isn’t is why it failed to sell.

        “If they just did a traditional video game console, it would be a clone of the PS4 and Xbox One…. which we already have.”

        Really? We have a console as powerful as the PS4 that gets Nintendo 1st party games? Where can I buy this?

          1. Now you know I am a huge Nintendo fan, hell you can me a Nintendo fanboy but that Jonathan guy has a point and let me explain why. First off, Nintendo will have no choice but to go with either X86 or ARM or maybe even a combination of the two as the architecture for the NX since IBM (the company that has for years designed Nintendo platforms’s PPC chips) are no longer making embedded products and since they also sold their fabrication plants to Global Foundries. Now Nintendo could use the Power architecture chip that the Wii U has for porting Wii U games to the NX but that may ultimately drive up the costs of the system and limit their design options but remember Iwata said that the NX will not be a ” simple replacement ” for the 3DS or the Wii U which probably means that the NX won’t be backwards compatible at all. I think once the next generation arrives Nintendo will not want to give these stubborn 3rd party developers anymore excuses to skip their platforms. Look at the sales of the Wii U. That may indicate to Nintendo that they have to get more games from other companies on their next platform to satisfy the people that want a more diverse library but we will see what Nintendo has planned at next year’s E3

            1. So that means the one selling point many fans have loved for, backward compatibility with so many old great games, is officially out? Now I’m not buying if that’s the case. Nintendo is just about finished with no other way to turn to please mostly everyone.

              1. Jtz from Judah Tribe

                That’s stupid if it isn’t backwards capable. I’m not buying alllllllll that virtual console games all over again.

                1. In order for the NX to be backwards compatible and have the 3rd party support that a lot of Nintendo fans want, the system will have both X86 and Power architecture and like I said if they put Power architecture along with X86 in the NX the costs will go up drastically and or they will have to take massive yearly losses on the system which is something I don’t think Nintendo wants to do. They could however offer a streaming service that’s very similar to PS Now that allows you to download a back catalog of games from past Nintendo platforms that includes the 3DS and the Wii U…….just a thought

        1. pink0crystal0midbus

          “Really? We have a console as powerful as the PS4 that gets Nintendo 1st party games? Where can I buy this?”

          You are preaching to the choir. Yes, Nintendo fans will buy a Nintendo console. It’s about getting OTHER people to buy Nintendo’s console. Making a system that is just a copy of the PS4 and Xbox One will NOT sell any better than the Wii U.

          Nintendo needs to entice people some other way. Either by getting third parties on board. Having killer exclusives ALL the time including 3rd party exclusives, and or by having an amazing gimmick (like the Wii was). Making a “powerful console” does not equate to any of those things. It would be nice for Nintendo fans sure, but Nintendo needs a success in order to you know…. Keep being a company. It can’t always be about the customers. Nintendo is a business after all.

          1. There would be no issue making a system that could compete with Microsoft or Sony’s next home console. I think it would benefit Nintendo greatly for making a system like xbox, but all Nintendo style. That “success” you mention needs to happen by showing Nintendo can make a console that can compete and still be family friendly. Its possible, just not being implemented or even touched for some reason. And, isn’t what Nintendo does specifically for the people and customers?

  5. you know how good that would be for them a console handheld hybrid means that they have everyone under the same roof and that means more game sales, and less game droughts

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      Yes, exactly. Nintendo wouldn’t even need 3rd party support (not that they should try NOT to get it) if they had handheld and home console games coming to the same console.

      Plus, it would prevent people from saying, “Hey, I wish “so and so game” would come out for the 3DS instead of the Wii U!”

      Oh! and this might also mean we are closer to getting a mainline Pokemon game on the home console!!! :O

    2. Iwata means the architect will be similar for handheld and console starting with the NX line. There is more in a comment stated below just don’t want to keep repeating myself.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        Why would the handheld and the console have a similar architect unless they were going to be linked (perhaps like the Vita and PS4 were supposed to be) where games for the handheld and console would be one in the same.

        That would be very similar to what people are predicting now anyways.

        1. It is very different people are saying one console that does home and handheld. Iwata is saying a handheld and home consoles with the same architect. Example Iwata used was Apple. Iphone and Ipad have the same architect but can play the same games. This is what Iwata meant not a hybrid console that’s a home console and handheld.

          1. he also has said the NX its self is not ment to replace the 3DS, or Wii U. it may be a legacy device ( soly ment to play games from NES and GB to 3DS and Wii U. while later introducing true replacements, but well only focus on new games going forward. it could be a companion device for the next handheld/ set top box gaming devices (like a AR or VR device that works with both. or a nintendo tablet that runs VC games and may have a hdmi out) what ever it is, it seams like it wont be the next handheld or tv based system but thather something more for modern users who need a flexible device, but may work along with a new handheld or tv system. like microsofts new hololence well work with pc, tablet or xbox, but can also be used by itself

  6. If we won’t hear anything until 2016, that means the earliest the console will come out is 2017. That is good news for Wii U owners!!!

    Don’t expect the NX until November/December of 2017, everyone. That gives the Wii U a good lifespan, I think. If they released the console next year in 2-16, then it would be far too soon.

    1. It could come sooner but I think NX is also a line of devices, much like Kindle devices. NX well be a family of devices, a tablet, ar headset, sleep device, set top box, handheld.

      1. It well suck for Sony for sure, but Microsoft well have windows 10 on Xbox, which well bring universal apps/games. Halolence which is their new windows 10 AR headset (which even Google glass can’t touch) and it well have the biggest game lineup its ever has (last year it had 40 games (not including third party)

      1. If you mean like another handheld in the series, then maybe not suck, but definitely isn’t slightly exciting. They’ve had a new game in the series pretty much every year for the last four or five years. It’s done. If it’s not the console version people have always wanted, it’s gonna be a bore fest for that game. It’s got COD assasin’s creed status now.

          1. Yea sadly lol. People may not realize it, but it has. And I was done with it before the milking started lol. I went through like 4 games in a few months back around when heart gold came out and then went through white and had like 620 pokemon. I just can’t go back lol.

          2. pink0crystal0midbus

            Yeah.. Pokemon has gotten stale as of late. I am really burnt out of the franchise and this is coming from a hardcore Pokemon fan. I have seen all the movies, anime episodes, played through every Pokemon game out there and I am seriously considering not buying the next generation.

            Only thing that will change my mind is if they finally put it on the home console and make it like 3D or something.

            I played through Pokemon X and beat it in a day and was already done with it. Usually I play Pokemon games for years. I didn’t even finish Alpha Sapphire, because I just don’t feel like it anymore.

    1. I’m glad it isn’t being revealed this year, let’s them continue to focus the Wii U. Getting the console revealed so soon would discourage people from buying the Wii U (i know the sales still probably won’t make a dent but still) Even if it is revealed next E3 that wouldn’t mean it is almost releasing, it would probably be a little tease we will get each year until it’s complete like the PS4

  7. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

    How many times does this guy has to fucking repeat himself? Get the message through your fucking thick patheic skulls.

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

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    1. Damn this comment is so false it hurts…

      1. NX is a x86 AMD processor

      2. It’ll run on the R9 300 series GPU chipset

      3. Most likely it’ll use 4GB of HBM which already makes it stronger than the PS4’s GDDR5 RAM

      4. It’s just going to be a tablet controller with a hub dock for on screen play

        1. So explain to me why AMD said they were making an x86 chip for an upcoming video game console?

          Kiddo got pwned

      1. Jtz from Judah Tribe

        Just being more powerful than PS4 and released by 2017 isn’t going to work. It needs to be either on par or stronger than. pS5 will be. That’s why wii u sales suck now.

        1. PS5 is going to be a streaming box though so it might be weaker than the PS4.
          So NX might be the last true next gen console in terms of power.

          1. Apparently some of you idiots seemed to forget Xbox Two or Infinity or whatever MS calls that thing will exists right next to the PS5 & NX. P.S. the NX is not a hybrid console, this was already confirmed by Iwata a few months ago.

    2. Where are you guys getting this stuff? How the hell would you know the specs? Why are you treating your so called “knowledge” as fact?

      1. They are both full of shit lol just coming up with possibilities at best. Nothing has been said nor will be said about the system just like the article states. It’s all speculation.

      2. And quite frankly both sound shitty. A tablet controller will bomb harder than wii u, and c64s Wiiu-ish powered system instantly turned me off. And will turn off anyone thinking of buying it.

    3. Jtz from Judah Tribe

      So is that just a little more powerful than PS4 or way more powerful than the Sony. Nintendo should know that all Sony is going to do is a make a console more powerful than that you posted and Nintendo will be right back where they started.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        Not unless Nintendo makes an $800 dollar console and are like, “We heard you wanted power.”

        Wouldn’t be a good idea, but would actually prove a point. You can’t have a cheap console and a powerful one at the same time. If Nintendo makes something more powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One… It will probably cost at least $500. I’m betting it will be MORe than that too.

        Kind of scary if you think about it. I don’t have that kind of money.

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  10. I’ve been saying the same thing for a while now, not to mention that Nintendo consoles generally have a 5-6 year cycle before the next one comes out, so even if NX comes out in 2017-2018 it won’t just “replace” Wii U as much as follow it in the same vein as Wii U followed Wii, Wii followed GC and so on.

  11. Exactly. All you fucking idiots who were saying Nintendo won’t support the Wii U in 2016 and saying that it’s dead. Like I said 50 million times already, THEY ONLY REVEALED THE NX TO AVOID MISUNDERSTANDING FROM PEOPLE. Not because they’re giving up on Wii U.

    1. Doubt it, this is a DEDICATED SYSTEM… they wouldn’t have announced it this early if it was just an accessory for a console.

    1. You will be wrong and so is everyone talking about a hybrid. There will be a console and a handheld. They will have the same OS. Examples Iwata used was Apple and Android. Apple in the sense that the iPhone and iPad have different specs but can have the same games. Same with Android, doesn’t matter how many models they have the same architect and play the same games. This is what Iwata was talking about. I will never understand how people is getting hybrid out of it. People just running with that old rumor.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        But, in a way, by having a handheld and home console with the same OS, it is an offshoot OF the hybrid idea.

        If games can be bought and played on BOTH consoles with a single purchase, then that is hybridization right there. Might not be in the exact way everyone is saying, but it is close. Who says the handheld can’t be used as a freaking controller for the new home console. Who’s to say they won’t come packaged together?

        This could still very well be a hybrid generation from Nintendo.

        1. That is not hybrid. Would you consider iPhone and iPad a hybrid? Would you consider android devices and tablets a hybrid? A hybrid would be one device that does both. A hybrid example would be a HD TV with Blu Ray player built into it or the tablet that turns into a laptop is a hybrid. This will be separate devices using the same or similar architect to make sure there is no droughts. This is the quote from last year’s Q&A.

          “I am not sure if the form factor (the size and configuration of the hardware) will be integrated. In contrast, the number of form factors might increase. Currently, we can only provide two form factors because if we had three or four different architectures, we would face serious shortages of software on every platform. To cite a specific case, Apple is able to release smart devices with various form factors one after another because there is one way of programming adopted by all platforms. Apple has a common platform called iOS. Another example is Android. Though there are various models, Android does not face software shortages because there is one common way of programming on the Android platform that works with various models.

          The point is, Nintendo platforms should be like those two examples. Whether we will ultimately need just one device will be determined by what consumers demand in the future, and that is not something we know at the moment. However, we are hoping to change and correct the situation in which we develop games for different platforms individually and sometimes disappoint consumers with game shortages as we attempt to move from one platform to another, and we believe that we will be able to deliver tangible results in the future.”







      I CAN GO ON











      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        I like the gamepad, but it’s not the best.

        GC controller is the best. I also like the Wii mote for motion controlled games. I also like the Wii mote and nun-chuck attachment for shooting games.

  12. Iwata already stated it’s not going to be a simply replacement for the 3DS/Wii U. He stated “we are always thinking about how to create a new platform that will be accepted by as many people around the world as possible”. What could he be implying then? I’m still betting on it.

    1. By not a simple replacement of 3DS or Wii U, he is stating that at this time they are not sure how they will execute it. They still working on it. People taking little quotes and making a big statement about it. It simply means wait until some point in 2016 when we have a more clear idea of what we will be doing and we will give out some details. All this speculation, is just wrong because Nintendo is still figuring out what they want to do. The announcing of the code name or project NX was just to keep people from speculating about their mobile plans being only about their only pillar. The whole Q&A this year and last year will tell you that hybrid is not what he is saying but people keep running with that idea.

  13. “When it comes to how dedicated game systems are being played, the situations have become rather different, especially between Japan and overseas.”

    Overseas, dedicated handhleds are still going strong. In Japan, however, they aren’t as strong & mobile gaming is the cause.

    “Since we are always thinking about how to create a new platform that will be accepted by as many people around the world as possible, we would like to offer to them “a dedicated video game platform with a brand new concept” by taking into consideration various factors, including the playing environments that differ by country.”

    –that will be accepted by as many people around the world as possible–

    Sounds like a phone.

    –consideration [of] various factors, including the playing environments that differ by country.–

    Either sounds like some sort of mobile distribution system,
    Or simply Nintendo’s return to a region-free handheld, or beginning of a region-free home-console from Nintendo.

    “This is all that I can confirm today.”

    So only Nintendo knows for sure. & that might be subject to change, too.

    Still, I got a Nokia N-Gage vibe when reading the article. Granted, a phone/gaming-handheld hybrid is old, but so too is the home-console/handheld hybrid (via Super Game Boy, Game Boy Player, & GCN/GBA link), which seems to have its own issues of being a viable concept. Power to size to cost ratio, real thumbsticks, exclusivity vs. multiplats, TV vs. built-in screen(s)…seems like the home-console & handheld should remain separate platforms. Or @ most, there’d be a Remote Play or Smartglass situation, albeit more optimized but still a choice.

    Still wondering what Nintendo will do w/ Sharp’s Free Form Display.

    1. Oh, & there’s the issue of battery life to increased power; if it’s going to be a portable console like PSP was or Vita is but w/ next gen power.

  14. whatever your hopes and desires are for a device as or more powerful than a PS4…you can forget it. Iwata is about as clueless as they come. That is exactly what consumers want..therefore they will come out with something on par with the Wii U but with handheld abilities. Sure, that would have been nice in 2012. But it’ll be Holiday 2016 or 2017 when NX comes out and it will be embarrassingly behind the others and PC by then.
    The only silver lining will be that Nintendo will have no choice but to rid themselves of this dinosaur and get with the times.

    Just FYI, what I think they need is a 4K blu ray playing, true 8GB Ram with no motion controls. Let Nintendo developers finally get to work with legit hardware and see how incredible the games are. And this would also bring back 3rd parties as it would be easier to port and developer for

    1. Nintendo can use parts in 2012 that is more powerful than the PS4. It is not really powerful just the most powerful console of the three. All this talk about Third parties. When did Third Parties become a focal point of a console. This starts to sound like this days of Atari and Colevision.

      1. when after 3 Holiday seasons and on its 4th year the Wii U has not broken 10 million sold in large part because there are no 3rd party games and it’s the weakest of the three consoles. I’d rather believe that than the alternative which is the consumer no longer cares for Nintendo and we may not end up with as many games in the future as they are forced to scale back.

        1. The market is changing. I cannot speak for every consumer but I can say stuff happens. I don’t harp on it. I play what is available to me and let Nintendo worry about the sales or marketshare. My only job is to enjoy my games. I understand what you are saying.

  15. Good exclusives, no region lock, universal accounts, and strong third party support. That’s my dream Nintendo system right there. Please make it happen this time, Nintendo.

  16. Hybrid would be amazing. Play it as portable gaming console when away from home or TV and play it as home console when I want to play in big screen.

  17. I think portable and home all-in-one will be successful. People can justify to pay for it even if it will cost bit more than Wii U(I’m just assuming).

  18. Personally I like to keep my handhelds and consoles separate. I don’t think Nintendo honestly needs a gimmick to sell systems. They just need to fokkin make a system that can lay down some serious gaming.

  19. Tobiyyah Ban Yasra'el

    Also they better be thinking of making the NX multi task. It needs to operate Netflix and play games.

  20. I know diehard fans (whom I certainly respect) are going to disagree, but @ Jonathan Robitaille was dead on with his comment.

    All Nintendo needs to do is make a console that is as powerful as the PS4 and third party devs will flock to them. Limited games is a huge problem and why they aren’t selling well. ANY console/handheld needs third party support.

    Really Nintendo is in a glorious position here: releasing halfway through the life cycle of XBox one and PS4. If they wanted they could make a system considerably more powerful now (since tech becomes outdated quickly) than those systems and then they would be landing all of the third party titles and thus selling millions of systems.

    I love Nintendo. I do. Still I know when I see them struggling. I’m also a game developer, and as such I can assure you that power is a huge deal. This isn’t a case of devs being too lazy to port because of the system setup; indeed, most devs loved the idea of the gamepad and the Wii U’s setup. The problem is that the Wii U is too weak to power the games they’re making. Now it’s a great system, but it simply doesn’t have the power it’s competitors do and it’s killing it.

    Now for diehard fans: Don’t fear Nintendo gaining tons of third party support, they will always be Nintendo and make their great first party games. All third party support will do is give Nintendo more customers and more money so they can make even greater games and systems, because the added work to continue to improve costs money, and so more sales –be it for first or third party– means more quality and better products in general. It’s good for all. Think of the Wii: it had insane amounts of third party titles…yet stayed true to Nintendo roots in it’s first party titles.

    1. & Wii’s comparatively lower power (coupled w/ its high sales), influenced 3rd parties into maintaining healthy budgets & the types of games that are more aligned w/ not only Nintendo, but what 6th gen had set up before. That’s why 3rd-party games managed to adhere to what was in line w/ the industry. But if Wii was, say, a Wii U but w/ the Gamepad, 3rd parties would’ve lost sight of the fundamentals & treated it like a PS360, & that Wii & 3rd parties would likely have been in the same situation as now w/ the actual Wii U.

      I wanna see 3rd parties return to fun games that are hardcore about gameplay, not see the hardcore attention to audio-visuals. & I wanna see more varied aesthetics & genres. I’m tired of seeing Nintendo, too few 3rd paties, & indies cater to the core gamer by providing varied aesthetics & genres.

      But if NX is too powerful, it will just encourage 3rd parties to port the same type of games they tailored for the Sony/MS/PC crowd. & Nintendo will either have to devote even more time, money, & devvers into fewer titles, or basically dev games as usual but that are likely criticized by graphics whores & tech-heads for not pushing the hardware; basically for not being excessive, for not losing sight of what’s important, for not losing money on frivolity. If Nintendo lost money now, they’d surely lose a lot more, regardless of their popularity (just look @ the Xbox brand, or even the PlayStation brand).

      I hope NX remains a console, & upholds the fundamentals of gaming, of Nintendo, & of the subculture SEGA, Sony, & so many 3rd parties left.

      Nintendo really needs to either buy more studios, buy more IPs, &/or contract 3rd parties to blow the dust of their catalogs & make NX exclusives that fit (it’s clear the recent trend of multiplats will not fit). The 3rd-party NX games I wanna see, & of course play, are:

      Ubisoft: Red Steel 3, 3D Rayman, Prince of Persia (both 2D & 3D), another 2D Rayman, Buck Bumble remake, another Batman game like Vengeance, a console Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars…

      SEGA: a serious Sonic console game, NiGHTS, Crazy Taxi, Virtua Fighter, Skies of Arcadia, Scud, House of the Dead, Jet Grind Radio, Super Monkey Ball, Space Channel 5…(Of course, SEGA’s now going mostly mobile.)

      ATLUS (SEGA): console Tactics Ogre/Ogre Battle, console versions of new entries in their handheld RPGs…

      Square-Enix: a console Yhe World Ends W/ You, Bushido Blade 3, Brave Fencer Musashi, a console FF Tactics, a console Valkyrie Profile, a console Bravely Default, Fear Effect, Tomb Raider (a return to platforming, puzzles, & actual tomb raiding), Time Splitters…

      Konami: console & handheld ‘metroidvania’ (since it’s clear IGA no longer cares about his fans or Nintendo), Zone of the Enders… (Of course, Konami’s going mobile, gambling, & health spas.)

      Namco: Ridge Racer, I-Ninja, Tales…

      Capcom: Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Maximo, Resident Evil (as real Survival Horror), RE Chronicles…

      Platinum Games: MadWorld, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, more Bayonetta…

      Grasshopper Manufacture: Killer7, No More Heroes, a console Contact…

      THQ: anyone buy the Sphinx & the Cursed Mummy IP? If so, are they willing to use it, or sell it to Nintendo? What about Tak?

      Majesco: Psychonauts

      El Ass: Burnout (as a real Arcade Racer).

      Nintendo: Shadow of the Eternals, Wave Race, Sin & Punishment, Captain Rainbow (both as a franchise & a U.S. release), F-Zero…

      Sadly, 3rd parties are too invested in AAA, which is why multiplatting is so rampant, which is why x86 & a stagnate controller have become so important to them, which is why raw specs are so important when looking @ PC/PS/X. But Nintendo was never the right fit for the types of games 3rd parties started focusing on in 7th gen. & as long as Nintendo keeps making platforms & software w/ their core philosophy, Japanese sensibilities, aesthetics, quality, IPs, etc., & as long as Western 3rd parties (& Japanese 3rd parties copying the West), continue focusing on photorealism, graphics, copious cutscenes, & pretentious characters, well, it’s hard to see many 3rd-party games ever fitting on a Nintendo platform. Put another way, 3DS is a popular & lucrative platform, but Western 3rd parties mostly shy away. Why? Maybe because their games are an ill-fit, & their resources are tied up in AAA & photorealism, but their absence goes far beyond graphics & architecture.

      Why 3rd parties felt the need to deviate from 6th gen & invest so much in frills is beyond me. I’m glad Nintendo retained their identity, & hope they will w/ NX. They’ll just need to fill in the gaps of the subculture, or maybe face suitable competition. Would be interesting to see indies grow & become as prominent players as 3rd parties, but w/ out losing sight of the console subculture.

      1. *That’s why 3rd-party games managed to adhere to what was in line w/ WHAT the industry HAD BEEN BEFORE THE AAA CRAZE & RISE OF WESTERNISM.

        *But if Wii was, say, a Wii U but w/ OUT the Gamepad…

  21. This is easy to figure out what the NX will be like…. It’ll be like a iPhone/android that connects to a tv with wireless controllers yippeeeee take it with you! It’s a merged device of Nintendo current home console system!!!

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  23. I like the honesty in Iwata’s comments.
    It’s a bit of a shame we won’t hear anything official about the NX this year, but there is a lot of other things going on that I think it’s okay for Nintendo to take their time in perfecting the system, especially after the Wii U’s lack of success among consumers and developers.

  24. The problem with the NX is this device won’t be release before end of 2017 which is nearly about the end of life of the Wii U and half way through the 3DS (not the new 3DS). Announcement in 2016 does not means it will be released the same year. The way I see it is that the Wii U will have less support after 2016 xmas, mobile game will be the focus for 2016-2017 with the new 3DS then NX will be ready. I also feel like the platform won’t be powerful but more a all in one solution as seen on the graph.

  25. giving the state of the Wii U, I will keep that console and try to get the best games which will eventually triple their value when the NX and other platform will be release. My personal opinion about the Wii U is this console is kind of consolea which is hated now but will be successful/love when discontinued.

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    Or is it just they are the ones who are not employed
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