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Rumour: ASDA Supermarket To Stop Selling Wii U/Nintendo 3DS Products?

The UK retailer, ASDA, is apparently going to stop selling Wii U, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS products as part of a change of product range in 8 weeks time. This rumour crops up as a user on Hot UK Deals claims these deals will be going nationwide, and another user commented:

All asda stores will not be selling ds, 3ds, wii or wii u games in store as part of a range change in 8 weeks. Stores have been told to clear through at discretion with sale stickers. If your local store hasn’t done this yet, they may just be holding on a while, as they won’t get a credit for the markdown, and may be waiting on a central price change.

ASDA already stopped retailing the Wii U in stores in July 2013, and it looks like this may have spread to other Nintendo products as well. But perhaps this is just while the products are relatively unpopular, and once they pick up pace they will start selling them again. It would be bad news for Nintendo and its fans if this is true!

63 thoughts on “Rumour: ASDA Supermarket To Stop Selling Wii U/Nintendo 3DS Products?”

    1. The nintendo magistrate

      Only reason is because of those inferior Xbots ! clogging the shelves with their call of duty , Halo and rubbish like that plus with the majority of the xbots being obese cartman clones it makes games who are not in to garbage like that look obsolete.

        1. The nintendo magistrate

          actually that’s incorrect and please use proper words “pleb is a word used by the common in bred filth(chavs) kindly insult me with a word not from a commoners form of dialect thank you

          1. Look back at your comment and then at mine. I wasn’t criticizing your spelling. (That’d be petty of me) I was subtly showing you that I agree with what you said if you switch the word)

        1. The nintendo magistrate

          xbots supiror? please i dont want to lose my mocca lat’e through laughter you may think they are how you say but this is a “nintendo Site for nintendo fans ” not the xbots so why are you here if you are a fan of an opposing system?
          as there’s other forums for that yea we got trolls like sasori (narutard) and the others but my point is if you dont play nintendo why even bother coming here?

          1. But I do play Nintendo, I just happen to like the other two as well. Even STEAM is all right although I’m not a computer gamer so I pass on that.

                1. I’d rather not go into it. As it’s a very long reason i’d be happier not explaining and just getting on with my life just liking nintendo and the odd mobile game (angry birds)

              1. That’s too bad. Maybe they’ll win you over at E3. They definitely look like they could win it this year! (Nintendo’s direct is something that I don’t count since they’re not actually on the presentation stand.

    1. … It means they aren’t selling the system in Asda… you can still get the Wii U/3DS and their games at GAME or Amazon Uk or any other game store.

      1. I think (s)he meant that they should have waited to see if the console was going to go on sale.

  1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

    Pretty much All supermarkets have started to do this with video games in general, All of my local Tesco, Sainsbury’s or ASDA have “video game shelves” now.

    Even My local Toys R Us has one small Video Game section. I guess because it’s always cheaper online.

  2. Just checked the comment. The user literally made his account yesterday….and he literally has 1 comment….is that your “news” source? Is this a rumour worth mentioning?

  3. Oh well I don’t even have a Wii u but there are games for the 3ds system that I’d like to buy still…

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>Time for the empire to make chocolate Mario cookies to counter this betrayal>>>

    1. Yeah it’s a pretty big chain in the UK.

      What I find odd is that they still stock Wii’s and DS’s. Aside from online retailers, who stocks Wii’s and DS’s? Lol

  4. blea asda is shit anyway

    thay have been squishing everything into one spot for ages now (is what americans do with this kinda shit) and loosing any sence of quality or variety. i remember thay use to sell second hand video games and the selection on that was actully preaty good. but then thay just decided to get rid

    its a joke -_-

  5. Asda is a terrible source for video games anyway, there is so little choice and many of the games are seriously over priced.

    For instance I noticed that in my local Asda recently, they were selling Aliens Colonial Marines on the Xbox 360, baring in mind this is a 2 year old game and was generally regarded as pretty piss poor by critics and gamers alike, they were charging £15 for it. This is ridiculous considering you can buy the same game online brand new on Amazon for a little over £4 and on the GAME online store for a little under £3.

    My local Asda also hasn’t sold Nintendo products for a few years now, they used to have a 3DS section but that was removed around the time Pokemon Black and White 2 were released.

    UK Nintendo fans have much better options open to them to buy games and consoles than supermarkets, we still have game stores and online shopping anyway.

  6. But nobody buys Video Game Consoles from Supermarkets anyway. Only the games. Well, at least from my experience…

          1. pink0crystal0midbus

            But it isn’t just their voices. It LOOKS like them too. I was like, hey, I know those people!

  7. pink0crystal0midbus

    So is going to ASDA for videogame products like going to Market Basket or Whole Foods for video game products?

    In other words, people don’t even think to go to ASDA for videogames, because it primarily sells other items.

    Here in the states, supermarkets only sell food and maybe some greeting cards, pharmaceuticals, flowers, balloons, scratch tickets, magazines, picnic materials. Basically this can be summarized as food and items people might pick up if they see them/ items people need to pick up quickly on their way to a party or event. Supermarkets don’t sell video game stuff, because no one goes to the grocery store (supermarket) to buy electronics. You go to an electronic store or department store that has a specialized section for that. Some department stores have opened up grocery sections, though, like Target, Wal-Mart, BJ’s, etc.

    1. I think that ASDA is related to Walmart in some way. And yes, the first place everybody thinks about getting Games from here in the U.K, is GAME and CEX for Second Hand and ‘Retro’ games. I put Retro like that because it only goes as far as the PS2/Gamecube/XBOX Era. GAME do do Gameboy Games for Second Hand.

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