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Geoff Keighley To Host E3 2015 Live On YouTube

Good news for those of you looking forward to E3 as it has been revealed that respected Game Trailer’s host Geoff Keighley will be hosting E3 2015 live on YouTube this year. You can watch his plans in the YouTube video embedded above. Guess we won’t need to tune into Game Trailers this year then.

19 thoughts on “Geoff Keighley To Host E3 2015 Live On YouTube”

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      A pretty prominent guy in the video game industry. He is a host who has hosted many video game award shows including the Game Awards and he is also a video gaming journalist. I believe he is freelance and writes for a variety of sources, but shows up on Gamefly a lot. I have also seen him on Spike T.V’s video game award show as well.

      Pretty sure he was the guy who hosted the Smash Bros. invitational tournament last year at E3.

      I’m not one who follows a lot of the prominent figures in video gaming. There are a few I know at IGN like Jose Otero, because he is their Nintendo expert and I know of the top guys at Nintendo themselves, but other than that, I am not super into the masterminds behind the gaming community. The fact that I know who he is leads me to believe he is pretty famous in the video game world.

      1. they’ll be handling second stage at the gamespot booth.
        they’ll be interviewing mostly indie developers and their friends.
        sisqo is confirmed as is devon sawa.
        greg will most certainly go nuts :D

  1. I don’t know about him but he did good in the Video Game Awards. VGX was a disaster too bad he had to sit through that

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