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Nintendo Says The NX Won’t Use Android

We heard yesterday that Japanese publication The Nikkei claimed that the Nintendo NX would use a version of Android for its operating system. However, a Nintendo spokesperson has come out and said that there’s no truth to this rumour. It certainly would have made some sense for the new system to use Google’s operating system, but that rumour has been shot down by the company. Still, I suppose they wouldn’t reveal whether or not it is running Android at this point in time anyway. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said that we won’t hear more about the NX until 2016.

“There is no truth to the report saying that we are planning to adopt Android for NX,” a Nintendo spokesman said.

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70 thoughts on “Nintendo Says The NX Won’t Use Android”

    1. Not really, seeing how Nintendo made the same statement about the 3DS XL back when they rumoured that… we all know what happened their. ;D

      So yeah, no apologies needed.

      1. Lol I guess so I still don’t see how that guy was a fanboy for not believing a rumor about them using android or not.

        1. Yet he constantly brought up iOS a lot and bashing Android a lot.. sounds like a fanboy to me.

          Personal, I wouldn’t mind either way if it’s an Android based system or not, just as long as the NX can be easily developed on and has the specs needed it make it a beefy console for the next generation.

          Android would be perfect seeing how Sony’s Xperia IO is using a custom version of Android and it’s really fucking good. Nintendo could easily do the same seeing how Wii U is basically Linux which is what Android was created from.

          1. True that. As you said as long as it runs well and is beefy enough to compete I’m happy. iOS android or whatever they decide works as long as they can make it great and can avoid game droughts.

      2. Yea but Nikki said the 3ds would run android, and it didn’t, they said the Wii U would run android, and it didn’t. We don’t even know what the NX is and from what we have heard so far its a design platform as well as accessories for that platform. In other words it well be a handheld with easy development and easy to port from other platforms, then a home/set top box that well be able to use that same apps and games but well feature better hardware for higher end games, and accessories for those devices. Most likely a third device well be introduced that might be used with both

        1. Nekkei always comes up with nonsense rumor so Nekkei will gain some attention and revenue regardless whether it’s true or false.

  1. NIntendo will never do the only thing that will save them, make hardcore games and consoles. They woudnt have bought DeNA unless they were planning on making free to play BS.

      1. He thinks something with lots of blood and violence is a “Hardcore game” whilst a hardcore console… you’ve got me there on that one, I don’t understand it either.

      2. Better online, better graphics, better third party, stop trying to appeal to children under 5 because those kids dont even play games.

        1. I don’t know you so I don’t know how old you are, but Nintendo has always appealed to everyone. NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U have been appealed to everyone not one specific demographic. If you don’t like Nintendo’s games and don’t recognize their history then your statement will be repeated with every console Nintendo will make. I have most of the third party games on the Wii U and in fact I own more third party games than first party games. Video Games is a childish entity. There are no childish or mature games. There are ratings that will have themes that are more for younger children or adults but games in general are an entertainment that is a toy. So, I don’t understand your statement. For you list, it seems you want a Playstation 4 or Xbox One. They are for retail and for your enjoyment.

          1. Hmm so video games meant to help soldiers get over PTSD are childish… The Stanley Parable, also meant for children. EVE Online, a game that has extremely complex politics economies and militarizes, is childish. Papers Please, childish. Any game that has a complex story, moral dilemmas, requires high level thinking, etc etc… you get the idea. Where do you get off saying all video games are childish toys? Maybe you don’t know the definition of childish: 1. “of, like, or appropriate to a child.” 2. “silly and immature.” There, I educated you.

            Also, you contradicted yourself in your rant. Nintendo has always appealed to everyone and, yet you own more 3rd party games which are not Nintendo games… Also, I am pretty sure Wiiu would sell a lot more if it appeal to “everyone”. One more- Splatoon’s marketing speaks for itself. “squid KID, squid KID!” squid flavored frozen yogurt!! bright goofy colors! infographics asking you if you are a squid! lol

            1. Yet Splatoon is one of the best shooters of this decade and the past one. If you’re too unsure about your maturity, then you can go play games that make you feel like a big burly asshole.

            2. Yes, i do own more third party games than 1st party games it is not because Nintendo games are a certain statue to me. I like video games always have before Nintendo. I don’t get your point with that statement. No matter how you attempt to say it Mature theme, Simulations, or any type of video “game” is childish. Why is childish such a bad thing. Cars can be childish too. While you are educating, I am not say childish are a bad thing. It is you that have a problem with the term not me. Also, a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck. You play video games. Video games are a toy. Cars can be a toy. I don’t get your point. I don’t have to seem like a man or be manly. My life and actions speak for me. I have nothing to prove to the world. I play video games from my toy consoles. My computer is a toy. While you are educating here is some synonyms for toy: synonyms: plaything, game; gadget, device; trinket, knickknack, gizmo. Thank you for your reply.

    1. Nintendo has already done Free 2 Play on 3DS with Pokemon Rumble and StreetPass Games… all of which are great.

    2. You’re misinformed. They didn’t buy them. They are in a partnership where they use Nintendo IPs like Mario and Zelda in mobile games.

  2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>There you have it, High Command will never use other’s garbage, they got rid off that Origin abomination and we don’t need lesser mechanical lifeforms like Androids within our empire>>>

    1. Irony is though, Wii U is running a custom version of Linux… which is the same firmware used to create Android.

        1. Same with Sony with their Xperia Z series.
          They used Android to make a really good IO based around Android.

          Nintendo could easily do the same and it’d me more developers would decided to jump on board, plus, Nintendo could easily remove google play store and replace it with the eShop (Much like how the Ouya did).

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>Well regardless of what they intend to use for the NX, their problem is getting out games at launch and more bigger IPs for our main frontlines>>>

            >>>Once they have learned from their lack of HD knowledge or whatever it was that made them lose this war so far, I’m sure the NX will rise the empire again>>>

            1. I want F-Zero at launch. That would an awesome launch title on it’s own. Coupled with a 3D Mario game and a game that is specifically designed for NX, then that would be a fantastic 3 to start off on.

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>Indeed, and hopefully a steady launch of big titles for most of its lifetime>>>

          2. I like how Christopher makes excellent points and then Mr. Roleplay here tries to make a retort before giving up and changing the subject.

    2. Woah. I rather hear the lesser mechanical lifeforms for Apple more than Android.
      Apple is more like the Call of Duty, Sport games with their yearly release of phones that’s just a titsy tiny upgrade from last yr and idiots still buy it yearly.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>I hate the Applings almost as much as Xbots though, and I agree, I’ve always considered them since the launch of the iSomething products to be the “Call of Duty ” of empires>>>

  3. I’m glad to hear this. While I would like Nintendo to use an OS that’s easy to use and develop for, I rather it not be a big well known OS. There are a lot of possibilities using Android as the OS, but there are also things that can go wrong.

    1. Android is Open Source though, so really Nintendo could easily make their own Operating system based off the Android one, example would be Sony with their Xperia Z line of Smartphones/Tablets.

      1. LOLLLLLLLLLL so funny to read the comments here. nintendo fanboys when the read the rumor, “this is so cool, this is a good move for nintendo, android is cool!” after rumor is discredited, “well, android is a phone thing anyways. things can go wrong with android. we can do better than that anways.” go fanboys, entertain me more!

  4. I don’t know if using Android would have been a good thing or a bad thing. To me, it sounds like a bad thing, so I guess it is good to hear they aren’t using it. Isn’t android like, for phones? Wouldn’t that make the NX weak? The NX needs to be powerful to get 3rd party developers to make their games for it.

    1. No, 3rd parties don’t like developing for the Wii U because of lower than expected sales of the console. The power of the console is obviously irrelevant to them, as the Wii had ample 3rd party support and that wasn’t even a HD console like the other 2. Simply put, console power is just an excuse. I like developers that are upfront. If console sales is the reason why they don’t want to develop for a console, then I want them to say that and not beat around the bush.

    2. Never heard of OUYA? It’s a home console based on Android OS. Razer is also making home console with Android OS.

  5. Like I said it was all speculation. Using Android as the OS would’ve definitely increased 3rd party support but the NX would have had to be super powerful in order for it to function properly. Come next year we should know more but hopefully it is easy to develop for and powerful enough to get 3rd party support and easy to use for Nintendo’s 1st party development teams

  6. Really misleading title. They didn’t say that it won’t use the Android, but they’re simply stating that it’s just a rumor. There’s a good chance that it actually will use Android, but we have to wait for their announcement.

    1. “There is no truth to the report saying that we are planning to adopt Android for NX,” a Nintendo spokesman said.


      1. Yes, there’s no truth that they “are planning to adopt Android for NX” So, they either already finalized the plans to have it in NX or they want to be able to announce it on their own. Seriously, there are hundreds of examples of companies or people saying that the rumors are false before they actually happen. Look at the whole Khan’s not in Star Trek quotes before the director just added him in and winked at the fans. You’ve got to get into the heads of Nintendo. Why would they allow a rumor to say their news for them? Look at the Gematsu leak for Smash…

  7. Well, if we can get them to comment on what the NX isn’t simply by running false news stories, I wonder if we could systematically narrow down what it is? Next week, someone write a story saying the NX is a dedicated handheld device and see where they come down on that.

  8. if you think Wii U is better then PS4 then you a lying pedophile.

    Fact prove its the worst console after Virtual Boy.

  9. I can already tell that Nintendo is at the point where they’re tired of other companies and such spreading false rumors regarding their products. This is practically the whole “Zelda Live Action Show” situation all over again.

    1. I think most companies are. Its the same with Project Cars. Slightly Mad Studios said, to the press, a correction to a fact that Nintendo fans generally claimed about the game.

      People here and on other websites ignored that and still continued to claim that what they said was true.

      There is no rule that freedom of speech will give correct or proper information.

  10. I suppose this is good news. Since I hate anything that sounds cellphone, smartphone, or tablet related.

  11. NX will work with Android and other services, but won’t exclusively use Android as the OS, Nintendo will continue to use its own OS and use its own patents …or atleast that is the rumor. I see how they get it confused since all their OSes run on ARM chips including the Wii U.

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