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Amazon Germany Lists Captain Toad Amiibo

Amazon Germany has recently put up a listing for a Captain Toad amiibo figure. Nintendo themselves haven’t mentioned whether or not Captain Toad will get his own amiibo figure, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he did. What do you think the odds are that Nintendo will announced one during its Nintendo E3 Digital Event?

Thanks, Muxi

23 thoughts on “Amazon Germany Lists Captain Toad Amiibo”

    1. My life is dull rn because I’m per anticipating e3 and I all can think about is the days left until it but I’ve been playing a lot of Splatoon and will be playing with Lucas next week. I’ve never been so hyped for e3 before I feel like it’s gonna be mind blowing because in the past 2 years Nintendo has been really changing their game and doing a LOT more fan service.

    2. Ok, I’m really interested if people like Amiibos and the way they are done. Mostly I’m interested in the “locking the content behind figurines and if you don’t care for them, well, you’ll still have to buy them even though content is already on the disc” part. Thank you for your honesty.

      And yes, I know you get the figurine, but you have to realize that in a lot of cases now and especially in the future games come out with content locked at their launch.

      Also, if you like this anti consumer shit, you are a dumb fuck. Just a heads up.

      1. DLC isn’t always ‘disk locked’. Are you going to say that no additional creativity can be added to music or art? Not all great things are pure perfection at the starting point. :)

  1. Well, it’s not as bad as making 4-5 versions of Mario using materials that could have gone to making more figures that there aren’t enough of like Marth, Pit, or any of the other rare ones.

  2. I think the odds are pretty good. Nintendo is making bake over Amiibo and they are so hype right now. I love anything to do with Commander Toad so I will definitely be interested in buying one if this is true.

  3. Hey uh, R/Amiibo member here, this was actually mistaken for a Captain Toad Amiibo, it’s actually just supposed to mean a bundle of Captain Toad and a Toad Amiibo. The same link sends you to the bundle in other versions of Amazon. Also, check the weight of the “Captain Toad Amiibo”, bit heavy for an Amiibo, huh?

  4. I can clarify this pretty easily since this listing was available for purchase shortly and i preordered it. i had to pay 35€, which means that this is the captain toad version bundled with the super mario toad amiibo. sorry :P

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