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New Japanese Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Trailer

2015 is a great year for Dragon Ball fans! First, we got the great Dragon Ball Xenoverse earlier this year. Now, we are primed to receive a new series in the form of Dragon Ball Super AND a new 3DS game, Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden. Check out the awesome Japanese trailer!

The trailer shows us all kinds of new gameplay sequences, assist characters, team creation, and more. It also shows us more about the game’s story mode, which allows you to follow seven different stories spotlighting seven different characters or groups. As players make progress in the various story modes, they meet new Z assist characters and are able to update their abilities. These updated abilities and unlocked characters carry over into multiplayer.

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden, developed by Arc Systems Works and published by Bandai Namco, is due out for 3DS in Japan next Thursday, June 11. Still no word on a Western launch, but we’ll keep our ears open.

31 thoughts on “New Japanese Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Trailer”

  1. Really!? thats the best that they could do? This game looks like its running at 10fps. how do they manage to screw up the frame speed on a fighter?

    1. Yeah. It is kind of ridiculous, but the game itself looks a lot more fun than the other crappy DBZ games they’ve released in the past few years.

      1. Sorry but I cant agree with you there, I prefer Xenovese and Battle of Z over this, Battle of Z had some slow downs but it wasnt as bad as the speed in that trailer. This game reminds me of the slow ass battle that I use to have back on my PS1 playing Ultimate Battle 22.

        1. I think you are a little confused about the difference between 2D and 3D fighters. Sprite based games are going to appear to have lower fps because they actually animate each frame. I recommend looking at the GDC Guilty Gear Xrd presentation It may clear up some of the differences. If you wonder why they don’t just do what guilty gear did the 3DS can not handle the polycount.

          I really like the way this looks. If this comes state side I will likely pick it up.

          1. Actually I didn’t really think of that, I might’ve been too focused on the Frames to notice it was sprite based. Thanks for the link too, very educational.

  2. Ha they say 3ds has no games! Sony think they so good cause they have Witcher 3. But we have DBZ game maybe coming here on 3ds!

    1. Witcher 3 is garbage on PS4 though.
      The game is a laggy mess, even the Xbox One version is better than it and that changes the resolution to help keep the frame rate smooth.

  3. Xenoverse isn’t on Nintendo platforms and that game is jp exclusive. Not a good year to be a NA,EU Nintendo Dragon Ball fan

  4. How many times can people beat Raditz, Nappa/Vegata, Frieza, Cell, then Buu in the end…I’m mean I loved DBZ in the past but till Dragonball Super comes out it’s still the SAME AS EVERY OTHER DBZ GAME lol.

    1. I’m pretty sure that nor the GBA or the original NDS could handle this graphics… You know this is the best the GBA could do with a dragon ball game and it looks like nothing like this…
      Sprites or pixel art doesn’t mean bad graphics you know.
      This sprites are similar to those appeared on guilty gear X for the ps2 and we should be really proud that a handheld can make this.
      So nor even you are a graphic whor* but you have shown you know shit about games and graphics : )

  5. I really want this game now… just the fact that you can play as some of the Dragon Ball characters (the first series).

  6. Looks awesome! Hope it comes to america. I still want another action rpg set in the DBZ universe where you can make your own character kind of like the gba games but further and better, with a unique story.

  7. These were my favourite DBZ games! I’m so excited to see a new version. I used to play the GBA and I still own the DS version

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  9. 1. This is the kind of dbz game I have been waiting for now whether it comes to the west or not then o well
    2. There will be 100 or more characters and this game has rpg elements
    3. This looks like fun

  10. Dragon xeno universe never been on nintendo platform, neither battle of the Z. unless I missing something and did not pay attention. Dragon ball is a franchise which is way more successful in Europe than Japan so I would be really surprise if there isn’t a release for europe. Just take France where the game will sell way better at the right price. I don’t even mention Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg.

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  12. Please bring this to north America I am a dbz freak goku vegeta piccolo gohan are my favorite characters in my years I watched lots of anime but dbz will always be the best I hope this gets localized to the wast

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