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New Wii U Update Available To Download

It’s been a while, but we’ve finally got another firmware update for the Wii U. The official Nintendo Support page says that the latest update is a stability one, so it doesn’t sound as though new features have been added this time around. Hopefully we will get a larger update which brings new functionality after E3 which begins next week in Los Angeles.

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

59 thoughts on “New Wii U Update Available To Download”

    1. I am not as excited for E3 as last year (probably because it was my first one) but I am definently still excited.

  1. This sucks haveing limited data….Consoles should be made right in the first place updates are BS

    1. What are you talking about? PCs constantly get updated. Please tell me you’re trolling with that flawed logic….smh

          1. I might be a fossil but i aint 40 yet and 2d gameing is better than modern gameing thats why retro gameing is makeing a comeback son

        1. Back then when an exploit was found in a console, that was it, it was over, do you remember all those fake games? Those fake oversized cartridges? Those fake Pokemon games that had Flying Surfing Pikachu on the cover? The disc swapping tricks to play bootleg copies? Lol

          We have way more people now that are looking to jailbreak these consoles so we need these stability updates. We all hate them, hell I complain about them as well but I rather we have them than these asshole hack the console.

            1. Hacking isn’t the problem, but what these people do with hack consoles. You can try to find some sort of logic in piracy, but in the end, its still stealing. That’s what makes them assholes, because a company looses money and ultimately give up on support if they can’t do a thing about it.

              I refer you to the PSP, it lost all its support on the West because it was easily hackable.

            2. To add to DemiGOD’s post, stealing can also lead to a raise in taxes which hurts EVERYONE. So yes. They are indeed assholes. Selfish ones at that.

      1. After seeing him agree with Konami’s “mobile is the future” stance, I can guarantee you he’s trolling. Or he’s a really big fucking idiot or a bloody sheep. Either way, just smile & wave.

    2. Update was made to stop pirates. When you get a system that says to fix or do improvements that you can’t visually see, it’s the stop piracy reason that they don’t wanna say.

        1. Developers leave, look at the DS. We had a ton of support before the the flashcards came. Then boom, we were left with shitty shovelware and sparce triple A titles.

          The Wii U is in a bad spot right now, but at least we still get indies and Nintendo still sells their games. Imagine if the Wii U got hacked. Smash, Mario Kart, and Splatoon would all drop in sells and Ninty would start loosing Money. Do you really think that they would continue to support the Wii U knowing that the software they made at a loss.

          Piracy is never a good thing, if you can support a company that you like then you should support it.

          1. Piracy is not bad it is your beliefs that are bad food digital games digital music should be free…

            1. You are at the most 2 years old. When you’ll be five remind me to bring you a nice 5-year-old birthday cake and it will have on it all the pirates that you love so much.

            2. Wow, and with that comment all of your previous comments now make sense.

              You are brain damaged and I am sorry, but I can’t risk catching it. I shall stop replying and acknowledging you from now on.

              1. The fact he agrees with Konami’s “mobile is the future” bullshit was the red flag for me that there is something wrong with him, or maybe it’s a her. I can’t tell since stupidity is not exclusive to either gender.

            3. Music should be free, but if you get free music, you should support the band or artist through concets. But games shouldn’t be free.

              1. You sound like a flip flopper oh music should be free but games shouldnt WTF?….Games should be free bro and so should food unless youre really rich bro quit being a jerk…..these companys got millions and billions bro……

  2. Hrm. I wonder if I just got that after I shut the console down when I was done playing Guacamelee. If not, my console will auto-download/install it soon enough.

  3. you people are idiots right? ok piracy is a good thing for sony and microsoft ! its good to fuck sony with pirate games on psp and and hack the consoles!!! so all support piracy so xbox or playstation can die! trolling piracy is fucking bad thing not only because company lose money… you ppl just thinking about the company and money!! ppl working on games!! and they deserved to be paid! all games should be paid and not hack them.. what? you think the game is sucked so the game is not deserved to be paid? thats why you hack it? ..logic….the game sucks why you playing it anyway? hypocrite people you just wanna facking hack it thats it thats why you support the fucking piracy! and why you ppl are hate the updates is the updates every day? is that often? you cant w8 3mins and you already start hate something?. srly on every single thing someone somehow will support the negative on everything!!!

    1. U know Halo alot of them good Jap games never make it to never get a chance to play them if we didnt pirate them u jerk….and Halo is a good game but its over rated son.

      1. well if Jap games will never make it to usa.. ofc you can hack them:P they dont lose money do they? i 28 im still your son?:P and dont worry i don’t believe halo is the best game ever made. but.. this is the negative logic i mean.. on everything you can just support the negative only. so on every every game or movie someone can say the same thing :) you disagree?well at least you said is good game because if you had said” that games is bad” you pretty much will xbot console with a single blow :P

  4. Jtz from Gad tribe

    Another update going unnoticed. If Nintendo thought of a more powerful CPU in 2008 it could have features to handle 4 gamepads. But they thought it was wise to make Wii U a little bit stronger than PS3 in 2008. Which was stupid.

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  6. Jtz from Gad tribe

    Also if they added a more powerful CPU in 2008, Wii u wouldn’t need two OS. One OS could handle Wii and Wii U titles. Yet because they thought all the console needed was 1gb for the OS, the system struggles playing DK 64 moving characters and playing songs at the same time. Don’t expect GameCube games on virtual console. The CPU can’t handle it.

  7. Jtz from Gad tribe

    I hope Nintendo looks at the Wii U at what not to do with the NX. NX will need 12 cores to start out eith. PS5 probably has 10 cores.



    1. No but processors are part of requirement for gaming along with graphics card. For example, to play AC:Unity in developer recommended setting, you needed at least Intel Core i7-3770 and GTX 780.

      1. Who give a shit about cores?….Genesis does What Nintendo Dont….Blast processing….You bastard lol

      2. Jtz from Gad tribe

        Will what about cores used to handlet multiple gamepads, noticable updates to add features to get the Wii OS to work with Gamepad. Obviously 3 cores can’t do that. Now can they? Should have thought about adding more than 3 cores when Project Café was in R&D. Wii U can get their graphics on par with PS4 if they wanted to. I don’t care about graphics. It’s the power they should had added to the console in 2008.

      3. Jtz from Gad tribe

        Also if they added more cores the Gamepad could have worked more than 25ft away. Back in 2008, they actually thought that would be impressive for 2015?

  8. Well, this update helped my Wii U, I had to always turn on, then turn off, then on again because the gamepad doesn’t connect to my system. Haven’t had that problem since this update, so glad that’s over with (months).

  9. This update, …

    a ) in the “Parameter section | Data section” there is a horizontal progress bar for internal memory, and hard drive.

    b ) Mario Kart 8 downloaded version, go quick to the main screen…

    c ) When you press home button on the gamepad, it display a splash screen before going to the main section.

    d ) When you are inside “Parameters | data management of a hard drive”, when you keep pressed the right button, it nearly dont block with a circle waiting progress bar when moving right.

    Before it display circle waiting progress bar when moving right, at each 2 pages.

    e ) When press home button, inside a game, and click user icon on the upper left side, it diplay informations. instead before it do nothing.

    f ) When in a game and press home button, some manuals is now displayed.
    i have even found before that some games manuals display error 404 not found, it seem fixed.

    g) i see that 2 sections of games squares icones have been added i the main menu, … did it’s only at my side that i thinks Nintendo add 2 sections of games square icons on the main menu.

  10. This must be the update that has bricked certain Wii U games & the eShop on my console. :/ So much for holding off with fixing my Gamepad. Now I have to get it fixed as soon as possible. Why couldn’t Dumbtendo had allowed us to use the 3DS as a back-up Gamepad back when the console first released!? More importantly, just put the god damn things on sale at stores already, Nintendo! Not everyone wants to call you guys up to get the damn thing fixed. Especially when we can’t replace or fix it for free.

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