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Retro Studios Could Be Teasing Their Presence At E3 Next Week?

With E3 just a week away could Retro Studios be teasing their presence at the major gaming event next week? We can’t say for sure but the retweet seems to suggest that there’s a possibility that the beloved company will be present. They finished off work on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze a while ago so it’s about time to see what they are working on next.


37 thoughts on “Retro Studios Could Be Teasing Their Presence At E3 Next Week?”

  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>The war is coming and our Retro Elite Warriors are ready to launch their attack>>>

  2. I know it would never happen due to licensing with Rare, but I’d give anything for another Diddy Kong Racing game.

    1. No that’s not true. The Diddy Kong Racing IP belongs to Nintendo as so does the character plus there’s a rumor that says that DKR 2 could be developed by Monster Games for the Wii U and shown at E3 this year.

  3. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be great. They’ve never let me down before, all their 5 (mainly developed, at least) games rank among my favorites.

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  5. Please no more DKC, I like the games but it’s time for our space warrior to make another appearance!

  6. As much indifference I feel towards the Metroid series, I really think they should move on from Donkey Kong (unless they decided to make it a 3D open world game like DK64), and either go back to Metroid, that I GUESS needs a new game… or they should handle another franchise. An open-world-but-with-racing-as-still-the-main-goal F-Zero game anyone? Nah, I guess they’ll do another Metroid game. Or maybe something original? Either way, I think we can ALL be excited. They’re great developers.

  7. Dig Dug Reboot… Nintendo bought the rights from Namco and they are rebooting the series.. If I’m wrong then may lord Reggie shove a Ink Brush from Splatoon up my butt whilst singing the Donkey Kong 64 Theme song

  8. They said last year they have been working on a game for a while when Tropical Freeze was completed. But they could be re-tweeting because they are a Nintendo company

  9. Please, don’t think about wasting your resources on a Drill Dozer game.

    If it’s a new DKC title with digging mechanics then I can dig it.

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  11. I would LOVE Diddy Kong Racing. Any type of digging game would be cool though. I loved Steam world Dig, so something like that would be awesome. Anyone know any other great digging games?

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