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New Kids React Gaming Video With WarioWare: Smooth Moves

The REACT guys have another “kids react gaming” video for us with kids playing the WarioWare: Smooth Moves from the Wii in 2006. It’s always fun to watch today’s children react to older games and try play through them! Quite an odd choice of game to put to the test with the kids. What game would you like to kids/teens react to?

Thanks, Twilight Warrior

22 thoughts on “New Kids React Gaming Video With WarioWare: Smooth Moves”

      1. I was here in January. I left in February, planes got delayed, came back in the end of March, and forgot about this website until yesterday.

  1. damn i hate those minigames. they should put them all out individually as smartphone apps. you’re welcome nintendo.

    1. OK! I just found this video. I won’t tell TK or anyone else who writes articles here about REACT videos.

  2. I think the writers of these articles should listen to its readers and see that we don’t really care about the REACT videos. Please.

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