Devil’s Third Hits Australia And New Zealand On August 29

Devil’s Third will be available in Australia and New Zealand on August 29 at retail and on the Nintendo eShop. That’s one day after the upcoming Wii U exclusive hits Europe, which gets the action-adventure game on August 28. Nintendo is yet to announce a release date for North America, though a GameFly listing says it will also launch in the region on August 28. Japan is getting the game first on August 4.


    1. And no voice chat totally wow, I’m so excited about with this game because of no voice thing omfg definitely awesome because of no voice chat featured damn I can’t wait for this game and I’m so happy *doing the cabbage dance* oh yeah oh yeah cuzz warrup warrup bro


  1. Woot, looks like some good old fashioned Time Splitters like insanity to me. Man, there’s a game that needs to make a come back.


      1. What other FPS lets you team Monkeys against Robot’s, or Snow Yeti’s against Mad Scientist’s.


    1. But you can toss bananas like they were hand grenades? How can you not like that! Oh well, it’s fine really that you don’t like it.


  2. ofcourse you dont,but you do want to hear my mom moan and groan screaming my name in ecstasy while i give her that long Dick


  3. this game was annunced at the E3 last year (june 2014) and it now release in August of this year (August 2015). It would have been wiser to announce this game in this E3 of this year….. Same with Zelda to be honest.


  4. I don’t know his name yet but the guy with the sick tats should be in the next Smash. Its way early for someone from this game to be in the current game but they will need some new blood for the next entry


  5. The multiplayer looks really fun, and seems like one of the best reasons to pick the game up. I’m not a real fan of shooters though.


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