Shovel Knight Will Appear In Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night

If you are a fan of Shovel Knight you will be pleased to learn that the fearless knight will be appearing in the promising Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night. We don’t know too much at present, other than he will make an appearance of some kind. Here’s what the Bloodstained team said via Kickstarter.

Remember Natsume’s Shovel Knight fanart from earlier in the campaign? It’s been about a decade, in Kickstarter years, so I’ll refresh your memory (see above).

We’ve got good news: Inti Creates and Yacht Club Games have agreed that Natsume’s reimagining of their hero feels right at home in the demon castle!

They won’t tell us any more than that, but when the game comes out remember that you might bump into this guy in a crowded corridor somewhere. Who knows what might happen after that?

Thanks, MasterPikachu6


  1. Cool! I’m a Bloodstained backer and I’m getting the physical Wii U version of the game. I will be enjoying Shovel Knight’s appearance that’s for sure.


      1. Please stop… Just stop calling this genre igavania… He didnt invented it… He just copied a formula created by METROID for the nes and Castlevania II: simon’s quest (a castlevania game in which he DIDNT colaborate) yes, he added a few details to an stablished formula but those changes arent enough to justify naming this genre after him… It would be like callin 2d platforms Shiguerios (shigeru miyamoto + mario bros.) just because he add a couple of improves to an stablished formula.
        So please stop giving this man that credit that que doesnt deserve… Its a metroidvania game or a side-scrolling action adventure but it would NEVER BE an igavania game.


      1. It is indeed available for Wii U. The Wii U was added as a stretch goal, so it wasn’t included in the rewards and couldn’t be edited in.

        This was to keep the stretch goals a secret “just in case” some could not be reached. Of course, this ended up not being a problem and pretty much every stretch goal has been obliterated. All you really need to know is that there is a physical release of the game coming to Wii U and if you back the kickstarter you get exclusive content as well.

        Only thing the Wii U is missing is the special edition bundle (which is only coming to Xbox One and PS4) and it also is signed by Igarashi himself… I really wish that version was coming to Wii U. I would LOVE to get the official signature of the creator of Castlevania on my Wii U copy of the game. That would be incredibly awesome.

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    1. I don´t need voice chat personally because when I´m playing multiplayer, I play locally. But I really like that Armature is developing the Wii U Port, thats going to be awesome! Especially how they involve the Gamepad into this :-)


      1. Shovel Knight didn’t even come out in Japan, dipshit. That’s the equivalent of Sakurai putting Captain Rainbow in the game.
        Think logically here.


  2. Shovel Knight is one of my favorite gaming characters since I played the original Zelda. This is amazing news.


  3. Just when you were worried that the indie industry was finally going to overcome it’s “circle jerk” status, you get this fantastic piece of news. /S/


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