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Miiverse Stage Will Be Released Today As Free Smash Bros. DLC

The promise of a Miiverse stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS has been floating around for a while — however, Masahiro Sakurai in today’s Super Smash Bros. Direct said the Miiverse stage will be officially released today.

Wii U and Nintendo 3DS owners can go to the supporting Miiverse communities to lend their support to their favorite characters — these messages will scroll through the background of the match.

The DLC will be available today as a free update.


  1. I kind of wish they would just leave the game they way it was. I understand people like DLC, some of this stuff seems like a distraction. Ryu sticks out like a sore thumb. There are so many other original characters that can grace the screen. I remeber a lot of people complaining about not having Mewtwo in Smash. When I do play online I barely ever see him being used. Masahiro Sakurai should be careful how much content he adds. Smash is starting to become a cash grab cluster fuck. Mii Amiibos? Seriously. Let the game be.


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