New Amiibo Figures Are Coming Soon


Nintendo UK has tweeted during today’s Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct presentation that there are a number of new amiibo arriving shortly. You’ll be able to purchase Duck Hunt Dog and Mii Fighters amongst others at a later date.


  1. Limited to 1 box per store, after which them molds used to make them will be thrown into a volcano. But rest assured, Nintendo is working on the problem. More will be on the way soon, possibly as early as the year 2099.

    1. Sounds about right. Yay for creating demand by releasing small stock! *twitch*

  2. I’ve been waiting all this time for Duck Hunt and R.O.B. And they better not be any store exclusive. Especially not Dicks R Us. Those dumbasses don’t care about amiibos getting damaged in shipping.

  3. “Roy’s our boy!”
    Now you can take your Roy Amiibo from Ebay for only 50 dollars more than usual from Japan scalpers trying to make a living! Includes shipping.
    Buy now and get a chance to buy Duck Hunt or Mr. Game and Watch for only $80!

  4. Calling it now! R.O.B. & Mr. Game & Watch will be the rare ones of this wave & will sell out within minutes. Hell! Not even minutes! More like seconds! Just like fucking Lucina did on fucking Amazon a few weeks ago!

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