Nintendo Treehouse Premieres New Yoshi’s Woolly World Level On Livestream

To begin the Nintendo World Championships 2015 livestream, the Nintendo Treehouse showcased a new level of Yoshi’s Woolly World.

Unlike other levels showcased before, the gameplay focused around moving purple curtains that exposed hidden elements to a level. The friendly ghost behind the curtain may turn into a many-toothed enemy. Platforms that would exist behind the curtain would cease to exist as soon as the curtain moves.

While there is no video so far, check out the screenshots below for the general idea of the new gameplay mechanic!

Yoshi's_Wooly_World_Curtained_Level Yoshi's_Wooly_World_Curtained_Level_1 Yoshi's_Wooly_World_Curtained_Level_2 Yoshi's_Wooly_World_Curtained_Level_3


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