Ryu Confirmed By Nintendo For Super Smash Bros, Roy And Ryu Will Have Amiibo

We all knew he was coming and now Nintendo has officially confirmed it. Ryu will be featured in Super Smash Bros as a playable character. Ryu will be able to use traditional Street Fighter command inputs for stronger versions of classic Ryu moves. Nintendo America also confirmed the inclusion of Roy who was also knew about. Both characters will also have amiibo figures.



  1. Oh boy, here comes the fans who say “Ryu doesn’t deserve to be in smash if Capcom won’t give us Street Fighter IV or Street Fighter V on the Wii U!” Anybody remember the Snake in smash fiasco?

    Either way, it’s great to see a Street Fighter character in the game. Looking forward to getting him. Although I recall Sakurai wouldn’t add fighting game characters one time…

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    1. I wish they add more characters from Street Fighter, like Fei Long. And who knows maybe Nintendo and Capcom are working at the something for WiiU(remember they have some 3rd party collaborations going) maybe NintendoXCapcom or Megaman game for WiiU, i dunno.


    2. But unlike Snake, Ryu’s iconic & more important to Nintendo’s history. *cough*SF2forSNES*cough* So the Snake fans WISH he was on the same level as Ryu.


      1. You probably weren’t alive then. And if you were, then the only reason you must be saying this is because you’re a hipster or an autistic fuck.


      2. I am pretty hip gaming is meant to be 2d and controllers have 2 many damn buttons son 16 bit is the best kid


      3. I ain’t going to lie on that one. I loved Tecmo Football!!! It was simple and to the point. NOw, more complicated. And you couldn’t tell what play the other player was going to use.


      4. Gameing and music in the 90s wasnt garbage like N dub nation we had shit like nirvana son real music.


      5. Ignoring Tropical Freeze Music like Irate Eight and Snowmad’s Land. And other groundbreaking music. Also ignoring that 3D World music wasn’t bad (not better than SM64 but still good). Nintendo isn’t stupid when it comes to quality of games and music and gameplay. They are just stupid when it comes to R&D and specs for upcoming consoles in the future. They could easily outsell the PS4 if they had thought of power back in 2008.


  2. Ryu sucks! How about Simon Belmont or Bayonetta? Something original. Ryu is so fucking generic. Ryu does not belong in Smash. He sticks out like a sore thumb. What next? Blanka, Johnny Cage, Raiden, Saberwulf? If I wanted to play as Ryu, I’d play fucking Street Fighter. Lame.


    1. NO. No Mortal Kombat characters. Do you want to be investing future PS4 tittles? Though Raiden and Fujin would be epic on smash. But I don’t want to be investing in future PS4 tittles from buying DLC for Smash Bros.

      When millions of people bought Smash we paid Ubisoft, Capcom and Namco. And what we get in return? No games for Wii U. So go ahead and buy a Ryu Amiibo where a certain percentage goes to Capcom.


      1. What he, or she, is saying makes perfect sense. But that’s beside the point. I can’t wait to get Ryu & the new Mii Fighter outfits next month when I can afford to get the 3DS & Wii U bundle.


  3. With SO many characters being added to this game, the next Smash Bros. (whenever that will be) won’t even feel the least bit special.

    I wonder if (after all DLC is permanently done being made for this) there will eventually be a Super Smash Bros. COMPLETE version that people can buy in stores, with all previous DLC included? There’s SO many PS3 games like this. it just makes me wonder if Nintendo will do the same. If I knew for a FACT that they would eventually do this, I wouldn’t even waste my money buying all of this DLC. I’d just wait until that day when the complete version released.

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