There’s Now An Action Replay For Amiibo


That’s right. If you can’t be bothered to put in the effort levelling up your amiibo then this device could well be for you. The Datel Action Replay does all the work in the background, while you carry on doing your thing. I’m not sure how much it will set you back, but I shouldn’t think it is too expensive. I’ve just checked and it seems to be retailing for $29.49 on


    1. Lol, it would seem to be quite convenient for those who don’t like to open their amiibos or simply cant get their hands on what they are searching for. I may or may not be interested in this device. Teh-hehehe.

      1. >>>It would be better if it wasn’t so expensive for only that function>>>

        >>>In Swedish online stores they cost about 35 euros>>>

        1. I thought you would want it burned at all cost, seeing as you are supposedly serving for “high command”.

            1. Because it might affect sales from Nintendo. You are secretly making a deal with them to get Nincoins aren’t you?

              1. >>>I’m not even going to buy that thing so I don’t even know where you are getting your ideas from>>>

                    1. >>>Soon you’ll surpass even the stupidity of trolls>>>

                  1. Ohhhhh BURRNN!!! SO JELLY RIGHT NOW I BET. So mad, its ok though. Im kind of here for you bro. Let it out and we’ll “talk” about your issues.

                    1. >>>So butthurt, keep on with your trolling>>>

  1. Nintendo shouldn’t allow this to be made. It takes the whole point of leveling up the amiibos away.

  2. Wow. Such an old news. This thing was available on Amazon months ago.

    Amiibo got no voice chat so no buy for me. I need voice chat to ” talk” with children.

    1. How the heck can amiibo have voice chat? Amiibos aren’t games. Though I know you’re probably just joking.

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