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Here Are Some Of The US Dates For The New Batch Of Amiibo

We found out yesterday that there’s a new batch of amiibo figures arriving which are sure to put a dent in your wallet. There’s Falco from the much-loved Star Fox franchise and Dark Pit + Palutena from the Kid Icarus series, amongst others. We found out the European release dates, but the US ones were up in the air. Here’s when the new wave of amiibo will be released in the United States.

  • Falco + Mr. Game & Watch will be released this June
  • Dark Pit + Palutena will be released in July
  • Duck Hunt + R.O.B. + Mii Fighters + Olimar + Zero Suit Samus + Ganondorf + Dr. Mario + — Bowser Jr. will be released in September
  • Chibi Robot in October
  • The Wool Yoshis will be released sometime in Fall

Thanks, Bruno D


  1. A little late for announcing the Falco amiibo release date! Hope preorders don’t start tomorrow.

  2. This doesn’t look accurate. I read before that the wool Yoshi’s were releasing at the end of this month (alongside Yoshi’s Wooly World).

  3. Nintendo better make announcements reassuring me that I can get them without having to camp at the front of the gamestop line, and not have to pick them all up in one month, or im not bothering.

    Kinda renounced these things when they became too much work with very little reward.

  4. on the website of amiibos to click on the amiibos and Falco will be launched on holiday and mr game in September

  5. zero samus, d pit, palutena, ganondorf june for europe. dr mario, olimar july, gamewatch, miis, duck hunt, falco ect will be out in a 100 days or so. chibi robo in november i think. FOR EUROPE.

  6. Also, released where? Into the wild? Walmarts, best buys, targets?!?!?

    Must have GAME & WATCH Amiibo! !

  7. I’m truly worried that Shulk will be my last amiibo to get for a while. And I got him months ago! :/

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