Donkey Kong & Bowser Amiibo Plus Vehicles To Star In Skylanders SuperChargers

Nintendo has teamed up with Activision to launch brand new amiibo figures for Donkey Kong and Bowser. For the first time ever, players will be able to use the new Bowser and Donkey Kong figurines in Skylanders SuperChargers for the Wii U. Both characters will get their very own vehicles to add into the mix, including the Barrel Blaster for our wonderful ape which is synonymous with the franchise.

Those who buy these special amiibo to use in Skylanders SuperChargers will also be able to switch them to “amiibo mode”, allowing for additional use in other compatible Nintendo games. More information will be released on these figures shortly. Skylanders SuperChargers is due for release September 20 for North America and September 25 for Europe.


  1. Instead of teaming up with Activision to make Call of Duty X Metriod Prime, you do this crap?

  2. It’s painful that this is one of the most interesting things on the direct, why is it that a third rate dev of a game whose only purpose is to sell plastic crap is more willing to experiment with Bowser and DK than the owners of the characters?

  3. The first amiibo news I have no interest in. Much like this entire E3 (no disrespect towards Mario).

  4. I found that new really interesting from business point of view and PR point of view. Nintendo’s character feature in a game which sold 230M figures that has to be a clever marketing move. What will be even more ballzy is those characters be available on Xbox and PS4 version. I really like the idea, even if I am not interested in the game. I know 2 people who will be in heaven LOL..

  5. I’m one of the few that will get this because of Donkey Kong and Bowser. I’m not in to skylanders but when I saw super chargers, I thought it looked better than the others in the series and an actual good game. But the addition of these two characters make it more likely for me to pick this game up.

  6. And watch even these end up being a pain in the ass to find. Unless Activision will be making these. In which case, good. Because least Activision won’t release a small amount to create false demand. Nintendo, take a lesson from this partnership if Activision will be the ones making these.

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