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Star Fox Zero Hasn’t Got Online Multiplayer

There were mixed reactions when Star Fox Zero was unveiled today during the Nintendo Digital Event. However, the good news is its developed by Platinum Games, but the bad news is that it won’t feature online multiplayer. Shigeru Miyamoto says that the team is working hard on making the single player campaign enjoyable and that’s currently were their focus is. Who knows they may eventually add online multiplayer, but it doesn’t seem likely at present.

“So, we’re really prioritising getting this new game playing at 60 frames-per-second,” he said. “In previous Star Fox games we had focused a lot on dogfighting, but here we’re really focused more the single-player experience.

“Of course, as we continue on and once people get a feeling for the game… as the process continues if we find that we do think it’d be really good we’ll definitely consider it, but right now we’re not.”

76 thoughts on “Star Fox Zero Hasn’t Got Online Multiplayer”

        1. Great going, talking on behalf of everyone here. :/

          You DON’T want the game to have extra functionality? You honestly think games like Mario Kart 8 and SSMB 4 would be nearly as fun or have nearly as much longevity without online multiplayer? And Splatoon wouldn’t even work without it.

          Seriously, cut the Nintendo Hipster bullshit.

    1. Whoever these “journalists” are, they need to take an English course. “Doesn’t got” just isn’t acceptable. Maybe I’m being picky, but seriously…

    1. What???
      You must be a younger gamer.
      Me, my dad, our friends played countless hours in local multiplayer! We’d unlock tanks and rocket-launchers.
      Totally not razzing you, but this is…just…I’m sure it was Nintendo’s idea.

    1. Killed my interest. Star Fox Assault’s #1 appeal to me was the multiplayer – Imagine that being online!

      And what? This game isn’t a continuation, but a Mario “forget the previous game ever happened” deal?

      Look, it’s cliche – But I’m 100% uninterested now. Only gem is Hyrule Warriors & amiibo– they killed Star Fox hype.

      1. Online multiplayer is where it’s at and Nintendo keeps missing the bus…. over and over and over. Yes, I love a solid single player campaign, but when I beat a game I like to have something else. Online adds extra value.

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>I simply cannot understand, they have so many online multiplayer games for the 3DS but not for the Wii U, I mean are they trying to say that the 3DS is more powerful or something?>>>

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>I’ll never join corrupted filth, now go and battle some Lv 2 CPU in Smash>>>

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>When High Command even betrays me, that says something about them, I’m still with Nintendo but my unquestionable loyalty towards the leadership is now under question, if 2016 turns out to be yet another disappointment, I’m off forever>>>

              1. Well, until I see Nintendo say something along the lines of “We’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past few years and we now understand what our fans want.” And after that, show a bunch of games that people wanted, announce online multiplayer in games that should have it, announce a bunch of awesome features for NX and make it seem like a console from the year 2015, Iwata gets fired, I won’t trust them.

        2. It’s weird because from my understanding, Splatoon is a huge success thus far for a new IP. Can’t the older developers at Nintendo learn something from the younger developers, or is there too much of a pride thing going on?

          But then again, this is being developed by Platinum Games, and their games have always been great, even without online multiplayer.

      2. I even have a problem with Hyrule Warriors 3DS. It’s going to have all the DLC characters from the Wii U version right out of the box plus 2 new characters. Us Wii U owners had to pay $80+ for the game and all the DLC and for them to put it all on a 3DS cartridge for half the price is just… I cannot even. They essentially just kicked us in the teeth with iron boots with this.

  1. The Wii U is officially dead

    These dudes got to get with the time. 2015 and no multiplayer? Seriously? Even fucking kickstarter games include online co-op.

  2. LMAO.
    The “highlight” of their show just turned out to be very disappointing as well. I feel like the general theme of the presentation was “disappointment”, because that’s all I’ve gotten out of it.

    1. You said it. This was the most promising thing and even that’s not making waves.

      Yes, we wanted it, but not the way it’s being developed.

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        Being yet another fucking Star Fox reboot is enough to kill some of the hype. A shame, too, because I loved Star Fox Adventures & the path it sent Star Fox on.

  3. Well that was the final nail for Nintendo at e3makes mead how myiamoto won’t evole with the times he’s so against online. Imagine how much more fun 3d world would been with online. They need to understand adults play there games more then children. We dont have as much time to get with friends to play games that’s why online is key

  4. When i had an xbox 360 all of the games mentioned “coop online campaing!!!” And “Multiplayer online!!!” As main features, but they had so vey little impact in the game, that i will never miss them

  5. This is freaking disappointing. No story continuation, and no online multiplayer.
    I waited forever for so much, and there isn’t anything I wanted :(

  6. Nintendo, It’s not that fuck’in hard.
    Perfect Game:
    Nintendo’s magic Sauce.
    Add Online Multi-player.
    Add Voice Chat (I know, Optional for half of you)

    What Nintendo does:
    10-15 yr old Special sauce.
    Scoops mold off the top.
    Slaps shiny new label on it.
    Tells fans to go fuck themselves
    Limits supply.
    Wa-La!! Enjoy at premium rates and be thankful you get anything bia-tch!!

    1. Voice chat is only a big deal because its not represented in any way. It could easily be implemented and utilized, or shut off for the people that can’t handle hearing a few bad words or children being children.

  7. But wait, I thought Nintendo’s Online Services worked so great? ! Where’s that new age gaming support for the online community? !

    Hey, you guys got Splatoon. You’ll be fine.

    Watch this, oh this is messed up what im about to say. Wouldn’t it be nucking futs if Devil’s Third had no online multiplayer either. :o.

    1. Do you know what is truly tragic? (all drama-queen stuff aside)
      What makes Nintendo Legendary, is what is toppling their empire.
      They innovated when the game industry needed it.
      They gave people what they wanted, when people didn’t know what they wanted. Gaming was new, how could they?

      Over time, gaming matured. Gamers matured. We understood what could be done and what we enjoyed most from the innovations.

      Nintendo needed to mature with us. They needed to find balance. Keep innovating, because innovation is ALWAYS needed. Build a wiimote. Give us a duel-screen gaming experience, AND… keep up with standard development. Keep putting power in the box. Make online standard features an OPTION. Assume the world got smaller and our friends aren’t all down the street anymore, let us play online together.

      Sadly, Nintendo never found balance. The great innovators are still here, but they never evolved with the industry they re-birthed after Atari died.

      I love Nintendo, so again, tragic.

  8. Thanks for ruining the game I’ve been looking forward to for years Nintendo. I’m so freaking done with this, Nintendo is ran by idiots.

  9. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

    So not buying this piece of garbage. This shit looks so fucking rushed. Someone needs to smack miyamoto and iwata for showing this shit. Maybe that’s why iwata didn’t show himself in the event because of how ashamed he would have been for showing his face in a shitty digital event as this one. This game could have been so much more than this garbage shit. If you think this will keep you entertained, than your just blinded by fucking fanboyism. The wait better be fucking worth it for zelda.

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  12. If this was a Nintendo game, I wouldn’t buy it, because I’m so disenchanted with them right now, but it’s Platinum Games…so I’ll still buy it. I’m sure it will still be good. I’d be willing to bet it’s not their fault there’s no multiplayer…see, here’s how it went down..

    P.G. “Hey! Ninty! How about, since we are just doing a remake, we totally sup-up the multiplayer!! Yeah. Like, add the tanks back in, the cook chicken thing, add in unlockable characters ‘n shit…how about it?? Plus it would give us more of a challenge??”

    Nintendo: “Hmm…I guess. Local Multi-player would be fine.”

    P.G: “NO, No, we mean, full online multiplayer, teams, 4 on 4, game settings by host…gamers will be playing this shit for-EVER.”

    Nintendo: “Online multiplayer? NO. And no means no. We don’t believe in it. It’s not safe for kids!”

    P.G: “Safe for kids?? I caught my daughter talking to some sleeze on a fake FB account! Her Nintendo hardware is the only place she IS safe!”

    Nintendo: “Do you want Starfox or not? We’ll just have someone else finish it.”

    PG: “Well…yeah! Hell yeah… But we gotta do multiplayer. It will be WICKED.”

    Nintendo: “Fine. You can do multiplayer.”

    PG: “Yeah??? Ha! Kick ass!!”

    Nintendo: “…LOCAL, multiplayer.”

    PG: “Listen…if we can’t give multiplayer the option of being online…if people can’t fly with their friendlist peeps, we ain’t doing it.”

    Nintendo: “Fine.”

    PG: “Yeah? YEAH!! You won’t be disappointed. This game will sell like snowcones in hell!”

    Nintendo: ” ‘Fine’ – As in just don’t do multiplayer. What? You want to spoil our fans? You want to make Mario3D world and Nintendoland look bad? Did you ever think of that? NO multiplayer.”

    PG: ” –gdamnit… Why did we even ask for this project–“

    1. Meh, even with how much I have loved Platinum games in the past, I’m not going to buy this, just because. Especially not at the state it was shown today, so they better work damn hard on it in the coming months to redeem any faith I have left in it.

      It doesn’t look good, bottom line. I still cannot understand why many are so enamored by its showing.

    2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      xD Sounds about right. All the higher ups at Nintendo need to be fucking fired. Firing Iwata probably wouldn’t fix a motherfucking thing as there are other dumb apes to take his place!

  13. I am sorry but I really don’t get this obsession with online multiplayer, for the love of god get some friends around your house and play.

    I am glad nintendo does not go with this online multiplayer feature who will kill the lifespan of a game. Could anymore tell me if they can play a game with online feature in the next 10 years? NO. I still playing games like Chrono trigger, Bionic commando, FF 1 to 12, Street fighter 2, rockman , seiken densetsu, mario kart…

    I don’t know if people still play COD Modern warfare!!!!!

    1. God*

      Also, people can have friends and still need to play online, unless youre speaking of teens and kids, not every older gamer has time to just get they’re friends over to play whatever game. I’m one of those people, all my friends have jobs. We literally have to plan Halo events to get everyone together.

      On a side note. Bigfokkinbanana is gonna kick some ass this weekend in beaver creek.

      1. Well most of my friends and family are scartted around the world. Once or twice a year and well organise you can make it happen (to be n the same place). Also games with any online feature will died after 5 years or less (I don’t count MMO). So well done nintendo for not including online feature.

        Saying that I understand where you come from but online for me is not something which last long hence why you have COD or FIFA every year. Also are you ready to pay a fees to play online feature in a game? Because running a server is not cheap. If people starts to pay for it and they should. It will be another bonus for the wealth and the poorest get shafted. And not let forget people who live in a country which don’t have a good internet connection/infrastructure. Nintendo is criticise to be Japanese minded but they have a more global approach on that matter.

        Even on this site you may have noticed it’s divided on this matter. Some people want it, some people don’t. At the end of the day it about how you consum video game.

    2. Unlike when I was in gradeschool and college, most of my friends are hundreds of miles away now. We all want to game together, just like whrm we were kids, but Nintendo won’t let us have the fun we used to have gaming together on Their console. We all grew up, moved away, but we still want to play Nintendo games together, but instead, Nintendo forces us to go to other gaming platforms if we want to game…make sense now?

  14. So is this new Star Fox game meant to
    be played in the ship only? Like, no ground missions or running around on a planet, then hopping in your ship to take off and blast fools?

  15. Looks fun to me. Then again, I passed on Assault & I actually enjoyed Adventures (partly because it was so much like Zelda).

    But I can see why people want an online-multiplayer mode. Yet I never once felt it was integral to Star Fox (prolly why I skipped Assault). Now, Racers, Fighters, & maybe Shooters (Splatoon could’ve been a single-player-only game &, if fleshed out, still have been quite satisfying), those are different matters imo. I played SF64 as a single-player [s-p] game w/ friends @ a friend’s house, & as an s-p game on 3DS (finally owning the game). Certainly, lacking online multiplayer [om] is a missed opportunity, but for me (a predominantly s-p gamer), the lack of om is far from a deal-breaker. & w/ out om, I won’t feel pressured into buying SF0 day 1 (especially since it’s a Nintendo game & will likely be available on shelves for a long time). Nor will I feel pressured into returning to the same game just when I feel satisfied w/ it. & once I beat it (100% complete it in 1 play-through if a possibility), I’m free to move on. & I can get through my back catalogue of Wii, Wii U, & 3DS games; Splatoon has already distracted me. I’m sure Devil’s 3rd will eventually do the same, but I guess SF0 should’ve been handled like that game is supposed to be: w/ a meaty s-p mode AND meaty om mode. Still, a bit unsettling that online components are so highly sought after.

    Plus, I had no preconceived notion that the latest SF would have any multiplayer, online or off. Again, I understand it’s a blow to those that did, but why condemn a game for lacking a bonus? & a bonus that could come eventually, especially if enough copies are sold?

  16. This honestly doesn’t effect me, in fact I am actually glad they are focusing mainly on the single player mode to try and make the best StarFox possible (hopefully). Sure I guess throwing an online mode in would make it sell better, but I will take a fantastic single player game over one with an online mode any day.

  17. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

    I tend to play Star Fox alone but I’d be lying if I said I don’t find the idea of online multiplayer appealing. ESPECIALLY when I know the next Star Wars game won’t be coming to the Wii U. Thanks, Nintendo, for completely missing the opportunity. I bet Platinum Games wanted to do online multiplayer but as Jaded_Drybones said, Nintendo, more specifically, Miyamoto was hell bent against it.

      1. So anybody here actually like Nintendo? Because Star Fox Zero looks pretty damn good to me so far. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Nintendo is perfect. In fact, that is exactly why I think all these complaints Star Fox Zero is getting is nuts, Star Fox 64 was awesome, and everything since has been….not. At all. And not coincidentally very different from Star Fox 64(can’t speak for Command but whatever). I’m not trying to be defensive or anything, I’m just genuinely confused by these complaints.

        This game isn’t a carbon copy of Star Fox 64. Hell no. They took what was good about Star Fox 64 and EXPANDED on it. That is how you do a sequel. The new vehicles, the ability to transform the Arwing into them and the new gamepad controls are obviously not a rehash, and there’s surely more to come. Sure they’re bringing back characters from Star Fox 64 that were dead, but how is that a bad thing? Every single character in Star Fox 64 was memorable for me, and not a single new character after that was except for Krystal I guess. And that’s only because she’s Fox’s love interest.

        Of course, it technically isn’t a sequel, but that’s for the best. Continuing the story of the series is continuing the story of the last three games that were much, much less popular than Star Fox 64 to say the least. That would also mean no Andross, and I have really missed Andross. Star Fox without Andross feels weird. Rebooting it is honestly the best thing they could’ve done for a new Star Fox game. Star Fox Zero is going back to it’s roots, and that means there’s a very high chance it’s going to be the best Star Fox game since 64. Better? I don’t know about that, but please the bar is not exactly set high right now lol. The fact that gameplay looks like it could be as fun as 64’s is a very good sign.

        Don’t see what’s so horrible about the graphics either. In the demos I’ve watched they’re decent. Not anything groundbreaking, but hardly ugly. After playing a game like FF13 with beautiful graphics but garbage story and game play, I really don’t care about graphics. I would love a Star Fox online multiplayer, but Star Fox’s focus has never been multiplayer modes. And not every game needs an online multiplayer function or any online function at all. I honestly would expect only the people who weren’t into video games until Call of Duty was created would really complain about that. The campaign is the meat of the game. Not every game is meant to have an online multiplayer. But Miyamoto said he will consider it. We still got half a year until this game is out anyway.

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