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Take A 360-Degree Video Tour Of Nintendo’s E3 2015 Booth

If you’re not at E3 this year, you might want to check out this 360-degree video tour of Nintendo’s E3 2015 booth. To view the booth tour interactively, you have to play the video using the Google Chrome browser or the YouTube application on iOS and Android devices. For some of us, this might be the closest we ever get to physically being at E3. Nintendo is showcasing a bunch of new games at its booth, including Super Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Star Fox Zero and Skylanders SuperChargers.


  1. I see no
    Zelda U
    Metroid U
    Mario Galaxy HD
    F ZerU
    Wii U Slim with 100gb HD
    And more importantly, NO love for the fans.

    I just see a bunch of utter rubbish.

    1. I wouldn’t say no love, there’s Star Fox, Mario Maker, the Mario Luigi X paper Mario game, and FE fate, games with a obviously made for fans

    2. You can want all those games. But you should be smart enough to know that that’s just to much shit you are asking for. I wanted more from the Digital event to, and I even agree it wasn’t that good. But you can’t expect them to give us huge new titles year after year…

      Good things come to those who wait and quotes like that. Last year was exceptionally good, where this year was more on the bad side. But nex year is guaranteed to be exciting again because they probably have some of those games to show and their new console.

      And you want a Wii U 100 gb ssd? Yeah, they should definitely spend more resources on a console that’s not selling while they have a new one to announce next year.

  2. Though I posted this already, I though I’d share this [again]:
    This information comes from Metroid Prime producer Kensuke Tanabe when if Metroid Prime Federation Force is the only Metroid Prime game he’s working on…

    “I said this at the beginning, but I’m not involved in the 2D Metroid games that Mr. Sakamoto works on. I still feel like there’s a little more work left for me to do in the Metroid Prime series. I can’t say when, but I want to make another one.”

    – Tanabe reminded IGN about the ending of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
    – After Samus’s ship flies off into the distance, another ship suddenly appears
    – He said that players Metroid Prime Hunters should recognize that the ship belongs to a bounty hunter called Sylux.

    “He’s actually chasing after Samus, and that’s where that game ends. There’s still more I want to build around the story of Sylux and Samus. There’s something going on between them. I want to make a game that touches upon [it].”

    “I’m also thinking that, in that eventual game between Sylux and Samus that might get made, that I wants to involve the [Galactic] Federation as well. So it would be a good idea to release a game like Federation Forces to flesh out its role in the galaxy before moving on to that.”
    To put it in terms others would understand, the current 3DS title is just to setup the story for the next Prime game, which (I pray to God) is on Wii U and NOT on NX.

    And as mentioned in the article, the 2D games are a whole different matter from the 3D. So we’ll see both. After Federation Force on 3DS, of course.

    This makes me see Federation Force in a new light, and I will give it a try.

    1. I feel like Nintendo is holding off they’re major games for NX, all the new game they showed where spin offs kind of suggesting they aren’t making main games for wiiu, also they keep saying, NX is going to be shown next year, what’s the point of showing a new console if all the games are coming to the older ones

      1. Yup because power is importantin cinsoles. Too bac they didnt think of that in 2008.

        1. If you decide to copy paste that crap all over the place at least do it with proper spelling…

    1. Nintendo wont listen, i wish that Metroid game gots cancelled for the sake of fans and the image of Nintendo, but they wont do it. They just asks us to understand. What Nintendo needs to do right now is to get rid off the Iwata and hire someone competent who can pull the sinking ship out of the water of casual filth.

  3. This shear over reaction to the new metroid game is starting to bother me, no it’s not going to ruin the series, and no it’s not keeping metroid prime 4 from being made, really most of the negative reactions are people just whining like babies that they didn’t see the games that they thought they where going to see and just writing everything off as a bad game, when really the only game they showed that probably will be bad is the wiiu animal crossing amiibo party game

    1. Dude. Wii U owners have been crying out for a Metroid game for 3 years.
      No one wanted a multiplayer iteration that looks like dodgy lego blocks. Have you seen the trailer. Its an absolutely disgusting looking game. Metroid, is a fantastic single player experience. The fucking irony of Nintendo, they leave out online multiplayer on Fox and give us this multiplayer shit.

      1. If Nintendo fans complained about Nintendoland, NSMBU, 3D Land, Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3, Wii PartyU lack of online then Starfox more likely would have had it. This is the results for Nintendo fans who kiss and accepts everything Nintendo does. See? Now yall. Naw, Starfox don’t need omline. Remeber that. 3D world don’t need online? Remeber that? See thats why yall should start complaining now rather than later.

        1. Starfox has no online MP? How dumb is that… Didn’t the 64 remake even had that? I’m not a person to expect online in all his games. Far from because I even the that having online multiplayer in a party game is the dumbest thing to ask for but if a previous iteration already had it the sequel should do to…

      2. Not only that but this game was a waste of time and resources when it all could have been put into a good HD Metroid. (Same with the 2 stupid Animal Crossing Games)

  4. In when Wii came out yall should have complained lack of power then and no HD. In stead nintendo fans argued against others” power don’t mean everything, graphics don’t mean everything” So stop complaing about the visuals of Starfox 0. Y’all got what y’all wanted a weak undwrpowerd console is a Starfox with visuals looking 2 generations old.

  5. And then y’all get on peple like Blackbond for criticisingNintendo for an underpowered console, lack of online on most exclusives this generation and visuals. So yall got what y’all wanted. Online aint everything, graphics aint everthing =Starfox 0. And what happens to me when i bring up,”Nintendo shouldhave thought about this when this game was in R&D, and should have thought about that in 2008.” So Starfox came out based on what Nintendo ass kissers wanted. Now y’all want them to bring the NX. SMH.

    1. Yup the stupid ass fanboys are directly responsible for this. They always give the pass and now they act surprised by the trash we get.

  6. Im sick of the shit of Nintendo is doing in order to appeal casual audience, first they are going to the mobiles to release cheap casual shitty games, then they turn Metroid,Zelda and Animal Crossing into cheap casual Party games, fuck AnimalCrossing for WiiU has even securred the cash grab part with Amiibos.

    Nintendo fuck you! Just Fuck you Iwata and others! When Xbox screwed they fixed their shit, now its time for you guys to fix yours! Fire Iwata, put Shibata as CEO of Nintendo because he is the only president right now who know his shit! And you guys are then going to the right direction.

  7. Do they have games to release on 2016? I don’t think so. Zelda may be delayed again for fucks sakes.

    1. Zelda will be the LAST big title for WiiU and they delayed in favor of doing a port to the NX, they have placed all their bets to the NX at this point and ditched WiiU and their fans.

      1. Yeah. So much promise heck even Pokken Tournament U should have been there. Out of the box there’s plenty to create games based on their IP.
        Pokémon Legacy – Pokémon rpg using 760+ monsters and all villains.
        Super Mario Galaxy 3, Sunshine, Super Mario 4
        Nintendo RPG – All Nintendo characters in an open world rpg
        Yo-Kai Watch + Pokémon fusion
        2D Fighting game
        Animal Crossing Planet – Humongous world with tons of DIY
        Game that FULLY utilizes amiibos to their full potential

        1. Pokken Tournament for WiiU should be a thing but Nintendo doesnt care about logic, heck for all we know Pokken Tournament will get a version for NX, since who gives a shit about WiiU, well not Nintendo based on their releases.

          Shit, WiiU isnt even 3 years old system and its almost dead, its over almost, i dont know should i laugh or cry about it, but i do know im pissed. So many promises broken with that thing. Watch NX to release at the end of 2016 with Zelda, 3D Mario and Pokken Tournament and it´ll be the end of WiiU. Also will mark the end of consumer trust from many loyal fans who were promised alot with WiiU.

  8. Hey, Listen! … … Hey, Listen! … … … Nintendo? … Hey! Listen! … … Nintendo? … Nintendo!!! LISTEN!! HEY!!!! LISTENNN!!N1!A!1AAR!1!RR!!!RR!G1G!!G1!HH!!!!

    ……………………………. nintendo?


    Why…… why u don’t listen?

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