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Nintendo’s Stock Dropped Fairly Significantly After E3 2015 Digital Event


This year’s Nintendo E3 2015 Digital Event wasn’t quite the event that fans were hoping for. If you’ve visited various message boards and social networks you will have seen that Nintendo fans have been very vocal about the event, and rightly so. This event has also had a significant effect on Nintendo’s stock which has dropped fairly significantly since the event was broadcast on Tuesday, June 16th.

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325 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Stock Dropped Fairly Significantly After E3 2015 Digital Event”

      1. They made games trying to appeal to fans and failed at doing so. They didn’t cause a world war 3 or something of like that, Chill.

          1. It’s the way you typed in the comment, bro.

            Nintendo fucked up, but don’t forget they still have mobile games to show off that many stock holders are fapping to so expect those stocks to rise back up again.

            1. There was absolutely nothing wrong with how he typed it, and no anger present. It was a FACTUAL statement. This is one of those cases where opinion is, in fact, FACT. They fucked up. And fuck their mobile games, I hope they burn.

              1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

                Agreed, the lack of fate on WiiU and their focus on mobiles and switching to NX is the real part that pisses alot. If only they would had kept their mouth shut about NX in E3 and Metroid interviews, the hate they are getting wouldnt be so bad, but they basically came across like saying,”Fuck everyone who invested money on WiiU, its not our focus anymore, please understand and buy NX if you want our games” also the fact they have turned their IP´s like Metroid and Zelda to whore with casual audience didnt help either.

                1. Yup everything you said in a nutshell. Nintendo totally screwed wii u owners after hyping it as such an evolution and all that BS. They couldn’t even make ONE game made GREAT use of the gamepad. I’ll probably use the gyro controls in Star Fox for 5 minutes and be tired of it. If it’s like the BS that was metroid in nintendoland, I don’t want it. I DO NOT want to stand up and move in circles aiming at shit. Some people don’t have space for that even for fucks sake.

                  1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

                    I know what you mean, i always use Pro controller and just turn display off. Its like they think casuals will buy their stuff if it does something “wierd” they really have their heads deep in asses these days, its like they dont go outside from Nintendo HQ to see what is happening in world and live in a fantasy where everyone likes everything they do even though it would be pointless shit…

                    1. Haha yea I feel like maybe their gimmicks would have worked in the 80s or 90s but not now, people know better. And yea I use my pro controller over the gamepad, but now I have one of the Hori Fight Pads so I use that instead. Not quite a true GameCube but the next best thing for me.

            2. & why u think they fuck up? Mobile game’s… As soon i heard about that deal i had a bad feeling.. But gave them the benefit of the doubt.. Smh i was a fool to think nintendo could of stayed truth if anything i blame the investor’s they push nintendo in that field thinking they know what us gamers want!!!! We don’t want mobile nintendo game’s wii just want fucking games to play on are mobile 3DS & wii u if nintendo would of allowed the wii u to grow there library of games instead of throwing good games on 3ds we wouldn’t be worry about a new console or them being coming sega cd in 2015

              1. I think they’ll do fine. As I’ve heard recently (I forget the exact source), they are mainly doing it for the people in Japan since mobile gaming is dominating the market and console gaming is slowly going downhill. That is what’s going on in that country, however, and doesn’t reflect on how we’re doing.

                They only throw the games like the Majora’s Mask remake onto 3DS because it’s cheaper and easier to make, and they know they’ll get a profit out of it. The 3DS gets more games than the Wii U does because it’s graphic quality is lower than that of the PS Vita and is therefore easier to develop on compared to the Wii U. Plus, since the Wii U isn’t selling well, they rather make their games on a console that has millions of sales instead of a few million. Though, to be honest, that wouldn’t have happened if they got more people to get on board when it first came out, but now it’s unfortunately doomed, kinda like the GameCube (even though it was the most powerful console of that generation and had good games), because most people didn’t like the few games they had to offer.

                If Super Mario 3D World was a launch title, if the name was drastically different, if it had slightly more power, and if people didn’t start thinking that Nintendo was just for babies, I’d like to see what that world would be like. I thought MK8 and SSB4 would save it, but since they basically have 3DS versions of both it kinda ruined them. The only possible thing that might save it is Zelda U…and if they make that update to transfer your NNID from one Wii U to another like you can do with the 3DS (I might just buy 1 or 2 more Wii U’s if they do that). Until then, we just have to cross our fingers and hope this holiday season does decently enough that the upcoming games won’t get canceled.

                Oh, and if you’re wondering, saying the truth as a Nintendo fangirl really hurt me on the inside. I hope you’re happy Xbots, Sony Cronies, and Pokemon Centers, I sure do hope you’re happy.
                …The names I gave to you guys were just to make me smile again (which I did). No offense to Xbox, Sony, or PC gamers anywhere.

                1. Nintendo can make me so mad some times.. wii u should been there main attention but instead it went to the 3DS don’t get me wrong i love my 3DS but i also love my wii u & i can relate to it more especially being a Under dog with hidden potential.. it made me want too see it succeed even more i cant comprehend them doing this it’s like if they was worring more about games on the gameboy instead the super nintendo there was both great like these two console but diffrent was they library was treated fairly

        1. They tried to appeal to the wrong crowd, and if they don’t know their crowd after thirty years, shame on them. They know their crowd though, they just don’t care enough. They care about trying to hook in casuals with cheap easy games to make quick bucks and sucker them. They haven’t catered to the hardcore at all like they said they would with the U. And because of this, their stock fell. That’s how it works. You present trash, nobody will invest. Your stock falls. Fuck are you bringing up world war 3 you dumb ass. Fanboys like you need to eat a fucking dick.

          1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

            Well said. Its sad that casual audience has become so important for Nintendo during Wii years, that they basically are chasing them into mobiles and are turning even Metroid Prime into casual cheap ass game. Nintendo has becomed whore for casuals and its gonna destroy them if they wont stop soon and start to listen and pay attention to their core audience.

            Gamecube is a proof they can appeal for the core Nintendo fans and make enough money to stay relevant.

            1. Yea they are really stupid to chase them too. I thought they said they learned too. Shigsy even said a year or two ago they can’t chase casuals and need to appeal to hardcore gamers cause casuals are fickle and come and go. Well what happened to that?

              1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

                Oh thanks for reminding, it came back to my mind, he did say that. But then again Shigeru probably has little to do with these decisions, i blame mostly Iwata, he and his idiotic “blue ocean” strategy which in a nutshell means, “Lets stare at bananas like a moron and do nothing” strategy…

                1. I really like to hope that Shigsy is not in control and he isn’t in charge of the decisions. I will always love and respect him for what he did in the 80s and 90s, he is practically my childhood. So knowing he is making these decisions would hurt. But yea no problem on reminding you lol. I think I remember before that even, after wii u was trailing though, Iwata saying they could no longer afford to settle for third place and not compete. I can’t ever find that article when I try to though but I think it was early 2013 to mid 2013.

            1. Lol my bad I’ve been told to do the same today so I may have snapped nintendo’s fanbase is at war at the moment though so you’ll be seeing a lot of that from all directions.

                      1. I’m dead serious about the mood killer though. Stupidly enough, I thought itd be funny a second time lol but go ahead, at least you’ll get a story out of it XD

            2. I’m mean right before E3 they talked about 3rd party collaborations, RIGHT before! Guess that was Starfox. No HD remakes, no anything. Being a Nintendo fan has been like traversing through a desert, ever since the N64. Hell there are so many games I missed messing around with them, I don’t even know where to begin. Pathetic shit…

          2. That’s how the stock market works. E3 is a PR event, and they put up a weakpresentation, so investors lost faith in the company’s projected goals, as a result, stocks dropped. Simple as that.

          3. They made amiibos trying to appeal to fans and failed at doing so. <- here, fixed this sentence for you. Almost no games for Wii U, most people knew about Xenoblade Chronicles coming on it already.

        2. Well, not “that” much. It wasn’t all bad. I want to play Star Fox, Super Mario Maker, Xenoblade X and Zelda (Next year). All Wii U games.

          However I don’t pay attention that much to my 3DS recently, leaving it to kids pretty much.

          But I agree it could be better.

          1. All those games you mentioned we knew about for at LEAST a year already and you wanna say it wasn’t all bad? Sounds like nothing new appealed to you, just the stuff we already knew about, and you say E3 for them wasn’t bad? E3 is supposed to make you giddy inside and feel like a kid again. E3 is supposed to get you pumped and excited for the coming year. All it did was take AWAY excitement from those games we already know about for myself and many others.

            1. As long as it is now available yet, I don’t know what you are asking for…

              It was not exciting at all, i get that. What I don’t get is that much hate towards N. They are just games… not anything else.

              1. You can say that about anything. It’s just basketball, so why should we have stadiums and playoffs? It’s just basketball. Oh wait, that’s right, people PAY money and expect to have quality stuff. Nintendo has been more than slacking for a number of years now. And your first sentence I can’t make out, please retype that.

                  1. Fuck you fanboy bitch. His opinion made no sense. You can keep sucking his and nintendos dick fartpop

                      1. You’re a piece of shit and how bout you kill yourself fanboy fuck tard. Come at me brah.

                1. I really don’t understand why you are angry that much. Some coming games are pretty cool, and I’m honest. Yet like I said, it was not that exciting, thanks to the Nintendo direct all year long. If you’re not pleased with Nintendo, get an xbox or PS4, or both. Or a PC. There’s plenty of options if you want to spend a lot of money. But please, just get over it, and stop throwing your hates towards me.

                  1. You don’t seem to understand and damage controlling is a side effect of being a blind fanboy.

                    See, we buy consoles based on the promises we were given at launched. I bought a Wii U for that same reason. Iwata told us that the Wii was a console for Everyone but the Wii U was a console , and I quote “for U, the hardcore gamer.”

                    Were mad because Nintendo just shitted on their fanbase with that E3. We the ones that they were catering to expected a Metroid Prime game, THEY KNOW that that was what we’ve been asking for. We asked for an Animal Crossing game on the Wii U and they gave us a fucking board game. We asked for a proper Paper Mario on the Wii U and they give us a 3DS version. The list goes on.

                    They are completely ignoring the future of the Wii U, do you seriously expect people who paid for their consoles based on these false promises to just shrug it off?

                    Also, Nintendo isn’t the only one who gets this from fans, they all do, look at MS and how they 180 that whole MS conference when they announce the XBO.

                    We can all just hope that Nintendo listens to us and not people like you. People that take everything and can’t tell Nintendo that when they announce shit, we will let them know its shit.

        3. Yes they did. For constantly fucking up but that excusable Metroid Prime flop was the trigger of all this. Metroid is more important than these fuckers realized and now it’s showing that evidence in a big karma kind of way.

        4. not to mention their fucking business practices regarding amiibos. “hundreds of thousands of fans are gonna want this one, and most of our target audience is children, so we better only make 500! please understand, you guys! we’re fucking dicks who run a MULTI-BILLION dollar company! we don’t have the resources to make any more! but we have the plastic to make tons more of other characters!”

          fuck them and their business practices. I’m glad I’ve been boycotting them for so long. that practice creates a false demand. and what’s better? 500 people buying it? or 50,000 people buying a single amiibo? Nintendo, fucking idiots, YOU’D MAKE SO MUCH MORE MONEY IF YOU MADE YOUR AMIIBOS ACTUALLY AVAILABLE TO THE FUCKING TARGET AUDIENCE, but I guess the kids who really wanna enjoy the game or get additional stuff in their game better go fuck themselves, scalpers are the only fans who matter, right?

      2. Maybe it’s just me, but is anyone having a ton of online issues with Splatoon? The past few days I’ve been playing it my matches seem to keep being sporadically disruted and I’ll be kicked out. My rank literally dropped from B- to C because of this.

        1. I mean I noticed that everytime I kill someone they still kill me even AFTER they’re dead. Its the lag that cant determine who’s where and what paint is where

        2. I’ve pretty much given up on Splatoon for every reason you mentioned. Until they realize there are issues on their end and not mine I’m not playing. It’s fun when I can play, but it’s not worth the aggravation.

        3. Oh yeah, I know what you mean I’ve been having many problems. People disappearing and reappearing. I shoot with my gun but no ink comes out. Ugh, my rank also went from b to c-. I stopped playing the online, I just play the campaign. I won’t play it until they fix it.

      3. The nintendo magistrate

        just because they had muppet versions fo the ceos and a few games that were not met with praise from the fanboys what fucking crybabies Ithought the muppet ceos were very creative

        1. They were great, in fact I would buy them and put them on a shelf because of how adorable they are. That being said, the puppets do nothing for my Wii U.

      1. It’s Nintendo… I doubt that this will wake them up.

        If anything, I think them losing $1 billion would make them wake up and smell the roses in order for anything big to happen.

        1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

          I wish Nintendo loses money big time, because that is what waked Sega and then they delivered super awesome Dreamcast, it also worked for Sony losing money resulted into Ps4 which is doing awesome job.

        2. & obviously you gonna wait till that happen like a chick on a cliff saying I’ll be waiting for U guess that’s how nintendo make there GaStly instead of a boy transform to a skullkid a fanboy waits untill they become a ghost name GAStly..

            1. Lol I think he was referring to that Pokemon episode on the first season. Were that woman waits for her husband to come back from from the Sea (might’ve been War or a fishing trip) and since he never comes back she turns to stone in that cliff waiting for him.

              Some how, her ghost remains and scares people. They end up finding out its only Ghastly hunting the place. At least that’s what I think he’s talking about.

              He could easily be talking about a porno he just watched, or he could also be giving us some free legal advice. We may never know.

        1. You may take that as a joke, yet do the comparison : The tournament was a blast because they did a good focus on it, but when you see the direct, you feel like you just came for the tournament

          1. yeh i agree. Maybe they should have done something like combine the two into one. Use the Competitions to advertise the new games and footage. That would have been different! They had the crowd and all like!!! lol

            1. The only thing they did for that is… Blast Ball… As much as I’m thinking to pick up Federation Force to have an ACTUAL look into the game to see if It’s bullcrap (because I’m interested in it, yes) I AM NOT going to play this… Sport… (I wished for a New Strikers :/)

              1. I have no problem with anyone interested in any game no matter how “good or bad” it may be as I respect people’s opinions on games. I’m surprised too considering they done the Tennis. Strikers would look great on Wii U!

                  1. Stikers is soccer not baseball. Baseball is boring though. But I would much prefer Mario Strikers (Soccer) to tennis. I have played maybe one of the tennis games at a friends house and they are alright but if they never existed I wouldn’t care at all.

                  2. Strikers is soccer with a very Mario Kart-esque focus with all the tackling into the electrified walls and item play, and people like it because it really feels like the Mario crowd playing sports and being zany, not just another lazy sports game with nothing original in it.

    1. Yean yeah. The Event sucked. We know already. Get over it, sickr. You’ve postes this news like… 4 times in a row, man.

    2. Good thing I sold a few months back. Turned a little cash on the deal. I bought the stock at it’s ~$13 low, and sold at $21 a share. Not exactly the post-mobile peak, but good enough to turn a little profit. I’m glad that Nintendo has taken a financial hit because of this misstep. That is one way to insure that the leadership has their ears opened by shareholders.

    3. Well I hope you’re all fucking happy. Now we’ll never get any more Star Fox games, co-op Metroid games, co-op Zelda games, Mario RPGs, tennis games, Nintendo World Championships, funny/charming E3 skits and 60fps gameplay. Because apparently no one likes those things.

        1. When they do that you know they have something in the package, how many you bet they are going to have Nintendo Direct soon ?

      1. No. We don’t want all the legendary IP’s turned into Mii-versioned streetpass quality, poorly branded trash. Yes. We’re very happy.

        1. You are seriously throwing an argument for a chibi style ? *sigh* I miss the day people liked the games for their gameplay

          1. And I missed the days of N64 and GameCube when Nintendo developed actual games. – The Wii destroyed Nintendo’s perception of who their actual customers and long-time fans are.

            1. Their problem is experimentation, as much as it’ve worked with Splatoon, they’re trying mostly new stuff…

            2. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

              I´ve been playing Super Mario Sunshine alot lately and i truly miss that Nintendo that made platformers that didnt feel like glorified handheld games.

          2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

            If it was any other franchise, we would care less if it was chibi-fied. But it’s fucking Metroid. A game series based on a very successful Sci-fi horror movie known as Alien. So doing that to Metroid would be like taking Alien & turning it into a bloody-less & gory-less cartoon series for little kids.

      2. People wanted a new entry into their legendary IPs and instead we get budget spin off releases literally no one asked for while we find out that there is no main title game in the works. Nobody is asking for no more Star Fox, NWC, etc. You have zero idea as to why the backlash is even happening with ignorant assumptions like that.

      3. (Slam locker) Dude… I don’fucking about tennes. I don’t give a fuck about another mario Rpg.. and i don’t give a fuck about that bullshit that uses the name of metriod as a selling point!!!!. Hell i don’t think i even give a fuck about zelda at the moment ….. I tolerate Enough there bullshit with silly fuckin. Gimmick like E3 Muppet. Noting was more funnier then the game’s they came to E3 with didn’t need puppets So fuck em and NX

      4. I hope you fanboys who think that their E3 presentation are happy. You’re all the reason nintendo has continued to get worse and worse gen after gen. And don’t even bring up things like 60fps the only reason they do that is to compete with the other two companies. If they actual listened to their damn fans instead of people like we we would already have plenty of 60fps games that look and play much better but NO they took the casual route and made a weak system with another gimmick that they themselves never put to good use. Thanks for ruining the company many of us played long before the casuals and fanboys such as yourself. I hope YOU’RE HAPPY.

        1. Nintendo games never got worse, though. In a lot of cases, they even got better.

          Their only mistake was to force motion controls on almost every Wii game, but there’s none of that on Wii U.

          And their E3 was good this year, it’s just that it lacked a big new Wii U surprise announcement. People are just extra salty because they expected a new Metroid and they got a spin-off instead.

          Well, personally I’ve been waiting for a new tennis game for like 10 years now, and I also wanted a new Mario RPG featuring Paper Mario, and I got just that. So yes, I’m happy.

          1. I think he mean wii been to soft on nintendo and sweep alot of there bullshit under the rug as fans wii have the right to be mad. The one’s who didn’t invest there money those not. & trying to suger coat it doing more harm then good cause it just make nintendo fan seem like they can’t be real enough to them self to say this is shit they can do better then this ya can call it a pitty party but i think all who invest in wii u have a reason to start that party

          2. The wii u is their console. There SHOULD be new games announced for it at E3. Not just games we have known about for the past 1-3 years. And if mario tennis is one of their top games, there’s a problem. And their games certainly HAVE dropped in many cases. 3D world was fun but not as good as the galaxies or sunshine and certainly not 64. New Mario U was bland as hell. Pikmin 3 was way too short. Smash could have been better, so could mario kart. Enjoy all the party games though, hope you have fun with them.

        2. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

          I always wondet though who was the idiot who thought repeating Wii would be a good idea (weak system with wierd controller), they should had heard how fans wanted powerful hardware with 3rd party titles, yet they ignored both XboxOne and Ps4, thought releasing firts with barely any games besides ZombiU would be a fucking fantastic idea, trying to sell the system with mini game collection and 32gb hard drive. They didnt care, they thought that with “Wii” branding casuals come, nope only core fans bringed some money for them and this is how they treat us, ditching the whole damn thing with almost anything BIG to play and remember besides maybe MK8 and Bayonetta2, thats pretty much it.

          1. Yea the renaming of wii was the first mistake off the bat, and should have been the first sign that they didn’t really hear us despite the fact they said they did. The launch was a total joke. And everything you said is spot on.

          2. From what I read in the past it was Shigeru who convinced Iwata. I could be wrong and could’ve have read dreamt that, but I’m almost positive that this was the case. I think I read it on an ‘Ask Iwata’ article.

            Like I said though, I could be wrong.

      5. If they care to actually research this reaction they’ll learn that the shit reception is for very specific reasons and only for certain titles and events, nobody is dissing the NWC or Mario & Luigi.

      6. All of those games are garbage. This Star Fox is absolutely disgusting. That thing on the 3DS aren’t Metroid. Enough already with those crappy Zelda games and give us the big one – Zelda U. The Mario & Luigi series don’t hold a candle to the Paper Mario series. Mario Tennis is shit. So yes, at least I’ll be VERY happy if those shitty games doesn’t exist anymore.

          1. You will have nothing to play on Nintendo either if us REAL fans leave. Nintendo will be run out of the business. So yes, keep up with the smart aleck. In a few years when Nintendo is gone, you will have your ilk to blame.

          2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

            When the day comes that Nintendo abandons even you fucking fools as they die from their mistakes & never make games again, you’ll remember those of us that spoke out against Nintendo for this bullshit & cry about how you should have listened to us & stood up to Nintendo & their bullshit instead of taking it up the ass like a good little bitch.

          1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

            Pfft. Sorry but no. I’ve played Bowser’s Inside Story. It was fun but it sucked compared to the original Paper Mario. I haven’t been interested in Mario & Luigi games since.

      7. We don’t want coo-op Zelda and Metroid. Or tennis games. And who cares about the stupid tournament? It was nice and all, but we’re not Nintendo fans because of a tournament.

        1. I’m just glad we’re getting something new. There hasn’t been an online co-op shooter on 3DS yet, and the co-op Zelda seems a lot better than Four Swords. And there hasn’t been a good tennis game in 11 years, so it had to happen eventually. The tournament was the best possible way to celebrate gaming, which is what E3 should be about.

      8. Nobody is hating on Star Fox, nobody is hating on the new Zelda ans nobody was hating on the Nintendo world championships. What people are hating on right now are the BS attempts by Nintendo. They could being forth a proper co-op Metroid game instead of a Monster Hunter-like rip off; they could bring forth a proper Animal Crossing game to the Wii U and they could have included more games in that Nintendo Direct than what they did, which was very lackluster compares to previous years.

        1. I can understand people being disappointed, but some people are blowing things way out of proportions.

          Disliking all Nintendo videos (even the good ones) isn’t gonna make a new Metroid game suddenly appear out of thin air; it’s just gonna make them think we don’t want those games at all.

          And making a petition to have Federation Force cancelled is just childish and stupid.

          1. This is my line of thinking towards Nintendo fans and third parties. And this is where I agree. I agree with your point on disliking even the good Nintendo videos. It is very childish, and such actions greatly emphasize how crappy Nintendo fans are, but being vocal in disliking this news I think is justified. Third parties aren’t the only ones giving shortcoming to the Wii U. Nintendo is too, and it is justified for them to receive just as much hate as given to third parties for similar treatment.

            Nintendo can still fix this, but they probably won’t until next year.

            I think they did a great job with presenting the 3DS, but the Wii U essentially had nothing worth while beside the already known games for it… Nothing new to look forward to.

            1. Yeah, the lack of a big new Wii U title was really underwhelming. I guess I was just too hyped about Star Fox and Mario Tennis to realize it, but I re-watched the entire Digital Event and they did spend a lot of time talking about things we already knew (Yoshi, Mario Maker) and things no one cares about (Skylanders).

              But still, I think they’re aware at this point. Iwata even acknowledged it on twitter… there’s not much they can do until the next Direct.

              1. That’s what they say every year. That’s what people like you say every year.
                “Next Year”
                “Next Hardware Launch”
                “We’re sorry”
                “We Understand.”
                “We will go back to our hardcore base”
                Lie. Lie. All bull shit, over and over.

                If you were old enough to have had tons of $$$ and time and brand loyalty wasted, you’d be pissed also.

                What are you, 12? Nothing wrong with that, but you can’t understand just how much Nintendo needs to wake the fuck up.

                1. What can they do, though? If they haven’t started development on a real Metroid, there’s nothing we can do but wait They’re not going to suddenly announce one for 2017 just because everyone disliked all their videos.

    4. I thought the digital event was really mediocre, but on the positive side their still is a great lineup of games for 2016. Most of the games shown at the digital event were already announced. 2015 still has a few upcoming games.

      1. Great lineup of games? Other than Star Fox 0 and FE x SMT, what do we have?

        For the sake of comparison, take a look at what Microsoft and Sony presented to their fans, and figure out that Nintendo did not dare to throw even a small bone to us.

        1. Well there is Devils third, xenoblade and fatal frame but still, no new games announced is pretty shitty.

          1. NoA’s most recent infographic shows that Devil’s Third and Fatal Frame are not listed for a 2015 release.

        1. Reggie a buffoon if they was smart the wouldn’t get a pizza hut dude to represents nintendo of America they would of had better luck finding one in a arcade or even one well known in the gaming community

          1. Dude I could run Nintendo better than him or Iwata OR Shigsy AND come up with far better ideas for games then the 3 of them combined.

            1. For real… Knowing business is great and all Iwata and Reggie, but if you don’t know the people you’re selling your shit to, it kind of defeats the entire purpose of that business.

              It really is not a hard concept to follow.

              1. You don’t even need to know business hardly with a company like nintendo. Just listen to the fans and make it happen lol.

          2. I’ve been saying this ever since they hired the guy. Why the hell would you hire a person who has no prior experience in the video game industry, or even a passion for it at least.

            You know, I pride myself in the ability to see straight through people. Just by looking into their eyes, even if it’s just a picture. He has always rubbed me the wrong way.

            It makes no fucking sense. And like I just said, you can know all the business tactics you want, but if you don’t know shit about the products being sold at this business, or are even willing to look outside of what you think is always right… It really does no good.

            In my opinion, Reggie has shown time and time again he is completely out of touch with the gaming industry. It’s pretty clear to me he has never really cared that much about it. He tries to make it look like he’s cool at times, or that he’s had this long history with gaming, then where the fuck is it? Other then him saying it, you’ve never seen or heard about this history from anyone else. I mean you can look at the people running Sony and Microsoft, you can track their history and work with games before they came to those companies.

            So it has always baffled the shit out of me, as to why they would hire someone like Reggie. A person who had no previous track record with video games of any kind.

            He always shows you how much experience he really lacks with the moronic things he constantly says. I also hate how freaking smug and defensive he gets all the time, when people call Nintendo out on their bullshit, including his.

    5. Look at the scale of that graph. The drop was miniscule.

      Yes, E3 sucked, but we don’t need bad data to confirm it.

      1. When it comes to something qualitative like a presentation, how do you quantify it? The big wigs at Nintendo need to see this as a way to scale how they did. Sometimes it’s best to hit them where it’s quantified the best – their stock…

      2. A fraction of a percent can shift a lot of money. It can also influence projected future trade value. It would be wise for Nintendo to not shrug this off.

        1. I have, and I work in corporate. A less than 3% drop when hovering around the 20 mark means very little. Companies rise or fall much much more substantially around quarterly earnings. By comparison, their stock rose 21% after the mobile development news.

          I have not seen a single comment that reflects anyone has a clue about the stock market.

          I know we want to see a bigger impact to send a message, but it didn’t happen.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>The stocks might not reflect it today anyway, the fans however shouldn’t be taken lightly, specially in this connected world>>>

          2. I also work in “corporate” – and nothing you said negates what I said.

            Did Mobile boost them more than E3 hurt them? Yes. I said Nintendo shouldn’t shrug it off. Only an idiot waits for the ship to be half sunk before reacting.

            They can be proactive, or wait for a massive stock drop and be reactive.

            Still, what you said about Mobile…I suppose the proposition of them becoming a mobile developer may just keep their stocks afloat, even if their console division dies. *shrugs*

            1. I agree it shouldn’t be shrugged off. I was responding to someone essentially saying I had no clue (not you).

              The responses here and initial post (with the mention of “significantly”) implies that people are not noticing it is a less than 3% decline.

              Yes, every movement matters, but this is not the massive revolution that some make it out to be.

              I was not happy about E3 either, but I don’t want to sign cancellation petitions or gloat about a very small stock impact.

              1. You sir probably wiped the “mindshare” and “aspirational value” concepts off from your brain.

                It’s always time to recycle.

                1. My whole point was that the vast majority of people here probably are not paying attention to the scale bias going on.

                  Please return to the regularly scheduled Nintendo bashing.

                  1. Your silent about my point explains everything.

                    Too much damage control for your part for just one day, my friend.

                    1. I understand your comment, but there is no point in arguing. I am talking about scale bias – that’s it. I am not saying 3% is meaningless, but I don’t think many looked very carefully at the chart.

                      You are more interested in being an asshole, as apparent throughout this thread. People that act like this are always one of two types of people:

                      1. Those who never talk in real life like they do online, so they are just cowards hiding behind a computer

                      2. Those who do also talk this way all the time and have almost no life besides their virtual one

      1. Reggie said they will talk about the NX next year at the start of the Diggtal Event even though it’s already been said by Iwata a couple of times. He was politely saying the Wii U is done.

        1. Hey guy’s wii should stop buying game’s… They play on are addiction anyway before Nintendo crumble let sony roit in there graves they made for them self ask ya self why save em? It ain’t are fault there in the predicament there in. They bring noting of value this gen so far and when NX come out the the following year ps5 aswell as xbox two will be out, and rinse and repeat come on guys let’s turn off the Water Microsoft ain’t real once they see these too die they run off like cowards cause all they care about is money let’s do it ya down?

          1. I already have a fucking Wii U and there’s no way I’m going to just give up what I’ve invested in it, it just means I’m not touching N3DS or NX ever, not even with a stick.

            1. Ok i hear u & feel you but they gave up on it. They who said we have 2 gamepads on one console great third party surpport iwata & reggie both bow before there great investor just for them to turn on them if wii the fans don’t like the out come of what they doing… ! but maybe wii should make a website for the purpose of fans being the investors of say company we can sway there thoughts the right way if we so down or nintendo as we claim are ya down? lets kick these big suits out and move the true gamers in is the only way i can see a diffrents

        2. Given how Nintendo works, they will mention it next year. Promote it the year after, and launch it 2018. Like it or not, we’re stuck with WiiU. With no Nintendo or 3rd party support, it’s going to be a fancy Indi- machine, with Zelda and X coming out eventually…the same games they’ve been hyping since launch.

          Nintendo won’t give us new hardware until 2018. I’d almost bet on it.

          1. I truly hope that is the case because I had to save up along time to get my Wii U and 2DS ( I got my Wii U July of 2014) and I have had to save up to get the collection of games I have,my favorites being the games I can play online with other players (Wii sports club bowling, MK8, Smash, Splatoon) and I truly hope I will be able to continue enjoying these games online till at least 2018 I wish even longer.

    6. The event wasn’t so bad in my eye’s.. What made me loose trust in them and the business practice is there great saviour the NX. The wii u was a great console full of potential.. & the way ya starting to stray away from it make me sick as a first adapter.

      U put no efforts in it so from now on i won’t put in any, for there game’s, consoles, or do Even trying to defend them.. You betrayed not just me nintendo but ya entire fan’s Base. Personally I think it’s time for me to move on from video game’s all together.

      The gaming community in it self is a trifling disgusting place for there customers nintendo was one of the last one’s left,💔 i trusted now i don’t want to be bother with Nintendo Sony, Microsoft none besides any old school gamer will tell u there are all shit compared to gen 6 ya lost ya ways. All even third party!!!!! $$$$$$👀👀👀all ya see not mine tho fuck ya

      1. I’ve been thinking the past year or so that it may be time for me to quit gaming myself. And this certainly is helping. I may stay in the game a little longer, and possibly just dabble, but I think my time as a gamer may be coming to a close. I just don’t care enough for sony or microsoft, and nintendo has burned me too many times. NX will make or break them. To make them, they need to make the ultimate gaming machine. They need to reach into that bank that WE filled with OUR money and give some back and give us a system we truly deserve. Something all gaming fans are in awe of. Not some stupid half-assed gamepad that they themselves can’t find a great use for.

        1. Yeah… It’s kinda sad, but I’m in the same boat…I’m thinking about investing my time and $$$ in other hobbies. I’ll keep my 3DS around to get my gaming fix, but I may move on to other things.

          1. Yea it will be weird for a bit, I’ve been gaming 27 of my 31 years so pretty much my whole life lol. But hey it may need to new things and all that jazz lol. More money to focus on cool vacation travels and such.

        2. As a lifetime gamer, I’d tell anyone to stay away from video games period, if they really asked about them. Lol, in all honesty you can do so many other productive things with your time. With the amount of time some people spend on gaming, you could become god tier at some skill that is much more useful than playing games.

          It’s a very expensive habit also, in most cases it’s cheaper to be drug addict. Especially when you own multiple consoles, and play games on a PC. I’m just have OCD, and a severe case of insomnia, to have the extra time and energy to spare.

          That really squeezes my grapes, also. Nintendo has all this money stored away, but in the past years they definitely have not been investing that into their systems anymore. Which can be insulting at times, when Microsoft is barely making money from the Xbox division and Sony has had to make massive cut backs throughout their entire company, but they still offer better hardware overall than Nintendo has for a while now.

          I guess they forgot the saying “You have to spend money to make money.”

          1. Very true with everything you said. Especially the part about reaching god status in other useful skills. I don’t know how useful they are lol but do you know what poi is or rave gloves? I have both and could really practice more for those and get really good and pull of some amazing stuff. Here is an example of poi (the ones this guy is using are super expensive like a grand though lol…I have much cheaper but still expensive pair).

            1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

              O.O Holy fuck! It doesn’t even look real! It’s like the guy is just waving his hands around like an idiot & just used a computer to photoshop some cool lights into it to make it look like he’s waving some kick ass lights around!

              1. I think that set actually does use programming and you can upload whatever pattern you want to them. They are mad pricey though like a grand or something ridiculous lol. I thought my $110 set was pricey lol and then these came out.

    7. Nintendo made everyone angry, but the fanboys.

      Actually, where are the fanboys who always defend Nitendo’s BS? Show up your salty faces today!

          1. They’re all at nintendolife. Go dig through the comments on any of the after E3 articles and you’ll see them sucking Nintendo’s tits.

            1. I don’t step into nintendolife for ages, specially for the kind of people who use to show up there.

              But I’ll follow you and take a look to their atrocious comments now.

              1. Honestly, I think this site reports gaming new better anyway. I don’t ever feel like I missing something or feel the need to check other sites. They must have killer SEO power by this point, and so far, they remain unmoderated…for better or worse, Lol.

                MNN ftw!

        1. Sony’s Stocks have dropped as well on the same day… just saying and many people thought they had a decent conference.

        2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          Sadly, there are some people defending Nintendo. They got the white knight illness right now.

        1. Being it’s own IP would have saved Nintendo a lot of backlash and sour feelings.
          At worst, those not interested would have just been like. “Meh.”

      1. I lock them all away in a warehouse Left a trial of gasoline & Set the shit on fire & all you could hear before they perished was ehhh E3 WASN’T THAT BAD .(THEN BOOM)

      2. They are here trust me. Fucking idiots are the reason nintendo has gotten to this point and they STILL say we are overreacting. Fuck the noobs and casuals and fanboys. Fucking scum. They helped nintendo ruin nintendo.

        1. I said it elsewhere: The Amiibo and the 3DS fronts (for some extent) ruined Nintendo’s home console market.

          Fuck, why do I need to use stupid toys to unlock modes on games that are already full-priced? Interestingly, Nintendo fanboys are always criticizing microtransitions and DLC.

          Super Smash Bros being released on the 3DS also fucked the Wii U. It would be a massive big hitter for the Wii U if it was exclusive. Why the fuck do I want to play a fighting game on a handheld? Also, the 3DS SSB development imposed so many problems that the Wii U version was delayed and also some characters were trimmed because of lack of 3DS hardware horsepower. These are just one or two thoughs on how Nintendo misconducted its decisions this generation.

          1. Yea I am guilty of buying amiibos, but I don’t care about the in game stuff, I just like the figures, but I am still guilty of supporting them sadly. But not like this. Not if it makes them stop making games. And thank you SOOOO much for saying that about the 3ds smash. Fuck that trash. It was useless the day the u version arrived. Exactly. Who the FUCK plays fighting games on handheld? Shit there is NO game I prefer on handheld. If they could just make handheld games on console, I would NEVER buy a handheld. I have a 42 inch tv in my room and a 70 inch downstairs, why would I want a cramped ass screen that I always get neckpains from, and cramped buttons and controls? I will ALWAYS prefer a bigger prettier screen and comfortable controller for ANY game. Handheld was invented back in the late 80s or so (well early if you count game & watch and such) for road trips and toilet trips. Who are these fans that turned handheld into a serious thing? Handheld convenience? I drive a car, can’t play while driving. Wii U is small enough I take it with me if I wanna play somewhere. Shit I play it at work. Lol I’m sure my anti handheld rant isn’t the most popular opinion but that’s how I feel. There’s literally one thing that handheld has and that’s on the go, which for people with cars doesn’t matter. Riding a bus, ok. If you are a teen and your parents drive you, ok. But if you drive that one thing that makes it useful is thrown out the window. Anyway rant complete lol. Just happy to finally see someone online agree that smash or any fighting game on a handheld is a joke.

            1. Yeah, we pretty much feel the same pain. I rather go for a home console experience at all times. While I need to confess that I acknowledge that the 3DS has a number of timeless classics in its library (like FE: Awakening, MK7 and Bravely Default), the handheld market this generation attracted too much of Nintendo’s efforts and attention to itself, which sadly ended up making the Wii U a overlooked piece of hardware.

              In the end of the day, I feel outraged for being a Wii U day-one supporter. Nintendo has been disrespecting a lot its core of fans.

              1. The library you speak of on the 3DS would have been even better if it were on the Wii U. Honestly, I bought the Zelda edition with ALBW, and that is the only game I have played on my 3DS. I would like to play Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, but that’s it. And both games should have been on the Wii U. I have never really cared about handheld except when I was younger and on road trips with my family. Some of the games were nice, but any handheld game can be made even better on a main console. Fuck handheld! Fuck mobile games! There, I said it!

                1. “The library you speak of on the 3DS would have been even better if it were on the Wii U”

                  Yes, makes perfect sense. Any home console experience is superior on a home console than on a handheld. But the games I mentioned (you also reminded me of ALBW and Luigi’s Mansion, by the way) made the 3DS a great platform nevertheless.

                  In my opinion, Nintendo’s biggest problem was the lack of balance between their two platforms. That hampered the Wii U market penetrance a lot.

                  I don’t like mobile games either. They are the beginning of the end.

              2. Yea there are games for sure on the 3ds but I would prefer them on console. Link between worlds I wanted on console just like Link to the Past was, and mario kart 7 DAMN that game lol it gave me arthritis and that’s why I was extra turned off by the handheld games this gen. And probably won’t go back to anymore.

            2. Well, I for one never bought a Wii U because it doesn’doesn’t have enough good games that appeal to me. So having Super Smash Bros 4 on the 3DS was a godsend for me. Though, I do understand the dissapointment. They should have kept them seperate. Just like Mario Kart DS vs Mario kart Wii. Two completely different games that are built off of each platforms individual strengths and weaknesses.

              1. That’s the point, my friend. This generation Nintendo completely ditched the Wii U, levaing the platform adrift. If they cared more about the Wii U, you would have felt compelled to buy one.

            1. Some of us did care, actually. But blindness became a disease that affects 99% of Nintendo fans nowadays.

        2. On the fanboys: there are two or three that are quick to repond me whenever I post a comment here. But, it’s funny, they are not here today!

          C’mon fanboys, show up your dumpish faces!

            1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

              *points at Stranga & Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus NX* Of course, stranga was less of that since he was pissed at Nintendo before E3 because of the retards defending the no voice chat for Splatoon.

              1. lol yea there’s definitely been some change in people’s views on this site alone which is telling of the overall audience of nintendo. If long time fans are getting upset, you know nintendo is in trouble.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>We don’t care about Sonyan filth, and I’m talking about us pure fans, not hippie fans>>>

      2. Although you can also look at the rebound from that drop – and in that context, there’s very little comparison. I think it remains to be just how much of the drop is attributed to the weak yen and how much to E3 – and not just for the drop, but the subsequent continued fall from that drop for Nintendo, and rise from Sony.

    8. Prediction:
      Nintendo is going to show off a sneak preview of Zelda U and they’ll be revealing the name for the NX plus a video that is blurred but you can faintly see the console and it’s controller/handheld in the background, the camera will zoom in as it’ll say the name of the console as well as the date for E3 2016.

      They do that, then their stocks will slowly climb back up, I don’t see it going quickly back up. Also, notice as soon as they become profitable again they fuck up and now they’re back to square one.

      Nintendo, I love ya but you can’t just keep doing this, come on

      1. Prediction: Nintendo let us all down again..

        Everything announce at E3 was a cash grab more of the same except batman & will finally realize the gaming market ain’t what it use to be and move on with are lives The End

        1. Damn, you need to lower those salt levels because I can’t believe your bitching about video games…. *cough* man baby *cough*

          1. Hey man u a cool dude i ain’t gonna diss you but all honest i lost some money riding with nintendo so I’m kinda piss as well a first adapter disappointed i enjoy my wii u & hate the fact it’s true potential will always be dormanted so yea this man/child hybrid just laying some of his frustrations out before he gotta go to work sorry if i offend your cause but there dicks bro na just nintendo all of them

              1. & u sound like a blind fanboy who don’t give a crap what they give u as long u got something to play with other then fingers & steady trying to give them a pass i get it u care about gaming but they PLAYING U im a old head trust me i did what u doing now and u be doing what i am doing sooner or later too i can tell by your rush to there defense stop while your ahead trust me

                1. Us old schoolers know what’s up and have been on the defense force at some point. But we have grown and learned.

    9. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>It’s time for less Amiibo, more focus on real games, not party experimental chibi nonsense games nobody but the youngest would be interested in>>>

      >>>Do all experimentations you want on Mario and Zelda, leave Metroid to be the special one, wthout Metroid being pure, I’m doomed>>>

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Shouldn’t you be helping your Xbot friends in Japan? Our forces have soon terminated them all permanently>>>

          1. Leave him NTQ-NX, I bet it won’t be long until he realizes he’s been commenting where he shouldn’t

      1. But all the experimentation with Metroid is what makes it Nintendo’s most innovative franchise, just look at Super Mertroid to Metroid Prime. I’d hate for this to turn into the New Super Metroid series with entries 1, 2 ,3 and 4!

        Nintendo needs to make smart calculated risks with the new one. We haven’t had a good proper Metroid title in a long time and I want to be blown out of the water with the next one!

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>All those experimentations maintained the essence of Metroid, even Other M to some extent, this does not>>>

          1. I see Federation Force as testing grounds for Nintendo. They do this kind of stuff all the time with things like Mario 3D Land -> 3D World -> Captain Toad, Four Swords -> Four Swords Adventures, and even Pokemon Rumble U was a test for amiibo. They test ideas in a small environment before elaborating. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo uses this game as a template for its future Metroid title. Especially for a co-op or multiplayer mode. I wouldn’t be surprised since Nintendo seems to focusing on multiplayer quite a bit lately.

            If there’s anything to put the blame on here it’s the communication between NOA and NOE with NCL about what the western audience wants. I guarantee you NCL wasn’t aware of the demand for Metroid until the Tropical Freeze incident, just like how they were unaware we wanted Earthbound on VC until the miiverse posts, or how we wanted a new Star Fox until after the outcry when Star Fox 64 3D was announced. NCL has always been very Japanese audience focused and they really need to broaden their senses.

            I guarantee you they are probably making a new proper Metroid title as we speak. They started a new Star Fox after 3D’s reveal and they most likely started Metroid after the Tropical Freeze outcry. They just don’t have enough to show yet. It’s probably not a Prime game either based upon what Tanabe said but that’s fine. I personally would love to see a survival horror Metroid along the lines of Alien Isolation. Throw in a multiplayer mode similar to Federation Force and we get one awesome game!

            1. FIRST, give me a real Metroid Prime game…then experiment. Don’t show me you’ve ignored the fans for 5 years, and pull this shit after a Metroid Drought.

              Stupid fuckers!!! Lol

              1. That is the same mentality people had back in 2000 with regards to Metroid Prime and it not being enough like Super Metroid.

                Other M was a failed experiment but people were definitely more excited for that than they were for Prime 3. Sure I’d take a new Prime game but I’d be more excited for something new!

                Btw I wasn’t talking about experimenting with Metroid by turning it into a squad based shooter like in Federation Force, I was referring to the Alien Isolation idea but with more platforming. I’ve been saying this for awhile- Nintendo needs to take Metroid down a more mature path. If that means it gets an ‘M’ rating than so be it.

                1. No. Metroid Prime was NOT recieved like this. I was there. Metroid prime was an evolutionary jump for the franchise. Maybe there were a FEW people who complained, there always will be.
                  This is a mass riot, because Nintendo legit fucked up.

                  1. Metroid Prime was received VERY highly when it released but before it was, people were bitching left and right about Metroid turning into a FPS. This is what I was referring to.

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Too late for that but yes, no horrible Zelda Party games or some nonsense like that>>>

    10. What a disaster, Nintendo losing stock and fans is more serious then how people are putting it. I’m not a blind fanboy but they are getting more then what is deserved, Wii U isn’t dead and it never would be NX is being shown next year but the latest it can come out is 2 to 3 years after that.

      1. …. If they announce the NX next year then it’ll either release the same year or the following year…

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    12. Meanwhile, Reggie is preparing more damage control about how this drop isn’t mainly related to E3.

    13. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>With the empire having the need to change itself and improve badly in the west, I want to see how many of the so called now “former fans” actually mean it when they say they are done with Nintendo forever, I’m sure that at least 50% of them will be crawling back in secret ashamed to admit that the NX is great if it’s successfull in the future, it would make them the worst hyopcrites ever>>>

      1. I’m gonna see how the nx turns out before I decide. It will be the deciding factor on if I continue gaming or not. But it better blow everyone away. If it doesn’t make ps4 and xbone look like trash then it’s dead on arrival. I shouldn’t have to buy two systems in the same generation to get one that is just on par with everyone else.

      2. Listen i see you love Nintendo if u replace reggie i would trust u for north America untill then i don’t Give two fucks about NX unless it merge with my wii u some how my wii u would be my last console from them

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Trust me, if I was the leader of the western territories, the Xbots would be destroyed>>>

      1. why do you turbospergs keep posting variations of “look at all the nintendo fanboys trying to defend ninty” when the entire comments section is 98% negative reception.

        seriously I’ve seen like ONE person in the entire comment thread defending nintendo. the fuck are you talking about. practically nonexistent.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        Its a good thing. Nintendo only listens to money. To teach them a lesson, you have to make their stock fall and make them lose money to tell them to get their act together.

      2. Dude the fans WANT their stock to drop. They burned us so we burn them. The fanBOYS are the ones still defending them. Which side are you on?

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    15. The Wii U is officially dead

      I remember when that EA guy said Nintendo should do a Sega.Well I think they should do a Konami and focus more on mobile games

    16. I’m SO glad I didn’t invest in Nintendo. My original plan was to invest a week before E3 and after there awesome Direct, I would cash out after it had risen.

      Had I done that, I would have lost all my money. NOW, I can invest knowing the stock will certainly rise again at some point. (Unless Nintendo lights the suicid bomb again).

    17. This is such a stupid graph. It was only a drop of 50 cents, the graph is just blown up to make it look like it’s was more significant than it actually is. This is a sad attempt at a news’ story. Yeah Nintendo had a crap E3, just pile it on when stupid uninformed stories like this. Stupid.

    18. Last year Nintendo’s stock was between 12-13 bucks and now it’s in the 20 buck range, wow what a huge drop. Sony’s stock dropped the day of their presentation too but we don’t see a story on it. A Nintendo site that runs smear stories against Nintendo, pathetic. This site only reposts stories from other sites, some news site.

    19. Nintendo doesn’t need to say sorry or anything related. They make quality games. They may have not presented things we want to see, like Metriod Prime federation force.

    20. Yourtearsaredelicious

      Ok, seriously. What the heck everyone ?

      I understand how much a lot of us have been disappointed but come on. I know that we’ve been expecting “WHOA !” things but we’ve set the expectation bar way too hard. We have bigger things coming up next year. GIVE THEM A CHANCE.
      So yeah, you didn’t get your Metroid game you wanted so bad. But the other guys are thinking about granting your wishes. And facking SAMUS IS IN THE GAME.
      Yeah we got “Super Animario Crossing Party”. But guess what ? I don’t care, I’m happy to have something else then the usual Mario Parties. It’s with Animal Crossing characters which have things that are different from MPs !

      You’re all going like “Haha ! They deserved it !” or “They should let other people control them.” “Just do mobile games” “I could run Nintendo better then these people” (< I really want you to see run this company. It's not as easy as you think. Good luck meeting up fans expectations)
      That childish mentality is what will may cost Nintendo in the future and you better not come back to cry that your games you wanted for so long are not going to be made because of that.

      You may see me as a salty fanboy, I don't give a fack. But what all I can see are SPOILED BRATS who are crying for not getting what you wanted. YOU WILL GET YOUR GAMES LATER CALM THE F DOWN. THEY ARE DOING THEIR BEST TO BRING OUR GAMES. MAYBE THEY CAN'T FOR X REASONS OR MAYBE THEY ARE WORKING ON THEM FOR THE NX.

      And the cherry on the top is before everyone would go "Put X in 3DS ! Who cares about WiiU ?!" and now "HOW DARE THEY MAKE 3DS GAMES WHEN WE WANTED WIIU GAMES !". Really guys ?

      Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to save money for MnL : Paper Jam Bros.

      1. I don’t know, I sure wouldn’t take a guy who’s user name is “Yourtearsaredelicious” serious while being reasoned with about that mediocre E3 direct.

        1. isitabetterusernamenow?

          Suit with yourself. Tbh, that’s all I could think up while saying the comments :p I change my username to what I feel.
          But if you don’t want to listen because of my username, you decide :p
          I stand my ground and think we are all just overreacting and not thinking of what they actually plans for.

          1. Who else would so emphatically defend Nintendo’s bullshit response to a starving Metroid Fanbase by releasing the Metroid Prime Trilogy on the eShop, get us all excited the a New Prime game is coming, and give us what should have been NintendoLand DLC?

            I hope you’re not working in the Marketing department, because I’d really start getting my resume refreshed.

            1. Someone who understand that they are trying their best to please their fans and respect them for even trying, even that in some part, they failed. (I know in some part they failed.)

              And nah, again, not working anywhere. I’m just a student :u

    21. They had nothing new at all to show. Besides a few “mimi games”. Maybe they should have talked about the NX and mobile games after all.

      1. Yourtearsaredelicious

        Maybe have you thought that these “mini games” are things to wait for the NX ? They did mention the NX, they said that they are working on it and will talk about it in the next E3 when it’s ready.
        And as for the mobile games, same things, it’ll be for next E3.

    22. Thats not a significant amount, that is only like 2 points. The zoom on your graph makes it look big but it isn’t.

      1. Yourtearsaredelicious

        Yeah, I know but from their mentality, it’s like it dropped a lot and that makes them happy and they want to bring it down more. :I

    23. Didn’t know there were so many experts on how a video game company should be run.

      What frustrated me is that they have Devil’s Third and Fatal Frame basically ready to go (maybe some localization pending) and they refused to give either any publicity. Street dates on these (along with Xenoblade, which we did get) would have satisfied me on the “mature” games front. Instead we get a focus on the inscrutable Shin Megami x Fire Emblem. It’s like they have no feel at all for Western tastes.

      The thing that could extend the life of the Wii U would be to release some sort of dongle you attach to the gamepad that allows you to play 3DS games on the gamepad and TV. No 3D required really. Making the 3DS library avalable to the Wii U could give it the legs it needs to thrive until the NX is ready to go. Frankly they would have benefitted from having something like this on the market over a year ago.

      One thing I did like was the Mario focus that brought out the history of the company nicely. I wasn’t interseted in Mario Maker until they framed it as an effort to turn their level designer over to the fans. Definately got a Miyamoto swan song vibe from that.

      Another positive for me was the focus on a female design voice when giving the Yoshi overview. It’s an important development for a male dominated traditional Japanese company. Maybe not a popular move among the crybabies who prefer murder simulators and despise anything remotely cute, but I think N is smart to serve the female gamer.

      It does feel like they are holding a AAA Metroid until the next console.

      1. Yourtearsaredelicious

        Same there, I like the little history behind the games (especially Star Fox’s one). :)

        And yeah, you got a pretty good idea, maybe you should be the one running Nintendo x3 (The 3DS/WiiU connection thing~)

    24. Aw that sucks! I know they put on a poor presentation, but did they think that perhaps it would affect their stocks like this? Big screw up. Why not dump a ton of money on making a really good presentation video, with all the bells and whistles? I know that doesn’t make up for the lack of exciting announcements but a good quality video can really help entertainment wise.

      1. Yourtearsaredelicious

        In my opinion, the muppets part were my favorite part.
        Yeah they didn’t bring the lasers and all that exciting thing but again, don’t you think they are saving money for the NX ? :p (That makes sense to me)

      2. well i don’t blame nintendo for this they work there ass off on making the E-3 video but after the video was uploaded some fans did not find that interesting because they said there is no other Wii U titles like mario and zelda even DLCs well nintendo did a wonderful job but they did not fail at this point maybe next year they will do better :/

    25. Such a sad generation when most of the more powerful and iconic Japanese publishers are becoming jokes. Nintendo disappointing its fans with that horrid event, Sega focusing on the likes of mobile trash lovers instead of their true fans, Konami following Sega’s footsteps, and Crapcom becoming the greedy primitive apes they are. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if the American publishers like Activision or Microsoft begin to rule the gaming market in the future when most of the other Japanese developers fall after these ex-gaming giants suffer more.

      And now I’m slowly becoming a Quadraxamus clone….

      1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

        I agree, its sad, what has happened to Sega really hurts. I had a little bit fate after they published games from Platinum, localized Yakuza games and made Colours/Generations that they may are making their comeback to be great again, only to be crushed by with no plans of PSO2 here in west and all the focus being on shitty Boom and mobile games.

        I dont want Nintendo end up like Sega, i really wish for them sakes they are gonna listen what their fans want and recover, only time will tell will they fix their shit but the problem is that the time is literally running out for them.

        What i hate most about Japanese giants is that they have this stupid mindset that mobiles save them and magically turn them for their former glories. But yeah, casual market has always been the low point in gaming and the fight over that audience will destroy these companies, because with casuals you may get some money here and there but never you can get loyalty out of them.

        1. well i don’t blame nintendo for this they work there ass off on making the E-3 video but after the video was uploaded some fans did not find that interesting and also some fans did not find interesting of a new sonic boom titles that SEGA just show a few weeks ago but still this is really disappointing for some fans.

    26. This occasion calls for a parody of a shocking segment from Modern Warfare 2:

      Ghost (Quadraxis): Price! Do you copy?! Nintendo’s stocks are falling! I repeat, Nintendo’s stocks are falling!

      Price (Me): …Good. *Nintendo self-destructs*

      Ghost (Quadraxis NX): What?! No! Wait! PRICE! NOOO!…We have a nuclear gaming fallout! Nintendo is falling! NINTENDO IS FALLING! CODE BLACK!! CODE BLACK!!!!!

      On a serious note, this is what they deserve for their continuing fuck ups and ignorance on fans needs. This E3 epic failure fallout is only the beginning.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>You’ve said you were done with Nintendo for weeks now, specially today and yesterday, how much longer will you continue to be a hypocrite and a crybaby?>>>

        1. well i don’t blame nintendo for this they work there ass off on making the E-3 video but after the video was uploaded some fans did not find that interesting because they said there is no other Wii U titles like mario and zelda even DLCs well nintendo did a wonderful job but they did not fail at this point maybe next year they will do better :/

    27. They cant say they didn’t see this coming. I bet their hearts were nervously pounding throughout the conference. Shitty E3 with shitty reveals lead to shitty stocks. Ride the Wii U wave instead of selling out early and losing fans. I still like Wii U but if you’re going to ditch us, I’m not buying the NX until they know what the fuck they’re doing this time. you have a crowd of people right here and you know what we want, yet you still try to cater to casual play. good luck with that.

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    30. well i don’t blame nintendo for this they work there ass off on making the E-3 video but after the video was uploaded some fans did not find that interesting because they said there is no other Wii U titles like mario and zelda even DLCs well nintendo did a wonderful job but they did not fail at this point maybe next year they will do better :/

    31. am glad to hear it my Nintendo stock level went down to as i took my Wiiu and 8 games to Game and got them to put money on a gift card for future non-nintendo items

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    33. Am I the only one that wants to light those puppets on fire after watching their horrible digital event?

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        No you are not. I thought they were awesome but now they just really piss me off. I’ll burn Iwata, you can have the other two.

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