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Reggie: Iwata Did Not Apologise About The Nintendo Digital Event; We Make Great Games

We were all pleased to hear Nintendo president Satoru Iwata acknowledge the strong feedback from Nintendo fans regarding the Nintendo E3 Digital Event. However, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says that it wasn’t by any means an apology. He says it was simply that the company is continuing to meet our expectations.

“It was not an apology. It was not a statement about the content we’re showing, essentially it was an ‘I hear you’ message. Mr. Iwata is in Japan and what he’s trying to do is help explain to consumers in Japan what’s going on at E3. The correct translation of his message was: ‘Thank you for your feedback. We hear you and we are committed to continuing to meet your expectations,’ was essentially his message.”

“(Concerning the reaction to Metroid Prime: Federation Force) One of the things I find interesting is that if you look at E3 historically for Nintendo, typically what happens is a press briefing happens or our digital event happens and then over the course of the next couple of days people see the games get to play the games and the appreciation and understanding of what we’re doing increases over those three days and continues to build into the holidays.”

“Splatoon is a game that people are loving right now, but if you rewind to E3 last year, Splatoon was being viewed as, ‘Yes, it’s innovative and it’s different, but the controls are a little hard and I don’t understand the mechanic of turning into a squid and going through the ink.’ There were all of these complaints. But now you look at the finished product and the satisfaction is huge. For us, our goal is to make sure we announce the content, help people understand the content, but most importantly get hands on with the games. I haven’t heard the feedback (for this year’s Best Buy demonstrations), but I think the feedback is going to be quite positive because what we do is make great games and they show well and they really lead to consumer excitement.”

105 thoughts on “Reggie: Iwata Did Not Apologise About The Nintendo Digital Event; We Make Great Games”

  1. I find it pretty ridiculous how many people are complaining about the Metroid Prime spin-off game when it got less than 2 minutes of time compared to things like Star Fox and Yoshi’s Wooly World. You know, the titles people had been clamoring for!

    1. I know right, if they didn’t rush the demo, maybe it could have a little better feedback by a cover-judged book

      1. i think the main reason it got so little time is because it comes out next year and they wanted to focus on the stuff that comes out this year.

    2. Yeah and last year they complained that we got to litte games for the end of the year. Ridiculous might be too nice i think they are being pathetic im happy that i never expect things from any game company which make me love games more. This is the reason why we aren’t getting any new ip from nintendo

        1. Clearly that person is a fanboy. THAT is the reason we don’t get new IP or anything we ask for. Because pathetic people like him/her take shit and thank Nintendo for it, so Nintendo never learns.

        2. Just dont buy it, thats it, a very simple thing to do. I never said im happy with every thing nintendo make i just dont expect things from them which makes me love the games more like splatoon. Another example is Super Mario 3d World

    3. You mean Starfox and Yoshi’s Woolly World, games we’ve known about for over a year? People wanted to see new games, games that they’ve been waiting to finally see for so long now. And yes, while a new Metroid was among those games, this kinda Metroid was not what Nintendo’s supporters were wishing for.

    1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

      I never understood the love fans give for Reggie, he has screwed you americans plenty of times already with not bringing games (Xseed needed to localize TLS and PT for US, when in europe Shibata did his work and published them) and stupid Gamestop exclusive deals. Reggie has been a joke and his body has never been ready for anything else than being a lazy fuck.

      1. Reggie needs to get punched in the face. He lies all the damn time. “We learned our lesson. No more droughts.” Few months later we had another drought. Yeah, ok you fat fuck. Keep acting like a clown in the Directs. It fits you. Because you are a clown of a president.

      2. What the hell you smoking we got a lot of Japanese games localized to the west we are getting a new fire emblem Zelda wiiu next year star fox xenoblad chronicles what more do you fucks want all I see are bunch of cry baby kids that didn’t get what they wanted stfu the games I listed aren’t bad

  2. In ten years people are going to be complaining that Nintendo needs to get off its ass and make another Federation Force game. People don’t know what they want and they never will.

      1. These fanboys are pathetic. They take anything Nintendo gives em, even the middle finger. It’s sad Jaded, it’s sad. Glad to have some of the few sane people on here like you.

  3. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>Splatoon’s E3 reaction was nowhere close to the reaction this “spin-off” gets, No one can argue that you make great games, it’s the lack of showing them at the more important events that bothers people, no one wants civilian garbage made for our main console, specially at dire times, less Amiibo focus, more games focus, METROID IS NOT A FRANCHISE TO BE CONVERTED INTO CARTOON CHILDISH LOOKING GAMES, PERIOD>>>

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>I’m not entirely mechanical anymore and humans are not the only ones with some emotional wrath>>>

      1. Wind Waker is still my least favorite Zelda game of the main consoles. Not saying it was a bad game. But I still hate the cartoon crap. And while a lot of people accepted it, there are many who also still don’t like it.

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Plus Zelda is not a game considered to be in the same league as Metroid and other games in those steps, it’s not like Zelda was inspired from a Sci-Fi horror movie>>>

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>Yes but it still doesn’t take away that Zelda is not in the same type of world as Metroid, I mean you can make a darker more realistic one but it’s still not horror>>>

              >>>At best it could be like Lord of the Rings, kind of if we want a realistic Zelda in the future>>>

              >>>Metroid however was inspired a lot by Alien and nobody wants the Alien franchise to be turned into some baby garbage>>>

              1. Hey bitch. You think you’re an android? You’re the 30 year old man living in my mother’s basement, and I hear you fap. Every. Single. Fucking. Day.

        2. Go fuck yourself, Wind Waker was amazing because it had a cartoony style while keeping the overall feel of the Zelda series, this Federation Force piece of shit looks cartoony and doesn’t keep the feel of the Metroid series in the slightest.

        3. I’ve been seeing you complain like a child on every other post, but this one sealed the deal. I can’t respect any of your opinions. You’re hating a game because it’s cartoonish? You don’t even dislike how it played or anything, you just don’t like the way it looked? Quit trolling and leave. That’s just pathetic.

    1. Exactly! This is Metroid, not Legend of Zelda! I let this shit fly for LoZ because Nintendo is always trying out new artstyles for Zelda games & it’s become a staple at this point to change the overall look for the next big installment in the franchise.

  4. Yes Reggie. Nintendo do make great games. And as bad as the Digital Event was, I am willing to give Nintendo a chance in the future to show that these lackluster sounding titles are actually decent. But until then, I will only be looking forward to Super Mario Maker, Starfox and Yoshi’s Wooly World. Give me a reason to give the other games some chance.

  5. he has to accept criticism in order to make better games and know their public. Not accepting criticism of their customers is really a mistake that can lead them into a big failure.

  6. Splatoon is a game that people are loving right now, but if you rewind to E3 last year, Splatoon was being viewed as, ‘Yes, it’s innovative and it’s different, but the controls are a little hard and I don’t understand the mechanic of turning into a squid and going through the ink.’
    No one said this, they said “this game looks like a childish version of Call Of Duty, give us a real CoD game”
    And this year people are asking for more games (real games non that c**p of Mario Tennis without online or animal crossing party with amiibo), an online mode for Starfox, news about Zelda, Devil’s Third, Fast and all the games excluded from the digital event.

  7. There is no need for anyone to apologise. If there were ‘fans’ wanting an apology, they need to get a grip and realise that they’re not kids anymore. Throwing an internet tantrum to get an apology and a petition is just not acceptable.

    1. There is no need to apologize? So, you’re saying that Nintendo should not apologize to the people who have been supporting the WiiU at all times (especially the rough times) since the very beginning, for not rewarding their loyal support with games that they’ve been long waiting for, but instead giving them things nobody really wants? Okay then.

      The fact that Nintendo doesn’t even want to accept that they have messed up majorly, and instead act like their presentation was great, is just sad. Their supporters are the ones who keep them alive on the market, and if those supporters very obviously raise their voices about Nintendo having done a huge mistake, they need to accept that. Being completely ignorant about the matter is what’s truly unacceptable in this situation, and it’s just going to add more fuel to the fire.
      And I personally just don’t see why people should keep quiet about a major mistake like this. That’s not going to help Nintendo realize what they’ve done wrong.

    2. What’s not acceptable is the fact people are pissed & Nintendo acts like they did nothing wrong. They are run by prideful dumb fucking apes that think they won E3 with their shit digital event. But as long as fucking morons like you run around & defend whatever bullshit Nintendo spews, they’ll never fucking grow!

    3. But enjoy bending over & taking it like a good little bitch. Because that’s done so much good for Nintendo the past 2 years! *rolls eyes*

  8. ok this nonsense needs to stop Reggie. i love my WiiU and 3DS and i love Nintendo games but i was completely disappointed by most of what they showed for E3. Reggie needs to get out of this denial mode and really start listening to what Nintendo fans are saying. with Splatoon last year it was only the non-Nintendo fans that were skeptical about the came. Nintendo fans saw it’s awesome potential immediately. but with E3 2015 it’s the strong Nintendo fans that are crying out in disappointment. The only thing that makes this horrible pill easier to swallow is that i know Nintendo is just biting the bullet this year and pushing all their big projects over to NX for a fantastic launch of that new console.

  9. Come on now, Reggie. There was no way to mistranslate that tweet. It was a perfectly clear apology. Other than that, he does have a point about the Treehouse. It’s the best idea they’ve had in ages.

    1. yes the Tree house is a fantastic idea but i would swap out all those females that they have showcasing the games. not because i’m sexist, not at all. but because the ones they have showcasing the games act like little girls playing barbie. they make the games seem like it’s all cutesy and childish stuff for little boys and girls (and we know that’s not the case) which i know turns off a lot of non-Nintendo fans who don’t know already know how great those games are. especially that blonde-haired one. just hearing her talk ruins a game presentation for me. But this year the Tree House really has it’s work cut out for them. they’re gonna really have to try and make some lemon aid from some mostly bad lemons

  10. 1. Reggie is right in that people understand the games later and suck ass after complaining so much as soon as they learn more and continue to do at later dates or just don’t buy the game
    2. People will continue to do that like with the metroid game I am a huge fan of the series but will look at the game play etc and not whine and bitch like a bitch and if I don’t like the game don’t buy it
    3. Like people can suck Nintendo ass next e3 or be even angrier then now but I’m sure there will be a lot of good games to show which I can’t wait to see

      1. 1. Nah people do this shit all the time and I don’t care what Nintendo do or don’t do I just buy the games I like and that’s it
        2. This is common sense lol people get mad then calm down and reflect on themselves and I still see many comments that are angry yet they will still buy games

      1. 1. Nintendo has been fucking up for a long time lol you should know that ha ha
        2. I only buy the games I want and they will keep making mistakes with or without me lol I don’t work there and even I did I would most likely have a low level job at first and work my way up to a certain point and it takes more then one person to change a company
        3. I talk to my bros a lot about what Nintendo has done wrong throughout the years now I dont post it on here because everyone should already know lol no point in beating a dead horse

  11. So they are not sorry, don’t admit mistakes, don’t understand and didn’t learn anything. Ok cool. Way to show fans and stock holders you’re committed to failure, and proud of it.

    1. right? this should be a warning siren for anyone interested in investing with them. The company is really out of touch. He sounds like a petulant child. I think it’s time to really worry about what the NX could be and realize that whatever high hopes we have for it are misplaced. These clowns will in all likelihood screw it up big time. Besides the fad Wii they’ve managed to fail on pretty much every endeavor since the DS

  12. I think Nintendo had a Decent Digital Event not great not bad I love Mario Party so I am a little excited for Amiibo Festival. I have never played Star Fox or Metroid so I am thinking about those. I am defeiantly get Triforce Heroes.

    1. Is it more of a “third pillar” deal? Such as how the DS was to the Gameboy Advance and Gamecube? Or are you maybe stating that it will be but a mere peripheral?

  13. Do people not realize that there’s always a chance that there could be a single player story in Metroid Prime: Federation Force? And anyways, I still thought it looked fun.

    1. They already said there’s not, all you can do is play the same stupid linear missions without going online, there’s absolutely nothing Metroid on a linear level-by-level game.

  14. And thats there problem. They should be apologizing. It’s clear that though a few people like their presentation, the majority thought it was disappointing at least. I really hope they finally learn from this instead of Iwata saying yet again “please understand” my understanding Iwata, is running thin.

  15. I myself don’t understand the backlash of the Metroid game…but Reggie sounds completely ignorant of the facts here. He’s basically lying and a hypocrite. I no longer like Reggie. He and Iwata need to be fired. Absolutely clueless. Nintendo under their reign these last 4-5 years has been a disaster. I don’t get it. Any other large company would have made the changes already

    1. he’s basically saying people are judging the game before truly knowing how it plays and whether or not it’s a bad game not, all the negative feed back Nintendo is getting is it’s not Prime 4 and it’s not like traditional Metroid games, they aren’t going to just pull prime 4 out of no where, and he isn’t wrong about this happening other E3s, remember the first reactions to 3D World

    1. Reggie did not said that they don’t understand that fans are not pleased.they do.He only said that Iwata understood that someone or many of the fans did not like this E3 and that they will continue to work to better reach fans aspectation in the future.Get a grip guys.

      1. In that case, didn’t they say this once before? Oh yeah! They did! And what did they do? They fucked up yet again! And again! Reggie & Iwata’s apologies are fucking meaningless since they go right back to fucking us over! Enough is enough. No more apologies. Put up or shut the fuck up, Nintendo!

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  17. I’ve got to admit though I was expecting announcements like, POKKEN FIGHTERS U – Pokemon 3ds DLC, Metroid U, AC U – ACHH, EPIC STAR FOX ( not a re-imagining, but still looks good), Mario Kart x Mario Maker DLC, Metroid 2d – MET U, New 3ds action platformer.

  18. He didn’t apologize because he didn’t have anything to apologize for.
    You’re judging a game before it comes out. Sure, you have the right to complain and freedom of speech and all that, but if you’re going to judge a game by it’s first appearance then that makes you no better than the people who judged Wind Waker for looking too cartoony or the ones who disliked Metroid Prime Pinball for just being a Metroid spin-off. I know one of you are going to say that he should have apologized for not giving us any of the games that we wanted, but what if they just started working on them? What if they wanted to keep them a surprise for later on? What if Nintendo was too busy on some of your expectations to meet the others? Nintendo can’t meet your every demand and expectation and neither can Sony, Microsoft, or any other gaming company. If you actually read and understood what Mr. Iwata and Reggie Fils-Aime said, they really are trying their best to meet your expectations, even if they are high. That’s why Zelda U was delayed because they wanted to make the game better and it takes time to do so.

    About complaining basically being feedback and it being good for a company, since I can read what future comments can say, yes, it can be good if it’s CONSTRUCTIVE. Not just saying, “This Metroid Prime doesn’t look like the Metroid Prime I know. You don’t even play as Samus. I’m going to make a petition to tell them to not release the game instead of waiting for more details about it and telling them what I don’t like about it in a formal manner.” Sure, maybe a multiplayer Metroid doesn’t appeal to you, the graphics and the art style aren’t to your liking, or the tiny amount of gameplay you see looks boring. Those are valid reasons to not like a game, but there are ways to tell the company that without just completely bashing the game for not being what you expected it to be. Perhaps that’s just your opinion, which is fine to have about anything and I’m not trying to force you to change it, but take into consideration all the game has to offer when it releases and see if you like it or not for whatever the reason, even if there is none. Just don’t force others to agree with you, let them come to their own conclusion.

    If you are still going to complain about the games they showed and the release of Metroid Prime: Federation Force then you have the completely free option of not buying any of them, it’s not like they’re forcing you to. This isn’t like back in the 80’s (possibly to the early 90’s) where you’d have to spend money to even try the game out in the first place…or just be one of those lucky kids who had a friend/sibling that owned the games you were interested in. This is the modern age where if one person buys and reviews the game, everyone and anyone who has access to the internet can see that review. If you really want to try the game out for yourself nowadays, you now have the option to play the demo (if there is one available to you) or do the classic options of renting it, buying it used or new, or, again, being lucky enough to have a friend/sibling who owns the game. All in all, whether you buy or the game or not, if the product sells it’ll give Nintendo the idea that people like that type of game. If it doesn’t then they’ll change their strategy to make up for their loss.

    To conclude…you know that somewhat recent Nintendo meme? Please understand? That actually makes complete sense in this article. Nintendo is trying to get their consumers to understand what these games are and to get them interested in playing them, but the consumers take it the wrong way and in turn don’t want to play them. Sure, Nintendo didn’t do the best job of showing off some of their games, and we still need much more detail on Metroid, but they can’t read our minds on what the majority would understand.

    Oh, and uh, to those that might say that I’m a Nintendrone, I’m not a drone, I’m a person (even if that word sounds awesome). I’m a fangirl, yes, but I still give games the rating they deserve, entirely in my opinion, of course. Examples are Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity and Paper Mario: Sticker Star being sub-par, and Pokemon Dash and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric being just plain terrible.

  19. I personally think that the reason why this year’s E3 wasn’t good is simply because they showed too many new titles in 2014. This E3 felt more like a big nintendo direct than anything.

    I also think that most of these games are those types of games that look like they won’t work, or simply look bad and unappealing. I remember myself saying how fanmade Paper Jam and Amiibo festival look and feel. Remember that these games are in their development process, so chances are they’ll give the games a thorough polish until they’re released…and you never know, you can fall in love with even the wierdest of games.

    I am really looking forward to Triforce Heroes, Mario Maker and Paper Jam. I’m also slightly curious about the designer game & Amiibo festival, so I might pick them up depending on whether the final product looks good or not.

    Chances are the rest of the titles will improve vastly for their release – we will see more and more appealing features.

    I can’t say much about Federation Force. All I will say is that Nintendo should definatly take the words “Metroid” and “Prime” out.

  20. i think he should have keep his mouth shut and not play the spin doctor. However his has a point about people judging a game too soon and not keep an open mind until release.

    From my understand Iwata-san did apologies cause the event in itself was not great and disappointing. What I learn from this E3 is that nintendo is not committed to the wii U anymore. It’s clear they don’t intent to support it after 2016.

    If there is one thing they should learn from sony and the recent lack of support at the end of the wii’s life, is they should support the Wii U fully up to 2018 or in the long run.

    We are now in 2015 and the wii u has not been really supported neither by 3rd party or NIntendo. What we have with the wii U is lot of virtual consoles games, a lot of indie games and few retail games. Nintendo should have some hard talk with Capcom, Square-enix, Konami and game freak.

    The NX will be the new thing and the wii u will be forgotten but consumer (like me) will not rush to buy it and will not trust Nintendo anymore.

  21. that means that despite the petition the bigots and butthurt fans are signing federation force is getting released


  22. Why bother apologizing, anyway? We should know by now that Iwata’s apologies are hollow & are nothing but bullshit. When he apologizes, it quickly becomes an insult to our intelligence as they repeat the same mistakes that led them to apologize in the first place.

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