Reggie Says Current VR Technology Isn’t Fun

A good chunk of this year’s E3 Conference was all about ‘virtual reality’ technology, with the Oculus Rift, Morpheus and the HoloLens. It’s the next big thing. So, where is Nintendo’s answer to VR? Seems like there isn’t one. In an interview with Polygon, they asked Reggie Fils-Aime if there was a “Virtual Boy 2” on the horizon. He said that VR isn’t fun or social enough yet, dismissing the idea of Nintendo adding their own VR technology to the mix. Do you agree with him, or should Nintendo jump on the bandwagon? Check out his full response:

We have knowledge of the technical space, and we’ve been experimenting with this for a long, long time,” Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. “What we believe is that, in order for this technology to move forward, you need to make it fun and you need to make it social. I haven’t walked the floor, so I can’t say in terms of what’s on the floor today, but at least based on what I’ve seen to date, it’s not fun, and it’s not social. It’s just tech.


  1. I agree. Oculus is cool at times, but it’s definitely not social, and not overly fun.

    1. Question: Have you tried it?

      If you haven’t, your last point is practically invalid. Plus, just because something isn’t social doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t fun.

          1. I have family members who work in the tech field in Silicon Valley, and they’ve gotten their hands on the Oculus Rift VR headset. They said that depending on the type of game you’re playing on it, it can take gaming to another level.

      1. Yes. There’s a few things we like to show off to people for 5-10 minutes, then it goes back away.

    2. This guy is a real dumb ass, since when has gaming been measure by social aspects? #1. You can’t get a better gaming experience than VR. #2. If you don’t wanna be as immersed in your game as you possible can, hand over your gamer card. Now. #3. Any idiot can see that gaming can’t possible evolve without VR. #4. Since when has gaming been measured by social aspects. If you can’t play a game or VR title without the help of your friends then I hate to say it, but you ain’t a real gamer. Anybody can bowl at one of those cosmic midnight bowling sessions with their friends, but that don’t make you a bowler. You’re just killing time with your friends. I really wish that casual and mainstream gamers stop trying to say what’s best for the industry when you aren’t dedicated and the remark that Reggie Fils-Aime made is something that a “I only play COD with my friends” kind of casual gamer would say. He’s wrong, but that what I expect from someone who doesn’t love gaming, doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but loves money and being with the “in-crowd” mainstreamers who will play game today but end up following the “next best thing” tommorrow. Anyone who believes that AR is a better alternative to VR should be publicly stoned. How can a partial VR be better than the full vR experience? I guess having a half tank of gas is better than having a full tank, according to these VR-hating idiots. I’m so sick of fake, wannabe gamers trying to say what’s best for gaming and don’t even understand what gaming is or is trying to achieve…..

    1. he does know better YOU CLEARLY DONT


      1. Yeah man, Reggie clearly knows what’s good regarding video games. I mean just look at how well he played Smash Bros.

  2. Go to the React Channel on YouTube, watch them play with Oculus Rift, see people more excited than they ever were with other games

    You know what it will remind you of? The Wii phenomena

    1. Oh, cool. Something people are excited about for 8 minutes! His points are still valid.

          1. To be honest MK8 was lacking whatever made MKW and DS so fun. The anti-gravity effect & flying/underwater forever change what the series is, in my eyes, not for the better. They opted for MK7 controls (Thanks, Retro Studios) and didn’t even think to include a proper battle mode. That’s why I still find myself playing MKW online via Wiimmfi more often than MK8.

  3. I am not particularly interested in Oculus Rift either. I don’t think VR tech will be game changing until you can literally play a game accurately with your mind while laying down on your back.

    The hololens that Microsoft showed off was interesting though. I would LOVE to play Pokemon battles with that thing. Other than that, I can see it becoming a bit stale quickly.

    1. If you want to use AR like the Hololens, download a cheap/free app on your phone or tablet. Companies have been trying it in gaming for a long time and it’s terrible. Microsoft didn’t learn much from Google Glass either.

  4. It’s extremely ironic how the president of Nintendo, the company that absolutely refuses to include social features such as online multiplayer and voice chat in their games, says that technology has to be social to move forward. Priceless.

    1. Nintendo supports the ‘real’ social gaming more… Like playing games with 3 other people on your couch…

      1. Yea, because everyone always has the time to invite 3 friends over, who will also have time to come over, and play video games, whenever they feel like playing with others. /s
        Since when is it impossible to have both online and local multiplayer in a game?

            1. I see the sarcasm, but Internet is not the best way to be “social”

              See the comment section of all articles in this crazed website

              1. I never claimed it’s the best way. :) But I definitely believe it is a good way, especially in relation to video games.

                    1. Why would it only work on the one theme and self-respecting nintendo fan will ever use…

                  1. Not sure about that. As far as I can tell, the game is marketed to be about building challenging levels, so I believe it could be difficult to make that kinda courses suited for co-op.
                    I could see it working as some kind of competitive co-op though, with one person playing the level on the gamepad, and the other one on the TV, and the first one to finish it wins.

              2. This is a gaming news site. That’s how gamers are. It’s not this crazy everywhere on the internet. And even wherever you find it you also find cool people to talk to. JUST LIKE THE REAL WORLD GASP!!!

        1. Online multiplayer, especially for things like Mario Party, are a terrible version of the experience, hence not included.

          1. What makes you think that? I believe Mario Party would be so much more worthwhile if it featured online multiplayer. A couple of other games could use it too.

      2. All our friends are not down the street anymore. I’m a working adult. My friends are in Sweden, England, California, etc…

      3. …..and they can still add online without taking away from that precious couch experience. I prefer the couch experience if possible too. But it’s not always possible. That’s why online is so vital. They have been fighting online since gamecube and people like you keep defending them for it like they are selling out if they include online or something. Quite the opposite. They are selling out by not giving us standard features.

    2. Lmao, OMG, I can’t agree more.
      Where the fuck does that idiot get off saying it’s not social??
      1. Horrible VC executed in MK8 (none for friends while racing)
      2. Splatoon….nuf said.
      3. No online multiplayer functionality in Nintendoland, Pikmin, SMW3D, etc,
      4. Killed swapnote/Letterbox
      5. No online multiplayer for Starfox..

      Wow. I’m offically anti-Reggie. Hypocritical, two-face, double-standard fuck-tard. And if he is just representing Nintendo…even worse. He’s be a puppet for a company I don’t even know anymore.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. Reggie has been getting more and more unlikeable for me, especially in these past days, thanks to some of the phenomenal statements he has made. The Nintendo he is representing is not the Nintendo I know.

        1. I get rambunctious, and I not as emotional angry as I sound, but I am pretty pissed at Nintendo. They are having an epic week full of #Fail. Lol

          They need to get their shit straight. Now.

          1. Yea, I actually thought this year’s E3 could have been the turning point of the WiiU, expecting things like a real Animal Crossing game, a real Metroid game, more info on Zelda, maybe a Mario HD remake, a new F-Zero, and stuff like that. But yea, didn’t get a single thing I was hoping for.
            Honestly, I don’t really think they’ll do much for the WiiU anymore. It’s almost in its third year now, and Nintendo’s consoles usually have a life cycle of around 5 years before they drop support, so there’s only so much they can do for it at this point, considering in most cases it takes at least a year for a game to release after its announcement. I just doubt they’d leave blockbusters like the ones I’ve mentioned above for the WiiU’s last months.

      2. I’m surprised it took you and Namie this long. To me, he’s always been this way. This is far from the first time he has said dumb crap like this.

        1. He’s always been pretty much indifferent to me, never been on that “omg Reggie is such a cool/funny guy” trip like some other people I’ve seen. I guess I just never really cared about him, he was nothing but a company representative that sometimes says weird stuff to make their products look good, just like any other of those people. But in these past days, he quickly became one of the most unlikeable video game “persons” I have ever seen, honestly. Maybe I’m just being biased because of the disappointment their presentation has caused, but yea.

      3. Suddenly the first 2 minutes of their 2015 digital presentation make so much more sense!

        But seriously, yeah, I’ve found myself disliking Reg more and more with every passing year…

      4. Oh & don’t forget the fact that every time Nintendo releases an update for Miiverse, it destroys another aspect that makes it easier to be social. First it was the 3 minute limit to posting on communities & it wasn’t tied to just one community but you had to wait to post again on every community, not just the one you last posted on. Then there was the time limit for comments with the same problem as the one for communities, you have to wait to comment on not just the last post you commented on but EVERY post. And the most recent one: making Activity Feed worse instead of better!

    3. Not to mention that he’s also the one that praises the “3D” effect on the 3DS. Now some how a peripheral that actually ads an immersion to games (unlike the crap they peddle as 3D on the 3DS) is not… Fun? I’ve been saying it for years, get Reggie the fuck out of office. -_-

  5. He know him and nintendo fucked up. Big time reggie dont make excuses. With dumbass comments i hope you get fired.

    1. There are teaes in my eyes…running down my face…I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Everyone, EVERYONE needs to watch that video…omg…tears… ;’D

  6. VR isn’t fun because I doubt he has even tried it.

    Something tells me that they were thinking about making the NX a VR Headset console thingy but decided to scrape it for a more generic console with a DS duct taped to it.

  7. >>>Lord Reggienator, stop talking nonsense and start rebuilding and fixing everything the empire has done wrong with the home consoles and marketing at once or it’s history for you in the foreseeable future in the west>>>

      1. >>>You idiots are just stupid enough not understanding anything unless it’s written with Tourettes and childish crying, go back to ancient Egypt or worse, the Sonyan Realm and stay there>>>

        1. Dude, chill.
          Now put the cap back on the salt and have some water.

          I’d rather go to Microsoft anyway, at least they know how to treat a gamer on PC and console.

          1. >>>Have fun being spied on and gradually having your life taken over without you even knowing it until it’s too late then>>>

              1. >>>Because I accepted everything they’ve done so far right? You children are so blinded by your hate and anger that you only see what you want to see, in simple words, anyone that’s done with Nintendo now and still comments on Nintendo related sites is just a troll now, which makes all of you irrelevant by default>>>

                  1. >>>Unlike you I don’t cry over the smallest things and I don’t need to curse and cry like a baby to make my disappointment clear, but you humans are so primitive that you only understand ape behaviour>>>

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                    7. Damn you’re so full of yourself.
                      I’m guessing your that fat autistic weeaboo that just can’t get friends and don’t like it when someone points out Nintendo’s fuck ups.

                      I’m sorry you can’t get out of your mother’s house.

          2. Sony over microsoft any day. As bad as nintendo is microsoft has and will always be trash.

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        2. No we don’t. It’sYOU FANBOYS who only respond to the writings with the “touretts and childish writing”. Cry me a river toaster.

          1. >>>Said the crybaby who has his whole life ruined by Nintendo, how sad of you>>>

            >>>And even worse still lingers here instead of moving on to your precious PS4 you so often mention>>>

            1. Nintendo has been apart of everyone’s childhood of course I (along with other people) are going to be angry.

              As for my PS4… let’s just say you are missing out. I wish you had one just so you’ll know what you have been missing.

              1. >>>Angry is one thing, saying you’re done with them permanently and still comments is being a hypocrite and a troll, and I don’t miss something I’m not interested in, the games they have do not appeal to me enough to warrant a purchase and never have>>>

                  1. >>>Talking in general here, some still lingers here despite saying they’re done with Nintendo, and they think that everyone not ditching Nintendo completely is an idiot, it shows their lack of logical thinking at many levels>>>

                    1. They probably said it out of spite because I find it really hard to believe that one can just be “done” with a gaming company especially Nintendo. I agree with you there.

              2. i have ps4 wii u and a powerful pc 4790k cpu 980 gpu. and i never got mad with nintendo i always knew what will happen and i never feel kid with nintendo games and nintendo actually never trick me. what sony did exactly with silent hill? should i mention the hype that went to hell? should i mention that sony allowed that hype?first time in my 29 years old with every console and alot of games (not xbox 1 yet) i feel like i got tricked. well and what have been missing with no ps4 exactly?hm? bloodborne? killzone? dont make me laugh i mean are good games but not unice like nintendo talking about exclusives here only otherwise..Pc master race and i enjoy to say that because people don’t like it:P

                1. Don’t ignorantly blame Sony for P.T’s cancellation if you are not in the know of the fine details. It was because of internal power struggles in Konami, and had nothing to do with Sony.

                  Also, might I ask for a PSN ID as proof you have a PS4?

                2. PC X WII U and loving it. People who say Wii U games like the new Batman wouldn’t look good (if they made it), look at the difference between pS4 and PC. BOOM. (And I did have Ps4 and X1).

            2. Can’t we be fans of both? I have a PS4, XB1 and a Wii U. I go to other websites for my Sony and MS info and I come here for My Nintendo News. I won’t go as far as saying my life was ruined because of them, but recently, it seems as though Nintendo has dropped the ball a few times.

              1. >>>How anyone can invest in Xboxes after everything they tried to do and what other worse news the hero Snowden revealed about Microsoft as an example, or US corporations and evidece overall is like saying I know fire is deadly but I’d still like to get burned>>>

                >>>The only problem I have with the Sonyans is their online fees, I don’t care how cheap or not it is and then their games that lack any real appeal for me, and if I do like something, it always comes to PC as well so no bother in buying a PS4 for 1-2 games>>>

              2. Don’t start talking about that to him… he’s a blind Nintendork who can’t see the truth.
                I’ve got a Xbox One and Wii U, but I’m a big PC gamer and I might get myself a PS4 for Dreams and Horizon Zero Dawn, those games looked amazing.

                  1. Sorry, I didn’t know you were so blind, let me take you back to your abusive mother’s house

  8. Nintendo is in no position to talk about techtechnology, they don’t even know how to develop for their own console.

      1. Are there two christophers on this site? Cause you seem to be agreeing with some people nintendo screwed up, but on another article you were arguing with trainer black about them and defending them cause he was attacking them. I’m quite confused…

      1. QUICK! put this trench coat, fedora and sunglasses on that barely disguises you, people won’t notice

  9. Ironically, they were talking about VR on my TV…

    Anyways, he’s not all that wrong.

    Yeah it looks like fun in some ways… But I don’t think the VR is “developed” enough to become a full fleshed console.

    Maybe when it’ll get better, Nintendo will jump into the bandwaggon.

    But heh, here goes my theory that the “NX” would be a VR thing.

    1. VR isn’t being built as a console but an option to enhance gaming on your systems. Whether that’s PC, mobile, or PS4. It has a long way to go but has also come a very, very long way. I was beyond impressed when I tried some of the demos last year (and I hear this year they have only improved). I was a skeptic prior to trying it out but after trying was made a believer.

  10. I happen to think the possibilities for VR are very high and could bring some interesting things for the gaming world. I personally can remember being at some amusement park and they had a VR head set that you could wear and the scene I was set into was a fight between my cousin and I as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker (I got to play as Luke) now im not sure how it’s controlled nowz but we used a wand like device with two buttons on it (lightsaber action hoooo) and we went at it swinging this thing to battle it out. I was young but even then I remember thinking this would be the future of gaming. Now older, I feel it should be a side aspect of gaming. I guess I don’t want to feel so connected to the machine. I am no Neo.

    For games like Mario, Skyrim or say Minecraft it would be wild to be in that world so much that you feel the feeling of platforming as Mario, or tossing a fire ball at a dragon, or running away from what ever those creepy things are in minecraft.


    1. I think that VR was just a load of crap when Oculus was first announced but over time, I kind of started to like it and I do see a lot of games that could be fun with VR like Alien Isolation.

  11. Ever notice how Nintendo LOVES to tell people what isn’t fun and what is? Its probably why they’re going under. VR Might not be perfect but its definitely the future of gaming. It will evolve and Nintendo, once again..will choose to stay behind and cash in on Nostalgia instead.

      1. I can tell you what isn’t fun, being told what’s not fun by a guy who’s pretty much helping run the company into the ground :D




    2. Dead on. Could not have said it any better myself, although it probably would have been a crap ton longer if I had written it. Lol.

  12. Reggie: “Virtual reality is boring. Real fun is trying to fly an Arwing through the disorientating experience of constantly looking between a TV and a low-res game pad; that’s where the party’s at!”

    1. To be fair the game looks low res as well. So it matches with that low res screen!

    2. So funny. I was thinking the same thing during the reveal, I won’t act like the gamepad isn’t useful at times, but it really doesn’t work well when you do need to keep looking back and forth like that.

    1. Yeah, Splatoon is really social in how it lets you voice chat with your teammates!

      Oh wait.

  13. I have an idea. VR glasses that come in a 4 pack with the nx similar to hololens. You can us it with friends and you can still see them because they are glasses and they can connect to each other to play multiplayer with them.

  14. Vr has potential, but the demos I have tried were lame. Now Metroid Prime Ultra with Vr, that would be AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARIOAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!




  16. Yeah guys, remember: Nintendo had the Virtual Boy! They know all about this stuff!

    Seriously though, the stuff we’ve seen so far with the OC and what is being done with this sort of tech….Reggie is yet again blowing smoke out of his ass because he knows that Nintendo will be late to the party yet again, so he’s trying to justify why that’ll be the case with VR. It’s online multiplayer all over again, among other things, and just shows how stubborn and ignorant they are.

    1. Oh hey, being able to see your Minecraft world BUILD UP FROM THE FUCKING TABLE LIKE THE OPENING OF GAME OF THRONES….yeah that doesn’t look like fun. Oh hey, talking with the other player who you can see playing through the level while interacting with them – yeah that’s not social OR fun. ah durrrrrr.

      1. hololens IS BULLSHIT lok how fuking clunky -slow-bizzare the interaction was LOL and all the popup and weird edges ITS NTJING MORE THAN ARGUMENTED REALIY THAT 3DS DOES


    2. looking at a weird picture with 1950s tv like shape in a tunnel you wear on your head IS FUN IS IT













  19. And if VR does take off… You’ll see Nintendo switching their stance on this real quick. Very typical of them to talk trash about something, until they see other people making money from it.

  20. VR isn’t fun..ok. You know what’s fun? Super Mario Bros. Let’s do that over and over again, and when we’ve done it to the death, let players do their own Super Mario Bros.

  21. If you haven’t tried VR.. you can’t say it’s not fun. Holy crap it’s the most immersive thing I’ve ever played. I own the Oculus Rift DK2 (not for the right reasons) and it is a blast… when there are games for it. It’s a dev kit so I get why it wouldn’t have that many games yet, but man it’s a wild ride.

      1. Indeed, it has massive potential at the state it is today. VR failed so many times before, because it was so cumbersome or awkward to use. It’s about as simple as it will get now, the devices could be a bit smaller, but they’re small enough compared to what it used to be.

  22. vr is a gimmicky concept that mightve been good at times when controllers didnt have enough buttons to support a decent camera control scheme.

  23. Maybe the nx console will be a VR console. Nintendo will make it social and fun. VR metroid
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  24. you know i agree with reggie its not gonna be fun if fans trying to play on there consoles but the VR thing is not gonna help the company to do well.

  25. He’s right about VR, it’s just funny to hear someone from Nintendo talk about “social”.

  26. I’ve played occulus, at Pax Prime. And it was incredible. It was more immersive than anything else Ive ever played. And just because its not social doesnt mean its not fun. When are they going to realize the majority of gamers dont play around the living room with friends anymore??

  27. Out of all the gimmicks Nintendo has supported I can’t believe they won’t support VR. the Oculus Rift I played with was amazing, and I really couldn’t wait for VR to become a part of gaming. I believe Sony is trying to use VR, I’ll be heading their way if they day. I’ll still continue to play Ninty, but I really want VR gaming.

  28. Has anyone at Nintendo learned anything? The industry is changing and the reality is that soon VR will become an important part of gaming just like analog sticks.

  29. This is making me think. When The level of VR becomes Sword Art Online-ish, then it’ll probably get Nintendo’s attention

    1. That’ll probably be decades though. Modern VR technology is just screens on a headset creating an isolated environment to create the feeling of immersion. Sword Art Online’s tech has moreso to do with interfering with the central nervous system to input and output signals to and from the brain. The transition is like from computer engineers all the way to computer and medical engineers.

  30. The hardware engineers can build the technology. It’s the game designers who wish to develop for said technology that need to make it fun to sell their games, and they might need some help from first party studios first to lead the way.

    That’s what made the Wii fun – there were plenty of first party games that defined what the Wii could do. Sure, the Wii U had Nintendoland, but what truly defined the GamePad’s capability beyond party games was Splatoon and perhaps the upcoming Star Fox Zero.

  31. and yet wiiu is fun?
    last game i play that i liked on the wiiu is splatoon… been awhile since i even played on my wiiu.

  32. When I saw the Microsoft Hololens demo, I suddenly had a dream : What if I could play pokemon with a Hololens-like device ? See my Pokemon in front of me and my friend and his Pokemon as well and then shout “Pikachu use thunderbolt !” and see all that happen live in my very own living room. Now, that would be fun AND social !

    I agree that full VR headset are a bit of an isolation from the real world. But the hololens is gaming ON TOP of reality, and that’s why it’s so great.

    And why can’t the NX be that headset ? I mean, they said it was a dedicated game console but that it woudn’t replace the Wii U right ?

  33. Wow Jeez

    there are so many arguments and flamewars, it would probably set my computer on fire -.-

  34. Typical Reggie Nintoddlers sucking his dick again.
    Just imagine all the great games you would actually see released here if Nintendo fired this muppet mascot and hired a real person who understands consumers .

    Reggie says bend over…your body is ready.

  35. Hah! A company that refuses to do voice chat right & is slowly killing Miiverse with bullshit updates that ruins the social aspect of it thinks that VR won’t be fun because it’s not social!?

  36. VR could be social, you and a friend could both put on a VR headset and adventure a VR world together or something.

    I think it’s best to wait and see though.

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