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Reggie Takes A Little Pop At PlayStation

Whatever way you look at it both Xbox and PlayStation won this year’s E3 event judging from social media, news reports, and various message boards. However, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime wanted to take a little pop at PlayStation in an interview with Kotaku. Specifically he took a little dig at The Last Guardian which was clearly shown too early when it was first showcased in 2009.

“The best way to launch a game like that is to surprise and delight [fans], to give them a launch date, in an environment like this let them play it versus what other companies do which is to announce a project that you may not see for five, six years,” he hissed. “It’s just not the way we do things.”

Thanks, Carmen P

106 thoughts on “Reggie Takes A Little Pop At PlayStation”

  1. Yeah they prefer not to show or even mention the games completely and simply dissapoint fans, by showing of a shitty press conference with boring games.

            1. The Ps3 is unable to process those hair and feather physics. That bird dog looked amazing. No way Ps3 graphics.

            2. Lol Reggie is really desperate to keep on taking about the only thing he has going for nintendo. Notice how in all interviews he points out the fact that Nintendo is announcing games coming out soon.

                    1. I am right. when i tell smash fanboys mario kart 8 (and viceversa) is superior, they start the long talking about why i am wrong. Same with the consoles, it’s like the fanboys took it all personally and try to destroy each company. I do not think Nintendo, sony and microsoft are trying to destroy themselves like they are in a food war on a circus

                    2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks it looks boring. If the game is like that all around I’m not getting it. I’ll have to see the reviews first.

                    3. Nintendo fanboys always and I mean always say that Nintendo is the only different developer that takes disk and has unique amazing art styles. Now a game like TLG, or any of Sony smaller risk taking projects come out and they somehow find something negative to say about it. It’s like they can’t accept that Nintendo isn’t the only risk taking creative ones now a days.

                    4. When Wii u showed this “big exclusive” I couldnt stop laughing xD
                      Talking dog that plays board games so fucking boring xD

                    5. I like how Reggie is criticizing other companies when his company objectively had the worst E3 out of all of them. Like a beggar flaunting his penny.

                            1. Actually Sony funded the entire Shenmue 3 project already. The point of the Kickstarter was to see if there is still fan demand for the game

                              1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

                                Sony is only funding the marketing, read the interviews and pay attention. Shenmue development is funded via kickstarter, thats why theres all these stretch goals.

                                1. Incorrect. The interview also specifically states “production and marketing”, and any sort of detailed analysis of budget inferred from that interview as to what exactly Sony is paying for is pure speculation.

                                  There’s no possible way that they could make that kind of game for just 2 million dollars, considering that the original cost 70 million to make. Even if costs were able to driven down, again – 2 million for a game of this scope is not possible. Anonymous is correct: the kickstarter was mainly used to gauge the interest in the game to give Sony confidence that they wouldn’t be losing the money they would invest in the project.

                                    1. And like I said, even if it has gone down, doing this kind of game for 2 million dollars is not realistic at all. The devs know this. But your statement also applies to smaller indy games. For bigger triple-A titles, development costs are still in the 10s of millions at minimum. For Shenmue 3 they’ll probably find a way to keep costs under 20 million, but even Yu Suzuki said, “At $10 million, it will truly have the features of an open world.” As noted in a Polygon article:
                                      “The campaign has, to date, raised $3.5 million out of its $2 million goal. That may seem like a good amount of money, but it’s a small percentage of the original games’ budgets and would only allow Suzuki and his team to create a bare bones experience.”
                                      If they want to make it anywhere near as good as the first 2 games, 2 million is a pittance and not possible. Hence why Sony is covering not just promotional costs but production as well. This has been confirmed by co-producer Cedric Biskay.

                                    2. What about Mighty No. 9 and Yooka-Laylee? They didn’t have nearly as much as you state they need from their Kickstarter.

                                    1. The Last Guardian was originally announced at E3 2009, slated for a 2011 release. So, bad example actually.

                                  1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

                                    While Nintendo didnt have much to announce, he definately has a point. If stuff is not ready then dont show and letting people try the games is simply better way to introduce games than just showing CGI trailer.

                                    FFversusXIII (Now FFXV) is one of those games that has been shown so much that i dont care anymore about the game. It was announced at like 2006 and isnt released yet LMAO! Also another thing that annoys me is when big companies beg fans to fund “their” games.

                                        1. PrayStation RidgeRace

                                          STOP IIIIIT!!!! STOP ya guyz making fun of PlayStation! PlayStation saved 3rd party games! XboxLive suckz, we pay PsPlus because PlayStation is great! And Ps fans will be ready if needed to fund Ps6 for Sony, because greatness and “exclusive look a likes” awaits.

                                          1. Riiiiight, that’s also why they are in the game drought like wii u, correct? A least they had something to show this year, but last year? where was those “Greatness Awaits” games at? People who bought the playstation 4 (where the hell is PS5? did it skip a year?), sat there and criticized Wii u, for the supposed “greatness” and wii usucks. The only thing that made playstation on top was the fucking hype and it was for nothing…plus the bad marketing for wii u also helped with the playstations sales.

                                            1. This is what i´ve been saying all along, Ps4 is nothing more than hype. XboxOne has the same games mostly and better exclusives, WiiU also has better exclusives despite Nintendo´s poor presentation this year.

                                              Also that Shenmue3 game that Sony/Sega/YuSuzuki beg to fund like bums is also going to be on PC. Same goes for SF5, not even FF games are Sony exclusives anymore, they are going to Xbox aswell. I cant believe how much money Sony has poured to make multiplats like Destiny to look like their exclusives.

                                              And PlayStation fanbase is full of hypocrites, all the shit talk towards XboxLive and then when Sony makes online subscription based they all line up there like its gods blessing to the world, atleast Nintendo fans stood up for the shit they got at this event.

                                                1. Yeah that sounds like some terribly biased and leading reporting right there. I’ve seen that quote elsewhere, so I assume the ‘hissed’ was just added in by Kotaku to make him seem like a villain.

                                              1. Yeah instead they like to announce games that people don’t want and completely ignore what fans actually want.
                                                No Animal Crossing U
                                                No Metroid
                                                Digital Event just focused on Amiibo
                                                Yeah Nintendo you sure showed them.

                                                1. To be fair, amiibo is huge right now, so it’s a smart business decision to make more games that support amiibo. And part of the reason they made Metroid was because a lot more people like co-op now, plus it was a game they wanted to make for over ten years. Nintendo will still make main games in this series in the future, it just won’t be now. And it’s better to start on development for the NX now, as when the games are done the NX will be out anyways.

                                              2. Even if he isn’t “directly” talking about The Last Guardian, that’s a special situation.
                                                Either way, Nintendo gets away with avoiding such situations by not announcing the game and keeping it under wraps up until less than a year away from when they want to release it…which seems to piss off fans.
                                                Also, ” to give them a launch date”? Yeah, jus like you did with Zelda U, I suppose. Or after the big Metroid meltdown, tell them it’s probably coming, but for the NX. Hokay.

                                                1. They did give the release window, it got delayed because the development team say how people reacted to hyrule warriors and realize people enjoy stuff that are different

                                              3. Well, Reggie, Sony at least listens to their fans and tries to give them what they want, unlike what you guys at Nintendo have been doing.
                                                Besides, if he really is referring at The Last Guardian with that comment, the reason why it takes so long is because the game had to be redone for the PS4 as it didn’t work on the PS3 too well, so while the wait has been long indeed, it is understandable, in my opinion. Also, I’d rather have a developer assure me that a game their supporters have been waiting for is alive and in development, than having no sign at all about its existance.

                                                  1. Emphasis on Sony tries to give their fans what they want. The Vita is, unfortunately, anything but a success in the West, and it just isn’t profitable for them, it seems. I’m pretty pissed they dropped support for it so fast, and believe things could have went better if Sony didn’t give up on it so early, but yea, at this point there isn’t much they can do for it anymore. The things their supporters demand from them obviously need to be profitable in the end for them to do it, it’s still business after all. Sadly, it’s the minority that wants Sony’s support for the Vita, therefore, the work they’d put into it after all this time of doing barely anything for it most likely wouldn’t pay off.

                                                  2. Actually in the Vita regards Sony didn’t lie about it, they came out and said they stop caring about it (I’m paraphrasing of course.) They did indeed say that they arent giving it any tripple A support anymore. Which at least to me, gives me a good enough reason to stop caring for it, or at least hoping that Sony might surprise me with a new game. They told me, and now I’m telling them to fuck off, I have no expectations anymore or any reason to support them as a fan.

                                                    1. I don’t see how any of the things I’ve said in my previous comment would make me a fanboy. Also, I never hid the fact that in the past couple years Sony’s products have been much more appealing to me than Nintendo’s, so I’m really not sure what you’re talking about, lmao.

                                                    2. But that’s sort of the point, it’s not that Nintendo doesn’t make their games, they jusy wait until they have a good idea when it’s going to be released to announce it, Sony just says what people want to hear but the game might not be past the design concept, Nintendo used to announce games when they started them, but what happens, the game can get cancelled, how would you think people react if Next level games announced their 3ds metroid when they where working on it, and then it got cancelled, more people would have gotten upset that they announced a metroid game and cancelled it, then if Nintendo doesn’t announce the game at all

                                                  3. isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black they showed Zelda last year and not this year because it’s not going to be ready till 2 years from now

                                                    1. Dude I was checking the comments to make sure no one had the same thought as me about Zelda Wii U and sure enough you are spot on. Reggie Reggie Reggie…you totally did that to us with Zelda Wii U bro! Also the Shin/Fire Emblem crossover, the loooong wait for Bayonetta 2…I could go on n on n on

                                                  4. really making a stretch claiming that Reggie was specifically taking a shot at Sony and The Last Guardian. he could be talking about any game developer.

                                                    this article is more inflammatory than Reggie’s comments

                                                    1. I dunno. I think I’d rather have something to get hyped about more and more over the course of 5-6 years of development, then wait for something to show up with no avail. I know some games that are announced either go into development hell, or just don’t happen, but I’d rather have something I could go crazy about, buy merch early on for, draw some stuff about, then wait around hoping a series is continued eventuallymaybewhoknowsIdon’tI’mdyingatthispointow

                                                    2. I pre-ordered Xenoblade in 2013 and knew about prior to the Wii U launch in 2012. By the time it’s out it’s been well over 4 years since Nintendo talked about it. Reggie is a puppet and this puppet is a pot.

                                                      Taking cheap shots at competitors is also a sign of weakness. Maybe it’s an accepted North American way, but it’s still pathetic and weak.

                                                        1. Funny how ps3 oversold the x360 ; ) and have better exclusives at the end of its lifetime and please dont talk me about the wii …

                                                      1. how many times has reggie gone through this “baaawww 5 or 6 years!!!! that’s not how NINTEDNO does it@!!!!!!” routine

                                                        honestly he’s just parroting the same stock phrase over and over at this point; it doesn’t even mean anything anymore. like seriously. Nintendo had two options this e3: promise some cool long-term projects and show off the best of what they’ve got lined up for the future, or show a bunch of shitty spinoff games and one Star Fox title that only a (extremely fucking vocal) minority ever wanted in the first place.

                                                        apparently reggie thought the latter was a fine investment because “muh rules and tradition”

                                                      2. Ok what’s going on here? Does everyone else here have short term memory? Am I the only one here that realizes we’ve read Reggie saying this same exact fucking thing in a post made either yesterday or the day before? Where he says the exact same thing to explain why NINTENDO didn’t show any new games for 2016? Now I come here & read this post, & the EXACT same shit he said was RIPPED out word for word, but now there’s a *hissing* that wasn’t there before? Who the fuck’s monitoring the people posting this stupid shit? Does this place have any quality control? Cuz I’m ready to find another news site.

                                                        1. I was going to post the same thing. This is literally word for word from an interview asking why Nintendo didn’t reveal other larger projects at this year’s e3 that was posted maybe two days ago. It does make the site lose a bit of credibility in my eyes.

                                                      3. Its fun how people are saying that the last guardian suck… Please nintendards… Have you ever played shadow of the colossus or ico? Those two game are as artistical as the old nintendo was (from nes to gamecube) amd the last guardian is probably more artistical than anything youe fucking company have achieve in the last 10 years ; ) (mario galaxy was so fucking delightful i gotta admit it)

                                                      4. This article is honestly terribly written.
                                                        It insinuates that Reggie was talking specifically about Sony, which he wasn’t, he was talking about all competitors
                                                        It fails to mention that he specifically stated that sometimes they break their own rules (Xenoblade Chronicles X, Zelda Wii U, Metroid which was technically announced but not shown) but usually reveal things with a release date or on the release date
                                                        And it was made purely to spark furious discussion even though this is literally all the Reggie has been saying and he’s not going to say anything different because this is what they have been doing for years.”
                                                        And you guys really need to stop focusing on the digital event and focus on what came out around it.
                                                        Treehouse @ E3
                                                        Nintendo Direct Micro
                                                        Huge Smash announcement
                                                        Confirmation of Metroid in works
                                                        A soon to be released Zelda Wii U trailer
                                                        And games we can look forward to in the near future.
                                                        Why does everybody worry about the goddamn digital event when NINTENDO ANNOUNCES STUFF EVERY OTHER MONTH

                                                      5. Reggie is just salty at how well every company did this year. Sony won E3 this year for me Microsoft did really well too.

                                                      6. To everyone who is saying that Sony shouldn’t have shown The Last Guardian because it wasn’t ready:
                                                        It was on track to be developed at a reasonable time when they first unveiled it. The head of Team Ico (the developers of this fine game) quit which caused many other from that team to quit. So Sony was right to show it. How were they supposed to know that the team was going to quit on them?

                                                        1. Ueda quit because of some problems at Sony, but he and his team are still working on the game.
                                                          What happened with The Last Guardian is that the game apparently was too much for the PS3 to handle. The 2009 demo was running on a PC with better specs than the PS3, and later they had issues working on the PS3 itself. They switched production to the PS4 and now they got the hang of it.

                                                      7. Reggie needs to stop being a hater. Nintendo disappointed us at E3, no way around it. Your body may have been ready, but nothing else was…

                                                      8. Lmao, Reggie has balls bro after nintendo’s lack luster digital event… I agree with The Last Guardian, it’s such an old game I’ve lost interest in it

                                                      9. What right does he have to say anything when they announced one single game that anybody cared about? And one game that disgusted people and is petitioned to be cancelled? How hilarious. This is a new strategy for many developers, to announce games early and let the fans help shape it’s development. Look at Ninja Theory and Hellblade.

                                                      10. He is just really on the battlefield, isn’t he?
                                                        Why don’t you stop pettily insulting other companies, and get your tail out there and make some good games, huh?

                                                      11. How can people be this gullible, he wasn’t attacking anybody and he didn’t hiss or say it with anger, he doesn’t say that other companies announce their games too soon and that makes them terrible for doing so, he just says Nintendo prefers to wait for there announcements until they are certain the game will be released

                                                      12. At least The Great Sony Empire is prone to risk higher and release great AAA innovative and creative games. Nintendo only showed smartphone bullshit with graphics from the PS1/N64 gen.

                                                      13. But apparently 3-4 years is ok. Just not 6. (zelda, X) Or better yet, just not releasing games. Yeah. Nintendo’s strategy is so much better.

                                                      14. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                                                        While I agree that they shouldn’t show a game too early, I have to say Reggie is full of shit… again. It sounds like he’s toting this as the company line for years when it was just recently implemented. Or does he really think we’re idiots & will forget about the fact many Zelda games & Xenoblade Chronicles X were revealed years ago during very early development?

                                                        Oh & while I agree a game shouldn’t be shown too early, if you are going to show a spin off for a franchise that most fans will hate with a passion, the least you can do is either show something of a mainline game or at least tell us that you are hard at work on something mainline with a 10 second long teaser trailer, not a “if we do work on a new mainline game, it probably will be for the NX.” And yes. I’m talking specifically about Metroid Prime: Federation Force right now. I wouldn’t be nearly as fucking pissed if I knew for a fact someone was working on a mainline Metroid game. Why else do some of you think The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes isn’t getting nearly as much heat as MP: FF?

                                                      15. I don’t think there’s time for name calling and mud slinging when Nintendo and his company in whole are in such a situation. That “jab” wasn’t even clever or good, pretty sure this has been happening for years.

                                                      16. well, those other companies that announce games 5 or 6 years in advance, have clearly outsold the Wii U and all of its games.

                                                        Reggie, shut the fuck up please

                                                      17. I really do not understand the hype for the Last Guardian. I’ve tried to, and I’m lost.
                                                        The game looks boring, and I was genuinely unsettled by something about it. Had they shown off one of the more difficult puzzles, or something along those lines maybe I would have understood. So far it looks like a bland and boring game both visually and from a gameplay perspective.
                                                        All I saw was an annoying little boy, and a creepy, giant, bird-dog hybrid.
                                                        This is not hate towards Sony, I love them just like Xbox and Nintendo, I was just really uninterestes with what they showed, and surprised by the hype that people have for this game.

                                                      18. I just wonder why Nintendo does not like give demos to us. I mean from the eShop, so that everyone who could not go to E3, could experience the games. Just for example, Zelda, Mario RPG, Star Fox Zero, Metroid Prime, and etc. I think that if Nintendo gives us the demo, maybe many people will know the fun of each games, especially Metroid.

                                                      19. I still wish Sony and Nintendo could work together on something, like they almost did in the past with the ill-fated SNES CD-ROM (which became the Playstation). I respect Sony SO much more than Microsoft (as a game company).

                                                      20. I could think of a few games by Nintendo that haven’t come out yet and have been promised as long as The Last Guardian….. Zelda Wii U is a biggie. “Project X” aka Xenoblade Chronicles X has been another one that was shown way too early. The more this Reggie guy talks, the less I like him. Ever since the amiibo craze and NX, Nintendo has been on a very very steep decline in quality games….

                                                      21. Says the guy who’s company showed a tech demo for a Zelda game when they first announced the WiiU at E3 back in 2011 or 2012. Still waiting Regs…

                                                      22. Didn’t we already read this in another MNN article about the same dialogue? Why are we reading into these things twice? It was obvious back then that he was talking about games like the Last Guardian.

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