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Nintendo Of America Continues To Remain Quiet About Devil’s Third

One thing a lot of you were left asking after this year’s E3 event in Los Angeles is where was Devil’s Third? We’ve already found out the release date for Europe, Japan and Australia. However, Nintendo of America refuses to acknowledge the game’s existence. NWR managed to catch up with Charlie Scibetta, Nintendo of America’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications, at E3 and as you would expect he also didn’t have a lot to say about a US release for the game.

“I don’t have anything for you on Devil’s Third. Sorry,”

73 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Continues To Remain Quiet About Devil’s Third”

  1. Man I have a bad feeling about this game, is this our Disaster Day Of Crisis? Please don’t tell me yes.

    1. Not related to all but congrats to the nation as now marriage is now equal and love triumphs. I hope the nation starts to become an even better place for all people where we can live in harmony.

      1. But where does this path lead?

        “True love” – Well what if I love an animal, or an inanimate object? How about a close relative? You give the dog a longer leash, and it wants the whole yard.

        Triumph is an appropriate word – But it’s by no means noble.

        I don’t hate gay people – I was taught to love and be respectful towards anyone regardless, and I hold this to be true. I simply don’t agree with the cause – Not a hater, just an opposer.

        ALSO, there was no need to even bring it up. “I know it’s unrelated, but there’s a fly in my room.” (There really is, but it’s dead)

        1. Love another person of the same sex is not equivalent to love an animal or a thing. Of course the love between humans have the components of erotism, correspondence and legal issues like healthcare insurance, tax payment and heritage, that love of things and animals don´t have. As time pass we wont be having this type of discussions that is more religious related than ethics related.

            1. “…that love of things animals don’t have…”

              According to whom?

              Similar things were once said about the current situation – It was an incompressible act, taboo, publicly shamed…

              See, people today criticise older generations for their beliefs of right/wrong. Generations ago, to most of society racism was acceptable and being homosexual wasn’t. We’ve now done a 180 – To most of society racism is wrong (Positive change – Everyone is born equal regardless) and gay marriage isn’t. At one point in time, the fact that those two subjects are now viewed as they are would be incompressible. Same could be said about abortion, etc, but that’s anothet subject.

              Now, what would you think if I talked about a man marrying a rabbit? Incompressible. See where this going? History is a creature of habit and will repeat itself. You’ll be the old ‘lame’ guy to who all the kids and politicians hate because you think interspecies marriage is wrong.

              (To make a note about the parallels drawn to racism – At it’s roots, it was immoral. Putting a person down based on their appearance – Primitively wrong.
              Gay marriage, on the other hand is not a comparable – That’s a decision made by the person and not something forced on them. The change on the views of racism were necessarily because they were simply evil)

              This standard of “true love” is not truly universal as claimed if your “love” can’t extend to squirrels, cats, and everything.

              Tick-tock, it doesn’t stop. Things will only go further and you’ve allowed it to happen.

            2. by two or more of age consenting adults (animals nor the dead can give consent) and of age should mean 24 (that’s the age people become fully mature) marriage is older then Christianity so its pathetic to every say “the bible says between a man and a woman” cus that’s forcing all other religions to stay to the same standards.

              1. “…older than the Bible…”

                Then it’s nonlogical for you to acknowledge the Bible in this discussion, given the context of it’s contents (The first book starts with the beginning of time; the book was orchestrated by The Creator of the universe) anything it says is right/wrong would be right/wrong even prior to it’s ‘formal conception’.

                1. Sin is Sin. God is not going to go, oh ok sure a bunch of you want to Sin and twist my words around to fit your needs. Sure, I forgive you for completely denying me. Not going to happen. So anyone who supports it has just as much blood on their hands as the people acting it out. Love and actual human intimacy are different things. There’s a reason man and woman can create life through sexual intercourse. And theres a reason why it DOESNT work the other way around. God bless those that know and those that are lost. Good luck.

                  1. No longer One Nation under God. And that’s fine because really America has been Godless for years.

                    1. (Posting from another PC)

                      FYI, I wasn’t denying the Bible. I’m a Christan too – I was just pointing out “Anonymous”‘ flawed logic on using the Bible’s age as a point of justification. Agreed – No longer “One Nation Under God”.

                    2. Its still up on Nintendo’s website, and is up for Preorder on Amazon, Gamestop and Walmart, so there is still hope.

                      Yeah, Day in Crisis was a game I was going to get on my regular Wii.

                  2. Not fair to the fans in America at all to have the information available in all other countries. Nintendo is just somewhere else at this point.

                    1. Need another excuse to call for the resignation of Reggie and the higher-ups at NoA?

                      I tell ya, this is Operation Rainfall all over again.

                  3. NoA… Your answers are as lame as sh*t.

                    You stated that the Wii U is still getting third party support, then Just Crappy Dance was unveiled.

                    You never cared about the Club Nintendo rewards.

                    You didn’t bring the New regular 3DS towards NA.

                    You didn’t want to publish Pandora’s Tower, The Last Story and Xenoblade here either — to make things worse, you gave to GameStop the exclusivity to distribute the latter. GameStop promoted an artifical shortage and increased the price tag.

                    And what have you done about that? Nothing.

                    You also messed all the amiibo thing, giving rise to greedy scalpers.

                    You keep lying and disrespecting your fanbase.

                    You deserve eternal oblivion.

                        1. Just get a PS4 and stop crying you little bitch. Oh, Nintendo…. OH GIVE ME THIS. THEY OWE YOU NOTHING. EITHER DONT SUPPORT THEM OR GO JERK OFF IN A CORNER AND CRY ABOUT YOUR MOTHER NOT HUGGING YOU ENOUGH.

                              1. I do know it, and to be honest I like shooters. Also, I like shooters that have a great storyline, and this seems to be the case for Devil’s Third.

                              2. Have you missed out on numerous hugs from Mommie while growing up?
                                Well I have the thing for you! Boys & Girls of ALL AGES I introduce…….

                                “THE VERY 1ST LIFE SIZE FLOYD MAYWEATHER BLOW UP DOLL “(with arms that open when you’re a far & close around you when you’re near!)
                                Relive his greatest boxing moments.
                                Live out that gay fantasy of spending the night rich black boxer.
                                Or Pertend Floyd actually gives a flying fuck about you.

                                For only 8 easy payments of $ 79.99 you can have “Floyd be a part of YOUR Family!”
                                Operators are standing bye! LMFAO

                                1. in regard with Xenoblades, last story and pandora tower the voice acting was British and the British accent is way too weird for the USA market hence why NoA did not want to release the game in the first place :-) don’t blame NoA for those games but the US consumers. LOL

                                  1. Also, we didn’t get the free DS game on the Wii U that other regions got along with allot of other cool offers such as Super Mario Dx and the contest 3DSes.

                                  2. Man Nintendo sure hates America.. First no New standard 3DS. Then No Faceplates, no Yoshi Wooly World untill Fall and then no devils third?! Damn.. NOA get your fucken shit together…

                                  3. Really NOA?
                                    Reggie needs to stop sniffing the shit coming out of his mouth and start doing something rather than picking his nose and letting Iwata do most of the work.

                                    This is why you don’t hire the Pillsbury Doughboy as a CEO of a highly acclaimed Gaming Company.

                                  4. We just have to get at them about it more till they do o they see that we want this game just like we did with Fatal Frame 5

                                  5. I guess that no matter how awesome DevilsThird may potentially be, it will not be marketed or promoted like a Splatoon to make it a hit. It´ll likely share the fate of Wonderful101 and Bayonetta2 as a game that was super awesome but didnt sell well because of the lack of promotion/marketing.

                                  6. Wow the comment section is really butthurt about this. Like its just a game calm down you would probably play it for a month straight then never touch it again once the best new thing comes out

                                    1. It’s about more then just the game. It’s the fact that they keep neglecting their fans and making all the wrong decisions when it comes to third party support

                                  7. If Nintendo is going to publish M rated games they should be promoting them better. It doesn’t matter if you have to show trailers in the mix with more family friendly titles. Not a lot of kids are probaly watching these Directs

                                    1. Ehhhh, I don’t mind waiting but I would like to know if it’s coming to North America. I wonder why Itagaki hasn’t said anything either… Really strange situation. If it’s coming to Europe surely NA can’t be too far behind right? Or is it a Yoshi situation where we get it months later?

                                    2. Fatal Frame 5 rumors of becoming an eShop only title and now Devil’s Third is getting a silent treatment… I guess Nintendo is really bent on killing the Wii U themselves.

                                      These are the times when everyone is wishing that Nintendo implement the removal of Region Lock. If I can’t get Devil’s Third from NoA at least give me an option to get it from EU or JP.

                                    3. thenintendoreviewer

                                      Why? Quit being silent about the NOA version. Nintendo you need to be promoting third party Wii U games more.

                                    4. This just makes no sense. We are the largest gaming market in the world and Devil’s Third looks like the type of game that would definitely cater to North American gamers and Nintendo is basically ignoring us. I mean what’s the deal really? Why are European and Japanese gamers being treated like first class citizens in regards to getting this type of game? Why are North American gamers being like the redheaded stepchild? First Yoshi’s Wooly World and now Devil’s Third? I just don’t get it…..smh

                                    5. The American version is probably delayed. It happens all the time, sometime the U.S. will get a game, and that same game will be delayed in Europe… So yea,

                                      Devils Third is delayed… Why else would they not talk about it? Surely they would want to advertise the game…

                                    6. nintendo accidentally put the k.k slider hat
                                      in the 3ds version in the latest patch 1.0.8 as free dlc

                                    7. Nintendo is so stupid on everything. Nintendo is so stupid they don’t even know they’re stupid.

                                    8. As if I needed another reason to hate NOA. What the fuck is wrong with their localization team? At least make it available via eShop.

                                    9. America is Nintendo’s largest market and yet we consistently get treated as if we aren’t even over here. US and CA need to revolt. The problem is, I doubt it’s Nintendo of Japan that’s to blame. All fingers point to NoA…

                                    10. Man, I know you guys want to hear about this game, but calm the heck down. One guy didn’t say anything about it, and you are all assuming it’s not going to happen. It’s like how Zelda U was delayed and people assumed it was never coming to the console. Jeez.

                                      1. How can we trust Nintendo? How can you trust them? They have back peddled on so many things lately. Devils Third is delayed in NA. I am almost positive. They would be advertising it if it wasnt.

                                        Zelda will come out for the Wii U, but it will be the inferior version. The superior version will be on the NX.

                                        1. That’s, again, just people freaking out and making up rumors. At no point did Nintendo say it will be on the NX. People are just overreacting. The only thing I’m frustrated with them on is the new “Metroid.” XD

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                                      3. First, no physical release for Fatal Frame 5… and now this!?!

                                        I’m really giving up on Nintendo.

                                      4. Devil’s Third is coming to NA. Why wouldn’t it? A Nintendo representative stated Devil’s Third is being released in NA. Slow news day? Fatal Frame wasn’t confirmed for digital or a physical release either. Why jump to conclusions? Get everyone pissed off for no reason. Nintendo funded Devil’s Third, there is no reason to not release it in NA. It was at E3 last year.

                                      5. Nintendo of America, if you motherfuckers are pulling another Xenoblade Chronicles/The Last Story/Pandora’s Tower, I’m going to be very, very pissed. Not that I’m already mad as it is. Nintendo seriously needs to fire all of the dumb apes working at Nintendo of America. We got too many prudes (religious AND non religious alike) working there!

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                                      7. annibo irosas: master puppet

                                        Great, the next cool action game since Bayonetta 2 and it may not even come out in the States ?? Gimme a break NOA !

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