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Nintendo Staying Silent About NX As They Don’t Want Their Competitors Stealing Ideas

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime have said a number of times that we won’t hear information about the Nintendo NX until 2016. Iwata says the reason behind this is simply because they do not want their competitors stealing their ideas. It is also safe to assume that they don’t want to talk about it just yet as they don’t want to cannibalise sales of the Wii U and possibly the Nintendo 3DS, dependant on what form the NX takes.

“We can’t talk about the NX. If we do, competitors may take our ideas and customers won’t be surprised.”

“This would not be beneficial for the company or its shareholders. The NX is new hardware, and will start from 0. However, the 3DS and Wii U have install bases. Immediately cutting off software for previous hardware upon the release of a new machine is inefficient.

“We will continue making 3DS and Wii software while preparing for the NX. We are prioritizing satisfying customers who purchased the Wii U.”

Thanks, Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

166 thoughts on “Nintendo Staying Silent About NX As They Don’t Want Their Competitors Stealing Ideas”

    1. If Nintendo is doing this, it confirms that their next system will contain a gimmick. I don’t think that there is any doubt left for it except if this isn’t a home console and most people think it is. Well, that’s too bad.

      BTW. Nintendo. I don’t think anyone would copy NX. I’m sure other companies actually know what their audience wants. A solid console with no forced gimmicks and a steady stream of games. :D

            1. And why exactly would I want a console if the only good games on them can be gotten anywhere else?

              Playstation 4, greatness awaits… in 2016 <3

        1. I knew an idiot would mention that. That is why I said that there are no “forced” gimmicks. You don’t need Kinect to play games except…kinect games and you don’t need it for menus unlike the Wii U gamepad/ Wiimote that you need for both.

          1. Forced or not that still didn’t stop Microsoft from copying Nintendo’s motion control concept which was the point. Nintendo doesn’t wanna talk about the NX because it may have a new concept that could be the evolution that Sony and Microsoft might try to claim as their own idea. Remember what happen when the Wii’s motion control concept was leaked ahead of it’s E3 reveal? Sony revealed the Six Axis controller for the PS3 ahead of the Wii’s debut that had partial motion control capabilities. The same thing happened to the Wii U when it got leaked that it was using a touchscreen controller. Sony unveiled the Vita ahead of the Wii U’s debut to steal it’s thunder. Nintendo doesn’t want that same pattern to follow the NX

            1. What do you mean? How did the Vita steal the WiiU’s thunder? I mean, they’re two different types of systems. The only thing I can think of in relation to “two screen” is Remote Play, but it was possible with the PSP + PS3 already, and it was pretty much a given that Sony would improve on it with their next handheld and console. Also, both systems were revealed at E3 2011, and I think E3 is unarguably the best place + time to reveal a new console/handheld, and since Sony’s conference always takes place before Nintendo’s, it couldn’t be helped that the Vita was revealed before the WiiU, I suppose.
              Can’t say much about the motion control thing, as I don’t know when exactly the Wii controls were leaked, or the sixaxis controller was revealed, but considering they’re two entirely different types of motion control, I honestly wouldn’t think too much into it.

            2. Nevermind what I said about Remote Play, for some odd reason I read “two screen controller” instead of “touch screen controller”, lmao. I must be tired, hah. Just ignore the first part of my previous comment. :p

            3. I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure the point of HIS comment wasn’t that. Everything you said in your comment is just your speculation. Nothing was confirmed. Perhaps you’re right, but as far as I know. Companies require a long time to develop their systems, but whatever. I don’t really care for Nintendo anymore. Their hints about NX make it seem like it’s going to be gimmicky and cheap. Exactly opposite of what I wanted. Maybe it won’t, but they usually hint right.

          2. Actually, it was very much forced until last year, 2014. For a good 8 months of the systems launch you had NO choice but to get the xbox with kinect if you wanted an xbox. That was indeed a forced gimmick.

          3. I will never understand why people use the word gimmicks like it is a bad thing. Power is a gimmick, playing game consoles at home is a gimmick, playing game handhelds on the go is a gimmick. a dedicated platform to play games on is a gimmick. So bring on the gimmicks. It is the gimmicks that allow me to enjoy playing video games.

            1. They are clueless. They want gimmicks and new/fresh ways to game, but they lose their shit when people try to do something new; they would have a heart attack if Sony switched the circle and square on their controllers. *rolls eyes*

              “I want the same controller!” They don’t realize that there precious controller was a gimmick. “Adding an analog stick? You could just use the d-pad!” “More buttons? Don’t we already have enough?” I actually remember me and my brothers asking why you need 2 R and 2 L triggers. “You only need one. It’s stupid to add more.” Little did we know that it would become the standard.

              They say that Nintendo are behind the times, but Nintendo innovated touch screen and motion controls. They were ahead of the times there. GAMERS were the ones living in the 90s and 2000s by wanting the same controller.

        2. Or why Sony not only “copied” rumble in 5th gen but went so far as to make it a seamless part of the PSX controller (though they took it out of the PS3’s original controller). Or why Sony not only copied the thumbstick in 5th gen but added 2. The original PlayStation had 2 incarnations of controllers. The 1st 1 basically added 2 extra shoulder buttons to the SNES pad. Then they took N64’s controller evolutions (i.e. thumbstick & Rumble Pak) & enhanced them.

          Or why PS4 & X1 both have some sorta second screen. How much was Dreamcast’s VMU used, & how much criticism did it receive? What about the GCN/GBA link cable? The ubiquitous nature of smartphones & tablets?

          Or Sony’s PlayStation Move? Sony’s Eyetoy in 6th gen & MS’ Kinect in 7th gen?

          Nintendo, Sony, & MS have all evolved the console controller or methods of play in some way. Dunno why so many gamers are so enamored by what’s basically the 6th-gen controller. If only most gamers were still enamored w/ the way games were made before the shi– ‘shiFt’ in 7th gen.

          Don’t get me wrong: I feel the Gamepad & its use should’ve been better. But unless a company tries, then we might miss out on something great. & if it’s optional, there’s less of a chance for that to happen. Luckily, the Gamepad has all the 6th-gen trappings (plus clickable thumbsticks, gyro, & NFC), & a game or 2 bundled w/ the console to offset any extra price the Gamepad would cost the consumer (last I heard, they were like $100, & a normal controller is about $40, so about $60 extra, & w/ a bundled game or 2, that price is pretty much negated, or there’s an actual surplus of savings).

            1. Perhaps. But to me, console-gaming (both home & handheld) is the only gaming for me. & I loved how each console (whether Nintendo, SEGA, or Sony) had their own distinct atmospheres, & not just through exclusives but a real sense of identity. & of course, 3rd parties used to be my biggest sorce for games. A shame they all changed, most almost unrecognizably so.

              I just am not gung-ho about PC, mobile, FPS, Open World, photorealism, cutscenes, QTEs, bugs, season passes, microtransactions, etc., which is pretty much the dominant force nowadays. I was steeped in 4 or 5 gens of 1 method, a subculture & fundamentals spanning & naturally evolving along 6 gens, @ least. I am not so easily swayed by the winds of change, & can be loyal to a fault. But I do see fault in the things I like.

              If that makes me a fanboy, then so be it.

              1. Gameing was better in the 8 bit 16 bit days before the move to 3d the 2d games were better even the sega genesis game land stalker was better than any zelda game ever made.

                1. Gaming is a lot better now days than it ever was before. Your just one of those edgy preteens who hates the 2000s because they were born in them.

          1. Iwata a great president? Yeah. No. He made DS and the Wii sell good by shooting in the right direction at that time (casuals), but for gamers, he’s a catastrophe.

            1. He was good for business though. Hardcore gamers are on a decline, Sony/Microsoft/PC pretty much saturate the hardcore market, hardcore gamers tend to want bigger budget games, and they aren’t too fond of Nintendo. Why would Nintendo want that market? In the words of my mom, “let them fight for it!”

              Nintendo should go after women, Nintendo fans, and casual gamers. They sold 101 million Wiis and 154 million DSs that way, and they made billions. Why not keep it up?

              1. Cause all those fanbases you mentioned left for tablets and mobile gaming, and the actual nintendo fans who have constantly supported them DO want them to compete and are fed up with them. They will never sell that many units catering to casuals and women. They got lucky as hell with wii and ds. It won’t happen again. Wii u should make that obvious to you.

                1. No. Nintendo abandoned casual gamers to go after the hardcore gamers. If Sony/Microsoft abandoned hardcore gamers for casual gamers, would they stick around and keep buying Xbox/PlayStation? No. They would get their fix elsewhere.

                  More people bought the Frozen game on the DS, than the 3ds. More people bought Just Dance on the Wii than the Wii U. The Wii was selling at a better pace than the Wii U when Nintendo cut off the support. Stop lying. Nintendo abandoned THEM, not the other way around.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>There is always going to be a “gimmick” in every new generation, I just hope that whatever it is, doesn’t sacrifice too much power like the Wii U does for the Gamepad and isn’t something that is forced upon the gamer>>>

      2. idk all systems have a gimmick, even Xbox and PS have gimmicks, it could mean any thing honestly. personally I think the work is cut out for them, they need new versions of all their controllers, they need to switch to X86 for their home system, and that system needs to be more set top box like. they need to address how that well effect development, backwards compatibility, how they well prioritize old IP VS new IP and what fans want from those franchises. they have new business opportunities that need a lot of work still (theme park, QOL, movies, possibly shows, amiibo) they need to rethink amiibo so its easer to buy them, and keep track of them. they still have yet to move into mobile, and they well most likely be updating the handheld to X64, and they well need to address how the two systems well work in relation to one another. so they no doubt have a lot of work, and they well approach those things in their own Nintendo way. BUT gimmick can mean so many thing. IF they are really partnering with amazon it would be a really good thing.
        1) the next home system could be part gaming (from Nintendo) and part set top box (fire tv)
        2) it well really help them in the mobile space, as well as cloud.
        3) they could partner for SDK stuff and help developers with better tools and publishing across devices.
        4) it could better address amiibo issues if amazon becomes the lead source to buy them
        5) they could partner in opening amazon/Nintendo stores, this would also help in the amiibo area, as well as a store to test games, hardware, and even buy items like their QOL items and also come and pick up amazon products (or what ever, lots of possibilities their)
        6) it could mean amazon creating games/apps for Nintendo systems, and Nintendo brining first priority to the amazon app store for Nintendo games.
        7) I think it really benefit both companies if they work together, down the road I think they could even work on projects side by side

        1. Yeah but they need to support Wii U through updates at least 2.years while NX is still on sale. Some people may not want to update that fast.

        1. The boys are back in town…..the boys are back in town…..the boys are back in town…and gameing died in 1995 and if you dont like it you can kiss my duke ho.

  1. There must be something evidently exclusive about it if they keep it in such secrecy and release these statements.
    So yeah a double screen or portable-home console combo could be possible. Or maybe just another whacky controller. Perhaps a unique form factor.

  2. Makes sense. But the thing is, one they show the NX off, there is a chance that Sony and Microsoft might want a slice of that idea, but only if the idea is well recieved…

    1. No. There’s a ball on the top of it, it’s totally original…Also, I’m lying straight through my teeth…….

  3. I can’t be the only one thinking that Nintendo would simply hit one out of the park if they released a more powerful PS4 using ONLY Wii u pro controllers can I?

    Think about it, one console that could play all the Nintendo exclusives AND 3rd party titles with no bulshit / gimmicks?

    1. It would have to compete with ps5. If Wii u was as strong as ps4 or more it would have meant something. They missed their chance this gen unless they make ps4 look really weak

      1. PS5 is rumoured for 2017 so Nintendo needs to announce the system in 2016 but as soon as the PS5 comes out, bump up the specs slightly in the NX to make it more powerful than the PS5.

          1. Right lol where the hell did he hear that from. 4 years for PS4 would be a joke when it’s actually selling unlike wii u.

        1. There is absolutely no way PS5 is coming out in 2017 wherever you read your rumor stop going there for information immediately cause they have no idea what they are talking about. Why would it release only 4 years after PS4 when PS4 is selling well. How can you even believe something that is obviously nothing more than what you yourself called a RUMOR.

    2. you may not be the only one thinking that but if no gamepad then I’m done gaming for awhile until someone use a gamepad again. It is my favorite controller. It is perfect for my lifestyle and is what actually sold me on the Wii U. I don’t even like playing old consoles or Xboxone/PS4 that much anymore because they have no gamepad. it really made a difference to me. Of course this is just me and if Nintendo decides to take it out next go round then my decision is no buy. I’ve been playing with simple controllers for way too long. Need variety of gaming becomes stale.

      1. Can’t agree at all. Gamepad is far to clunky and big and uncomfortable for gaming. It gets the job done and that’s it. The buttons are cheap and mushy to press, the shoulder buttons are terrible and terribly placed, it’s just a mess. Gamecube is still my preferred controller for any game on the wii u (I use the hori fight pad). I tried to like the gamepad but it just doesn’t feel right and actually hurts my hands after using it for a bit, and it certainly doesn’t feel like an evolution of a controller. It is useful for browsing the internet and netflix but that’s about it for me personally.

        1. Understandable, just know there is people who hate it and love it. I don’t enjoy using other controllers anymore they seem to cramp my hands and I don’t have big hands just average size hands I would assume. That’s why there should always be options.

    3. You aren’t the only one… It’s a terrible idea though. Why would you compete in a saturated market that has the lowest consumers(hardcore gamers are the minority and are on a decline)? Three systems competing for the minority of gamers? Not smart. Let Sony and Microsoft fight for them. Nintendo needs to go after their Nintendo fans and women.

      1. Those gamers might be hardcore w/ audiovisuals (particularly re phtorealism & the AAA budget), but as far as gameplay (the player end) goes, I’m not so sure.

    1. Because the “powerful” console is already in the market. Look at the Xbox one it is very but very slowly catching up to the ps4. Imagen a nintendo console that is just “powerful” it will just be a playstation with a other company’s name on it.
      if there isnt anything “special” with it then itll be just like the others, it will propably have half the sales it has now

          1. & that’s what consoles really are: entertainment, games…toys. Sadly, Sony’s smear campaign in 6th gen cast a derogatory shadow on that fact & helped kill Dreamcast, or @ least kick it when it was down. As if PS2’s DVD playback & slick façade were somehow tools, but a lot of people ate it up. That’s not to say I always want whimsical games, but to actually believe consoles are more tool than toy is silly. Of course, that shadow was also cast upon GameCube, even though N64 provided much of the same content & exuded the same atmosphere but w/ out the same aspersions; IPs like Mario & StarFox were not spit upon for being “kiddie”, & were played by adults w/ out fear of ridicule. Then again, the original PlayStation still offered colorful games, anthropomorphic characters, a mascot (Crash Bandicoot), & 2D genres (although Sony discouraged that “archaic” perspective). So it was okay, because Sony was the industry demagog. Then MS rose to prominace w/ 360 & really pushed PC-gaming & hardcore audiovisuals into consoles. Sony rebranded, aligning w/ MS, & Western 3rd parties became the new masters of the goliath PC/PS/X platform.

            Anyway, ATVs are both toys & tools, depending upon how they’re used. The same goes for smartphones & PCs. Or how tools can become weapons. But consoles (even the budget, gaming PCs) are predominately toys, dedicated to games (or entertainment across other mediums). The only way they could be considered tools in the truest since of the word is their educational capabilities (web research, serious news, weather reports, learning software); simulations of necessary, real-world scenarios; strengthening hand/eye coordination, multitasking, & organizational skills; & communications, albeit still heavily diluted by entertainment & “social” media.

            1. & how many people buy a console or any platform dedicated to entertainment to pay their bills, conduct e-commerce, write a thesis w/ the hardware & software, perform real-world experiments, excel in non-entertainment jobs?

        1. By your words & ravenous way of focusing on being a grown up, isn’t “immature gamers” a redundant phrase?

          Wouldn’t a “mature” person stop playing video games & instead pursue a life of politics, or pursue scholarly endeavors, or become a career-soldier, or join organizations like UNICEF or Greenpeace. I mean, how can playing games fit into your definition of “mature”? No matter how realistic the visuals or gritty the subject matter, it’s still an entertaining manipulation of digital dolls in virtual dioramas. & of course, posting on a site filled w/ what you claim to so despise seems odd.

          1. Not sure if you were just referring to his definition of maturity, but playing games even at 50 years old isn’t necessarily something that is immature. If you enjoy something that doesn’t hurt anyone, I don’t see why it’s immature.

            1. I was indeed trying to use his definition of maturity.

              “If you enjoy something that doesn’t hurt anyone, I don’t see why it’s immature.”

              I wholeheartedly agree. As C. S. Lewis put it:
              “Critics who treat ‘adult’ as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”

      1. Um no, the fact that two powerful consoles are both outselling the weak one should make you realize that power is important. If nintendo had the same power plus their games, that would be the selling point. The problem with nintendo is they never have 3rd party on board. If they had power, 3rd party would be on board, and obviously 1st party and you really wouldn’t need another system besides exclusives. It’s quite obvious to most fans that nintendo would make more sales if they actually competed. It’s obvious. It’s NOT magic.

        1. Wii outsold PS3 and Xbox 360. PS1 outsold the N64. Yeah, power really matters when it comes to console sales……..

  4. Lol people here acting like this is new. Nintendo ALWAYS says they aren’t talking about their new system so nobody copies.

  5. My guess: Another gimmick that does more harm than good.
    I just want Nintendo to create a console that everyone loves, especially developers. Maybe you should be taking notes from Sony’s PS4, Nintendo.

    1. Ah yes, the PS4.
      Make the system have a Online service that can be easily hacked, make the fan spin up like made and have barely any games on the system for 2 years. That’s a perfect plan :D

      1. I’m pretty sure Nintendo’s Online services can be hacked just as easily. Especially since it’s not even hacking what they did (read on it), but Nintendo has so little online games and is so irrelevant that no one even wants to bother.

      2. Well,I did say “take notes” and not “copy everything the PS4/Sony does”. Also the Wii U started out just the same as well, and too be honest, it didn’t get a lot better, now has it? Please don’t bring up Nintendo’s desperate first party titles that’s supposed to make up for third party support.

        1. Nintendo needs to buy more studios. The definitely could learn something from Sony there. Buy: Sega, Capcom, Konami, and small indie studios with a lot of creativity and talent. They shouldn’t go after EA, Ubisoft or Activision though, that’s what got them in the bad situation with the Wii U. They listened to third party companies tell them that they didn’t need to make any games for the Wii U at launch because they would handle it. Now look at them.

      3. Wii u has barely had any games in it’s 3 years either so bad comparison. It has had a drought every year it’s been out.

    2. Maybe you should take a note from middle school and get rid of your freaking toddler avatar you PEDAPHILE BASTARD!!!!!!!!!

      1. If you are as old as you claim then you seriously can’t have a life at all or any friends lol. You can hate on people’s opinions, fine, but I mean you come here to complain about people’s avatars and things that have nothing to do with anything they said. Like what do you even come here for? I think it’s hilarious and don’t care, but like what are you here for? You don’t like current gaming since 95 you said above, so why are you even here? Have you spent 20 years going on sites telling people how much gaming sucks?

  6. Yes, because the PS4 and Xbox One are clearly ripping off the Wii U…

    To be honest, I hope what they are saying is that it’s going to be a 4K machine with a AMD Fiji chip inside, because the only way for Sony and Microsoft to copy Nintendo is through power, they really couldn’t give a rats ass about what Nintendo is making.

    Just make the system a powerhouse.

    1. That’s what I think they’re saying. I think Nintendo are starting to see 4K TVs flood retail stores so they might be making a system that’ll have some small part of innovation but that can at least for the most part upscale games in 4K resolutions while smaller scaled games can be rendered in 2K/1440p resolutions. Making a home console that renders games in 4K means that system will be extremely expensive and I mean extremely expensive and I’m pretty sure that Nintendo does not want to sell a $800 to $1100 console to it’s consumers

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>They better have that option, the empire can’t make the “same” mistake again>>>

        1. What do you guys think the hardware will be like? Some people think it will be X86 (I hope not) and some say ARM.

          1. I think it will be x86 or a customized x86/ARM combo CPU but that would raise the price of the system. I think it’s a given that they are not going with architecture in the Power line because IBM aren’t making CPUs for home consoles anymore

            1. I think it will be like a atari 2600 with motion controls nintendo fanboys will eat it up while the playstation kids are playing VR games…

      2. 4K wouldn’t be that great at the moment. You’ll only be pleasing a minority of gamers, like 4% of them. Nintendo should make their next system like 1440p and 2K, 60fps. It’s better visuals, but a lot cheaper.

        Enhance motion control, and make the system smaller and cute. The Wii’s appeal, aside from the price and motion control, were the aesthetics; it was white(plus for women), small, and simple enough to fit into their living room design.

        Make the system cheap, $300 or $325 with 2 games bundled with it. Have a white and black color option. We like choices!

          1. The NX will be bundled with 2 fucking games retard. I would also like to add that “ain’t” is not a word.

            1. Bundled with 2 games probally on 1 disc witch would cost nintendo 3 dollars at most 300 or 325 like i said too much retard if they charge that much you might as well just buy a ps4 dumbass

              1. -_- I can’t with trolls. You can bundle two big Nintendo games for that much. Also, consoles tend to cost more at launch anyway so…

            2. But “ain’t” is a word, it’s just marked in the dictionary as “informal”. Also, when you said the aesthetic of white was a plus for women, are you saying that most-to-all women like the color white?

        1. Your ideas for the next system are terrible. And you’re a fangirl so no shock there. Motion controls are dead nobody is asking for more games using that. Nobody wants their systems to be ANYTHING like wii or wii u. In case this gen hasn’t shown you anything, people are willing to pay more money for a more quality product. That’s why the cheaper wii u ain’t selling compared to the more expensive and more powerful systems. Please take your casual ideas of selling their system to women and nintendo fanBOYS/GIRLS and casuals like you mentioned above in this section the hell out of this section. Nintendo has ruined themselves enough they don’t need ideas from you or support of their bad ones from you.

        2. Black and white are bland as hell nintendo needs to get back to making colorful systems like N64 and gamecube. Have an orange system and a blue system and a purple system and a green system and a tie dye system. And such.

    2. Not even high end PCs can do 4k gaming with single graphics card with acceptable framerates (60fps), no way will a 300-400$ console do it.

  7. Makes sense, but at least tell us the central dets. Like is it really your next console, are you looking to push the hardware to compete against rival systems, and if you are looking to get 3rd parties on board.

    1. I can adjust to gimmicks as long as it isn’t too outlandish. I love using the gamepad for off tv it would be cool if we can still use it for this new console or some other form of cross platform play

  8. “…they don’t want to cannibalise sales of the Wii U…”

    Oops, might be too late.
    Saving Prime for NX.
    Project CARS, which apparently sped away from its Wii U dev goal, might stop for NX.

    “We are prioritizing satisfying customers who purchased the Wii U.”

    By porting Wii U games to 3DS?
    Will Devil’s 3rd get a wide, physical release?
    Will Fatal Frame get a physical release?
    Is Nintendo possibly w/ holding Prime for NX?
    No real Animal Crossing on Wii U, instead just a spinoff/Mario-Party knockoff/Amiibo ploy.
    No 3rd-party deals for Red Steel 3, a new Prince of Persia, Sphinx & the Cursed Mummy (would’ve been a great Zelda substitute), or popular games from SEGA & Capcom franchises?
    What’s SUDA51 doing for U?
    What’s the state of Shadow of the Eternals?
    GameCube on VC when? Dreamcast on VC when?
    Who ended up working on F-Zero U? Nobody? Wave Race U?
    Is Treasure working on Sin & Punishment U?
    Better luck NeXt time, albeit still a snowball’s chance in hell.

      1. You keep calling him a fanboy yet he just proved he isn’t. Are you jealous cause he looks older than you so his points are more valid than yours?? Dude you ain’t in your 30s please. What 30+ year old would hate on gaming ever since 95 yet come on a nintendo site 20 years later and call people fanboys and pedophiles. You are like 13 years old dude. Fuck off and your landstalker game is trash. Wow you googled a game older than you to try and sound like an old school gamer. Nice try but you’re a stupid ass little git.

        1. Dude you can hate on me all you want …gameing would be so cool by now in 2015 if it would have stayed 2d….but i promise you i beat all the popular snes games including zelda which is great but landstalker for Sega genesis is the best zelda tyoe game ever its better than any zelda ever i promise you this child….

    1. And besides with NX comes out first all Sony and Microsoft are going to do is jail break the NX open in their R&D and see how it works anyway. That’s the risk a company has when their product debuts first. That’s why it is important for Nintendo to be focused on PS5 not PS4.

    2. Great comment and I agree with everything you said. I personally would love a Red Steel 3 and I think Nintendo should’ve had a deal in place to make Prince Of Persia a Wii U exclusive. And why hasn’t Nintendo brought back the Waverace, F-Zero, or 1080 Snowboarding franchises for two generations? A Waverace game or a F-Zero game would look stunning in HD. I don’t think anyone asked for a Amiibo based Animal Crossing board game or a portable arcade version of Metroid Prime. All of this just means that Nintendo is saving everything for the NX. I’m just praying that it was all worth it

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>I so agree with the Prince of Persia exclusiveness, it’s the only Ubisian product I like, although with how things are today, I would prefer the empire to buy it completely>>>

        1. Genesis does what nintendo dont….blast processing….son…gameing died in 1995 and if you dont like it you can kiss my duke ho.

          1. Dude stop looking up terms older than you and acting like an old school gamer. No have less of a life than the robot. You’re a teen trying to act like an adult it’s so stupid and you’ve fooled nobody. And why would you waste all your time here if you hate gaming and it died in 95. Fuck have you done for 20 years then.

            1. They released alot of games in the 80s and 90s ive being playing them the last 20 years i still havent had time to play all the 80s and 90s pc games….when 3d games went mainstream in 1995 it rurnt gameing gameing was better 2d dude….have you noticed dude alot of Pedaphile s on here…

      1. I’m not so much bashing Nintendo as I am pointing out how they failed me. They might be my favorite, but they are fallible. & right now, Nintendo happens to be the only company that still upholds console-gaming & Eastern game philosophy. Nintendo offers me an oasis (or 2 w/ handheld) in the PC/PS/X landscape. But I’d say the others combined to form a supercontinent & drifted into its own sea. Anyway, Sony & MS platforms seem too expensive for mostly PSN & XBLA, especially w/ online subscriptions.

        But I also love SEGA games/consoles & like Sony’s pre-7th gen atmosphere. Yet 3rd parties account for the most titles in my library. Alas, they have discarded the genres & franchises that brought me joy (in some cases maimed them). Worse, they now devote so much time, effort, & money into what more resembles Hollywood than actual gaming, whether it’s massive budgets, a glut of cutscenes, photorealism, & mostly gritty for the sake of gritty/angst. Most 3rd parties have forsaken the fundamentals of gaming, & their lust for “AAA” is killing “AA”, exclusivity, platform distinctions, included content, variety, & originality; perhaps the industry itself.

        & aside from Nintendo & a few 3rd parties, indies seem to remember how to make games, upholding genres before the 7th-gen shift. Still, I wish they could expand into “AA” & somehow take back certain franchise. I’m really glad for the reincarnations of NiGHTS (Rodea), Bloodstained (Metroidvania), Banjo-Kazooie (Yooka-Laylee), MegaMan (Azure Striker Gunvolt/Mighty No. 9), & Toe Jam & Earl (TJ&E: Back In the Groove).

        1. Don’t mind him, he’s a teenager who tries to act like he’s in his 30s and talks about how gaming supposedly died in 95 and 3d games suck. If gaming died 20 years ago why is he here calling people pedophiles and bashing games and everything. There’s no way someone that old would literally spend his time trolling that hard is there? He has to be a teen or younger the way he talks to people and responds.

          1. Fact of history son the Sega genesis outsold the Super nes in the 16 bit generation….Sega genesis game landstalker was better than any zelda ever released recearch it kidd..

      2. He doesn’t even look like a kid you’re so stupid and he certainly doesn’t look like a typical nintendo fan, actually maybe more like a pc programmer type maybe, someone far smarter than most nintendo fans including myself. But he certainly doesn’t look like a nintendo fan “who loves nintendo to death lol”

  9. I like how people always call things Nintendo comes up with as a “Gimmick” but then every other system follows suit. Remember the gimmick of a “touch screen” on a handheld? Or hey “motion controls” Yeah, no one steals Nintendo’s ideas.. not without bashing them for it first mind you.

      1. Nintendo didn’t invent touch screens so your smartphones, tablets, iPods examples are just straight stupid. Your fangirlism is strong and blinding.

        1. The first iPod touch came out in 2007, the DS came out in 2004. The DS popularized touch screen. Then the iPod/smartphones came, then tablets, then computers, and more.

  10. A secret to hide from competitors? How Dumbtendo’s the NX is planned to arrive first. That means Sony and Microsoft can buy the console when it is released and take it back to their R&D and jail break it anyway? But knowing Nintendo they didn’t even think about that one.

    1. LOL exactly!Whats to stop Sony or Microsoft buying the NX when it launches and then copying it with the PS5 or Xbox Two?LOL!

  11. “We are prioritizing satisfying customers who purchased the Wii U.”

    I know this is probably PR fluff but it makes me feel better about the near future of the Wii U. Also, I’m hoping that the innovative feature (the “gimmick”, as many have called it) isn’t compulsory – especially in start-up and system navigation.

    So long as a “regular” controller can be used for all the major functions of the system and most of its games, I’m happy.

  12. LOL at Nintendo!!!
    Why would anyone want to copy the NX after the disgrace joke that is the Wii U?
    Motion control hype ended years ago.
    Nintendo need to wake up and fire Iwata who has dragged Nintendo down after the Wii!
    If the NX again has a pointless gimmick then it will fail harder than the Wii U.
    Nintendo need to stop thinking about innovation and release a powerful console that is easy to develop for and then 3rd party will jump back on board,the Wii U was terrible to develop for and why almost all 3rd party turned their backs!
    The only way the NX will work is if it’s a cross platform handheld/console that wows people,awesome launch games and gets 3rd party onboard from day 1 to fill in the gaps of waiting for the first party games to launch so thete are no game droughts!

    1. Lol u stupid fuk you right the wii u is a piece if shit just like the wii i know the wii sold well but still a piece of shitt lol u stupid fuk.

      1. You’re a fucking idiot lol it’s pathetic how stupid you are I hope someone surgically removes that giant dick that’s protruding out of your mouth from your ass so you stop spewing cum when you speak/type.

    2. Motion control is still around idiot. Intel is a huge one.

      Nintendo also innovated touch screen. iPod touch, Smartphones, tablets, touch screen computers, and more. Nintendo also innovated more buttons and analog sticks. So much for gimmicks ruining everything. It’s clear you’re stuck in the 90s and 2000s bro.

      1. You’re the idiot NOBODY cares about motion control fangirl dumb fuck. And nintendo didn’t innovate touch screens you reject. And gamers from the 80s/90s have FAR better taste than people born in the mid 90s and beyond so if you fall beyond the mid 90s your opinion is trash. You’re the reason nintendos e3 sucked and why the nx will suck you stupid fangirl.

        1. “You’re the idiot NOBODY cares about motion control fangirl dumb fuck. And nintendo didn’t innovate touch screens you reject. And gamers from the 80s/90s have FAR better taste than people born in the mid 90s and beyond so if you fall beyond the mid 90s your opinion is trash. You’re the reason nintendos e3 sucked and why the nx will suck you stupid fangirl.”

          When trolls try to come for you.

  13. NX is starting from 0? Could it be the mobile thing?

    If it’s going to start at 0, wouldn’t it mean that it will be its own system and will not be based on the Wii/U and 3DS architecture or OS? This could also mean a dedicated console that will either go head to head with PS4/XBO or PS5/XBTwo (whatever it going to be called). Therefore all first party titles will be brand new and may not support backward compatibility.

    The gimmick could be anything that somebody introduced to Nintendo and nobody but them found a use of it in gaming and entertainment (until they announce it then Sony and Microsoft tries to copy it before the NX is released and their new consoles are announced).

    Anyway, I just hope they learnwd their lesson and do their best to sell the NX.

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>It most likely means that, and when it comes to backwards compatibility, I’m sure they will implement it somehow considering they always had it, even if the system is different this time>>>

      1. They have NOT always had backwards compatibility this is only their second system to do it (wii & wii U).

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>The new age started with the Wii, I’m only counting those as we are in the age of “connetivity” in this world, maybe I should have detailed it a bit further>>>

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  15. They’re gonna copycat regardless of timing of reveal and release of consoles. Remember the Wii? They started copying its controllers 2-3 years after the console launched and boomed success within its first year selling more than 20 million units which would make the PS4 jealous. lol

      1. Fuck you gaming died in 95 according to you so why did you even buy a wii u stupid ass you didn’t get ripped off if you did like everyone else who bought one cause you already knew it would suck since gaming has sucked for 20 years. That just makes you stupid as fuck for wasting money on something you knew would suck. Fucking idiot lol. You make me want to make a diarrhea sandwich and serve it to you with fresh piss beer.

        1. I bought a Wii u for The VC Snes,… play on the gamepad ..thats why i bought a Wii u and i did own a Virtual boy and its was cool real fun real vr it sucked because it didnt have but a few games for it but otherwise a cool system….and you are a Pedaphile and gameing died in 1995 when the Sega saturn launched and if you dont like it you can kiss my duke ho.

  16. Sony is just aching to steal Nintendo’s ideas again. Their mouths are probably drooling at the idea.

    1. Sony dont need nintendos ideas sony js killing nintendo son and has been for 20 years you need to get with sony a winner ambinos are toys for kids.

      1. I actually AM with Sony, now. I have a PS3. Can’t afford a PS4 yet. But I WILL have one some day. I think both Sony AND Nintendo are great companies. But Nintendo will always be my favorite.

  17. remember reggie saying the same thing about the wii where the wii will have 1 or 2 years suport after the wii U has been release but guess what??? a year before the release of the wii U the support for the wii has gone out of the windows. I think the last game serious games they released on wii was mario party 9.

    1. I think the N64 was pretty much killed about a year before GameCube released (I think). My last N64 game was Ogre Battle 64 anyway, & I bought a PS1 for the wait.

  18. my guess on the nx is that will be a type of multi-media centre. which can be connected with a 3DS/new 3DS, a wii U, a wii, an android phone and an iphone. I guess the system will emulated android game to allow player to play with their mobile or at home on big screen. I guess they will be a deal with netflix for series and movies. I would not be surprise if the NX will have an HDMI input to cater for specific entertainment provider like sky in UK, canal + in France, huulu in US and so on

  19. Don’t know why people are so obsessed with the NX, you will hear about it in a year. Even than they are likely to only give info about the NX. The release of the NX is at least 1,5 year off. Meanwhile I’m really happy with the Wii U. It’s a solid system that my not have the power of the XBOX ONE or Playstaytion 4. The second screen is getting utilized quite well in some games, while others use it only for off screen mode. The gyro controls are amazing with Splatoon and Zelda, I’m terrible aiming with the right stick, but with the gyro controls (+ right stick) I feel like I can aim as well as with mouse and keyboard.

  20. What i think of Nintendo NX wil be, …
    If this is a desktop console, …
    a ) 4K resolution console, instead of Wii U that support max 1080p.
    b ) Support usb 3.0, maybe usb 3.1, instead of Wii U that support max usb 2.0
    c ) Multiple hybrid gamepad, that have 3DS/DS cardtridge support, and 4K screen. instead of Wii U that support max 1080p screen, only 1 gamepad, no gamepad cardtridge..
    d ) Batch savegame copy from hdd to an other hdd, or from/to memory.
    d ) External hdd support larger than 2 TB. instead of Wii U that support max 2TB.
    e ) Compatible with Wii U game disk and maybe also Wii disk, and maybe also GameCube disk, …

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