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Nintendo Apparently Discussed The NX With Third Parties At E3 And Had Positive Feedback

Game Informer is reporting that Nintendo were approaching third-party developers at this year’s E3 event in Los Angeles regarding their new hardware which is currently known as the NX. According to the US publication the reception that the team received was positive, which if true, means that the overall concept is one that appeals to developers and gamers.

The problem for Nintendo is the NX’s launch is at least a year away—likely more, as the company reportedly just started talking about it with third party partners at this year’s E3. (The reception, say insiders, was positive.)

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78 thoughts on “Nintendo Apparently Discussed The NX With Third Parties At E3 And Had Positive Feedback”

  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>Unless they are lying, they gave feeback aswell for the Wii U when it still was in development and now they hate it, I’ll be on standby until that day comes once it’s unveiled>>>

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>Specially the Electrons and the rumoured Origin rejection and probably other DLC nonsense>>>

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>I have this theory about what kind of system the NX could be, but I rather not reveal them until I see it confirmed or denied by High Command themselves>>>

          1. By that time no one will remenber this and if you’re right, no one will believe that you had that theory except if it’s something obvious like a hybrid machine.

            Why not say it now?

            1. Dark Side Games Inc

              “In Development” which means developers thought the Wii U might have had a performance boost before launch which sadly it didn’t

              Still, NX is actually going to be different seeing how Miyamoto is working more on the software side of Nintendo more now instead of the hardware and software. I hate to say it, but I’m glad because he was the one that helped with the Wii and Wii U, Wii only did well because it attracted the non-gaming crowd in with Wii Sports whilst the Wii U so far really only has titles that Nintendo fans like.

              Personally, I’m hoping Nintendo starts talking to indie devs about the hardware as well soon and maybe I might see if I can’t get a little peak at it myself but I’m not big enough like the other indies.

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>Everyone is behaving as if Lord Miyamoto was the main Wii U developer just because of that news, I’m sure he only had a part in it, not the total of it>>>

              2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>Nontheless though, I just want them to deliver the greater titles in time this time around and a 5600% boost in marketing>>>

              3. Actually I remember reading articles right around when the Wii U was announced that Miyamoto took a step back on the hardware development side so that the younger engineers at Nintendo could get more experience with console development before Miyamoto retires. He then focused more of his time and energy on developing Pikmin 3. The last console he played a major role in designing was Wii. So if anything, this might not be good news if it’s the same designers of Wii U.

                1. Actually the article you’re referring to is Miyamoto taking a step back from major game development to work on smaller projects, to let the younger generation get experience. Dunno how your information got so twisted around, but it’s waaaaay off lol. Take a step back to let younger hardware engineers get experience? Lol Miyamoto’s no engineer. Not by a long shot. When he says he helped in making hardware decisions I think you’re getting the wrong idea. He’s not the hardware guy in the slightest.

              4. I would have like to hear that the reactions were, “extremely positive” instead of just “positive”.

                Nintendo really has to knock ot out of the park with the NX. While I personally love my Wii U, the last thing Nintendo needs is another mediocre console.

                  1. Ahh… Classic case of “I’m too proud of a Nintendo fan to admit flaws”.
                    Dude, I love Nintendo (and my Wii U) to bits but it really pisses me off when people defend Nintendo to their deaths. The reason it pisses me off is because if Nintendo can’t get honest feedback, they can’t improve as a company. If everyone just told Nintendo they were perfect then they wouldn’t get anywhere…

                    Praise is good but we could do less with the whole ” oh don’t worry Nintendo you ARE PERFECT” attitude.

                    1. When did he ever say the Wii U is perfect. We do people like you think that Nintendo fans are just blind? Did you not see the reaction at E3? People play Nintendo games because they’re actually good not because they are made by Nintendo. Not being Mediocre

                        1. Also lacks 1st party games, 3rd party games, features in games, features in the OS itself, and it really lacks fan favourite games like Zelda, Metroid, Paper Mario, F-Zero, Animal Crossing, Kirby… Instead, they are making huge numbers of spin offs.

                            1. How about online? How about voice chat? How about extra features in small games like DKC TF or NSMBU or 3D World. 60$ games tha you can beat in 3 hours and complete in 10. Don’t give me the replay value argument. Replay value is extremely subjective.

                            2. Also, if it has a lot of those, go to this list and elaborate your point one by one. I’m wondering.

                            3. I’m a die hard Nintendo fan. I grew up with Nintendo and their games will always be my favourite. And new hardware from Nintendo always gets me extremely excited but I will not deny that Nintendo made a lot of mistakes with the WiiU. However the gamepad was not one of them. They way Nintendo wants games to be played and enjoyed largely only applies to kids these day that live at home with their brothers and sisters and family. When I say this, what I mean is that Nintendo still looks at games as a living room experience where people get together and play and that is largle not possible for most adults. Unlike kids most adults are unable to regularly come together in one room to enjoy a game. This is why things like party chats and robust online functionality are very important to most gamers now.

                            4. This guy would rather get fucked up the ass and buy batman: arkham knight at launch than buying it 6 months later for the same price with all the content. The modern gamer right here ladies and gents. Stupid corporate sheep.

                              1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                                Did you just call Deepsouth a corporate sheep? lol I can just as easily say the same about some of these white knights for Nintendo. “Oh Splatoon & Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes don’t need voice chat because it’s used mostly by immature and/or bossy people.” “You people complaining about Metroid Prime: Federation Force are just being crybabies.” I’ll stop right there before I get even more sick of the corporate sheep among the Nintendo fanbase.

                            5. Some 3rd parties are a little shady. Just be careful Nintendo. Remember, they only care about the install base, you have to appeal to consumers first and then 3rd party developers will follow.

                              See: Vita & Wii-U for an example of poor install base.
                              3DS and PS4 for good ones.

                              1. Dark Side Games Inc

                                They talked to big publishers as well meaning EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Square Enix and so on. So really this is a good thing

                                1. Hmmm i won’t believe it until i see it and even then I’ still won’t completely believe it. After what happened with the Wii U ,Third parties should not be trusted.

                                    1. I agree. I’m also taking a ” wait and see ” approach because a lot of 3rd parties definitely shafted Wii U owners. I hope they’re fully onboard with the NX and not just fronting. I’ll be sure to keep my expectations low and not get overexcited

                                  1. as they did
                                    gamecube -early wii remote-wii-wii u—-as soon as nx becomes public te thrd partys will floodvthe internet with a HATE CAMPAIGN

                                    YOU STILL DONT GET IT DO YOU GUYS

                                  2. I don’t care who supports the NX, be it the always Supporting Sega, or the one trick pony EA. As long as I see adverts for the dang thing on T.V every single day. On the Sports channels, Kids channels, Free Channels or any other channel. As long as they push the living daylights out of the NX, then Third Parties will see that Nintendo are mending their pathetic excuse for marketing of the Wii U and support Nintendo again. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the Wii U and the Gamepad had potential to be a literal game changer. But the lack of marketing, combined with some minimul gameplay enhancements when using the gamepad, caused the lack of trust that Third Parties had for Nintendo. And for anybody that says that the reason is actually the fact that the Wii U is a less powerful system than the Xbox One and PS4, then I call bullshit. The Wii wasn’t even HD and it still got a ton of Third Party support. And as much shit as many will give Sega for screwing over the Sonic Franchise and making Gamers laugh and point about how Sonic was Mario’s rival and now he isn’t even worth the trouble of thinking of anymore. Then at least Sega has been supporting Nintendo’s consoles since they left the console market. Sonic Adverture 2 and Sonic Adverture 1 both were ported to the Gamecube, the console with the least sales of the 3 at the time. Sonic Heroes, many consider the Gamecube version to be the superior one. The Wii had the most Sonic games on it. Wii U has had a couple of Sonic games on it. I like Sega for the fact that they aren’t backing away from a console because of poor sales. For that, I respect them.
                                    Also, maybe some people’s fears about the NX being ‘Underpowered’ might be put to rest. Also, maybe Nintendo will make the main controller a non gimmick controller that is as good as the Gamecube and Wii U Pro Controllers.
                                    Sorry about the huge ramble. I wasn’t even expecting to type for so long.
                                    Also, I doubt that I made no spelling errors. If you see any spelling errors, then it’s because I couldn’t be bothered to read through that stupidly long wall of text…

                                        1. And, who in the hell do you think you are? I don’t think we’ve ever crossed pathes, but it seems as if you’re just an below average troll.

                                        2. Also, if I’m a loser for setting aside a stupid amount of time to type that wall of text, then what does that make you? A guy that comments under a different username every time. Putting that into consideration, YOU are the real loser here.

                                        3. I agree. People need to know it’s a new system, they need to see that it can play the big games, they need to see the Nintendo exclusives, and they need to be reminded of these things over and over again from launch until that first Christmas.

                                          That’s what pulls the strings in the NA market… And yes, that’s going to cost them money. The NX needs to be profitable per console to eat the advertising cost. Software sales will be the money maker at the start.

                                          After that initial blitz, they can spread a similar (if slightly reduced) amount of advertising revenue over the entire year, marketing 5-6 games heavily to both maximize sales of those titles and remind the public that the platform is living and getting a steady stream of big titles.

                                          Honestly, Nintendo needs to strike a deal with one or two third parties to cover advertising costs on key games. This will not only encourage more third parties to make big titles, but show the gaming public that modern franchises they recognize are continually releasing on the NX alongside Nintendo’s staple games – even if they only devs still cranking out games for the NX are the ones Nintendo is paying ad costs for.

                                          Perception is everything to the consuming public.

                                          1. Never denied it. I love the Gamepad and hope that it’s a controller option for the NX, like Wii Remote is to the Wii U. I’m just saying that Nintendo hasn’t realised the full potential that lies in the Gamepad.

                                            1. I blame it on the rejection the thing gets.
                                              people usually say “I don’t wanna to get a wii u and being forced to use the gamepad in every game”
                                              result: they make games who don’t need the use of gamepad, which generates the complain of “gamepad us useless”

                                            1. Dark Side Games Inc

                                              Almost all of Nintendo’s consoles have a 5 year life cycle so don’t worry, it’ll most likely come out in 2017

                                          2. GAMEPAD FANTASTIC
                                            WII REMOTE PLUS AND CHUCK FANTASTIC
                                            HAVING A CHOICE OF TWIN ANOLOG PADS FANTASTIC



                                            NINTENDO HAS SET THE STANDARDS WITH WIIU ANY GAMER CAN SEE THAT

                                            defending and fanboying dualshock 4 SHUT UP CASUALS…..

                                          3. They need to make a decent console with decent speed, nothing more, nothing less. They need a reboot with all these Wii controllers and mess. They have indeed the most spectacular 1st party titles. If they win back 3rd party then it’s a win.

                                          4. I hope that NX hopefully would be powerfully energy efficient console that can run the modern video game engines.

                                          5. I just hope I can use all my Wii,Wii U, controllers and backwards compatible with the Wii U( probably not happening since with it being based on completely different tech and them saying there starting from 0 what probably means you can’t use other controllers but there must likely will be a gamecube adapter for the next smash since how much the smash community praises the controller) and some third party support.

                                            1. i think that will remain TRUE GAMES USE CUTTING EDGE CONTROLS

                                              SNY FANS IM GETTING SICK OF YOUR OUTDATED CONTROLS BULLSHIT….

                                              WIIU HAS THE BEST CONTROLERS AND BEST RANGE OF CONTROLLERS FACT…

                                              i want a mouse pointer i want tight advanced gyo i want buttons and stcks and touch screen

                                              nintendos way MAKES GAMING SENSE thenext IDIOT to say i want a normal controller

                                              should be dragged out and shot IM SICK OF YOUR DUMB FUCK’S….

                                              nx may have a control system tht gimmicks all the above that does it all if not then it has to maintain backward compatability to maintain a HIGH STANDARD OF CONTROLS

                                              I REFUSE TO BUY A FOTBALL GAME I CANNOT CONTRL THE WHOE TEAM



                                              I WANT CUTTING EDGE GAMEPLAY NOT A DUMB FUK DUALSHOCK


                                              WIIUS CONTRL ABILITY IS UN MACHED

                                              SHUT THE HEL UP PS4 FANS THE DUALSHOCK IS OLD AS SHIT

                                          6. Is EA one of those developers? Promise one thing then screw Nintendo over? The same developers who promised support but instead ported old games then stopped putting out games?

                                            If I were Nintendo, I’d ask Koei-Tecmo to develop Mario Warriors NX (just like Hyrule Warriors but in Mario’s realm), Capcom with Monster Hunter NX and Resident Evil NX and Bayo 3, all exclusives.

                                          7. example

                                            nx is a gamers tablet with a dock in handheld mode its say wiiu ish in power

                                            in doced mode its a wiiu 2.5 in power a simple scale up system in ram and system clockspeeds

                                            the tablet could have a control sytem tht detatches from the tablet one either side

                                            like a nunchuck that supports anolog stick triggers and ad-pad on thr left side

                                            a nunchuck on the right side supporting anolog stick triggers andva 4x button layout

                                            they detatch from the tablet any mimmick a pro pad cut in half with a comfy nunchuck feel each nunchuck supports 9axis advanced motion and mouse pointing PRESTO A WII REMOTE A CHUCK A PRO PAD ALL IN ONE


                                            THEN HAVE PRO PADS AND WII REMOTES ON THE SIDE ALSO COMPATABLE

                                            THIS AINT ROCKET SCIENCE ITS SIMPLE GAMERS LOGIC

                                          8. thenintendoreviewer

                                            It’s a good sign as long as third parties stop giving us gimmped ports. Nintendo, keep NX simple, keep it appealing and market it to core gamers. The casuals are all but gone.

                                          9. To be honest nintendo shouldn’t rush to bring out their next console. The Wii u should have at least 2to4 years left in rotation. It’ll make sense if it code name NX drops in 2018 maybe 2019.. cause sony and Microsoft won’t be dropping their next console by 2020 or 2021.. That’s gives nintendo a the advantage while the others will be playing catch up.

                                            P.s the ONLY thing nintendo has to do is make some solid ip’s.. work with indie game makers, (plus their mobile line up is coming soon) and drop the price of the console by next summer.. they’ll be fine… til they bring out their next project. No rush..

                                            1. I disagree, the Wii U is dead man, it’s been treading water since smash bros came out and if Zelda is being ported to the NX (let’s be honest, it is) And there really is no point to keeping it around any more.

                                          10. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

                                            Great, more “unprecedented partnerships”, delays, cancellations and gimped ports…. can’t wait!

                                          11. All right nintendo, I know that you are swimming in money. But this is your last chance to gain a respectable image in the industry. You screw up the NX, I guarantee that you will fade into obscurity or go third party. Listen to what third parties have to say and just do it.

                                          12. Nintendo discussed the Wii U with third parties before its launch too. The thing is, you can’t just discuss it.

                                            Third parties need to get involved these days. Sony and MS asked first and third parties what they wanted in a new console and took those suggestions and actually implemented them.

                                            From what I remember, yes Nintendo talked to third parties with the Wii U, but its design and specs were basically already set in stone. They didn’t really take any suggestions.

                                            Devs should be involved early in the process. Then you can mold your vision around what devs want to make games on.

                                            Nintendo’s Wii U talk was basically, “Here’s our Wii U. We want you to make games for it.”

                                            Hopefully the NX’s talk was a little more like, “We are in the process of developing our next generation of consoles. This is a little bit about what we want to do – what else can we do so that we can make it easier for you to develop on our system? What would draw you to our system?”

                                            I doubt a talk at E3 would entail much… but at least it’s getting positive reception. But then again, so did the Vita before it launched.

                                            1. Yeah I remember these same kinds of articles right when Wii U rumors were coming around and it was called Project Cafe. Nintendo better give us a damn good reason to buy this system. I also wish they would hold off on it until 2017.

                                          13. I hope Nintendo is smart enough to make a system that is a console first and foremost, the new gimmick can be optional. Adding to this would be making the system equally or more powerful to what the competition is bringing in the next cycle. This would make it a triple threat. They won’t need to beg and plead third parties to jump on the bandwagon. The only thing they’d have to make sure is in place is a solid line up of their first party games. Should the third parties bail again, then they have their asses secure with first party titles coming regularly. I hope the NX doesn’t come out until 2017-2018.

                                          14. Peanut Butter KitKat

                                            Actually, screw third parties. Just advertise the NX and support it with 1st pary software from launch. You’ll be fine.

                                          15. pink0crystal0midbus

                                            “Positive feedback” could mean anything. It could mean the 3rd parties liked their platform or it could mean that they didn’t like it, but gave “positive constructive feedback.”

                                            We won’t know until next year if anything good is really coming from Nintendo.

                                          16. I hope Nintendo doesn’t design it around the Japanese market only. They did just that with the Wii U: off-TV play and the tablet thingy to appeal to the Japanese who live in small places.
                                            Now I fear they will cater too much to the smartphone audience.

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                                          18. I hope that they do not support the Wii mote or any of their old controllers. It needs to be a ‘Pro Controller’ styled joypad with analogue triggers AND the next portable/3DS should be used as a controller too. It should be at least as powerful as a PS4 and be running its own OS to allow for easy cross platform games. It should have the VC back catalogue available at launch. It should remember your purchases from your NNID so that you don’t have to buy your games yet AGAIN. It should be gimmickless. It won’t be any of these.

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