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Reminder: Club Nintendo For North America Ends Tomorrow

If you live in North America and have been pushing off using your coins, you better get on it. While it isn’t news that Nintendo’s reward program, Club Nintendo, would be closing down, few may remember that it is happening tomorrow, June 30th. Not only is it your last time to use your saved coins, but it will be the last time Club members can access their account — if you grab some last-minute rewards today, make sure to jot down the download key on a piece of paper.

19 thoughts on “Reminder: Club Nintendo For North America Ends Tomorrow”

  1. Goodbye and good riddance. It was an archaic and outdated system that was annoying and time-consuming to use. Here’s hoping Nintendo will replace it with a REAL unified account system that’s ACTUALLY good.

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        Keyword: was. Now it sucks because of the lack of physical rewards. So I agree with him, or her. Good riddance.

  2. I’m a huge Nintendo fan and the only thing Club Nintendo did was make me feel unimportant.

    Japan and Europe always got the got “rewards” and the year I bought a Wii U and some games, all I got for CLub Nintendo was a free download of Super Mario Bros….

    PATHETIC! I’m not too fond of Microsoft as a company but at least they give me one or two free games EVERY MONTH on 360.

        1. Yeah, but the value significantly outweighs the cost — especially for PlayStation Plus if you own three systems. For any month, which is typically $5, I am getting about $30-40 worth of content.

          I could literally only pay for the service and probably be happy with my PlayStation/Xbox consoles through the console generation.

          1. Except (unless they changed it) as soon as you stop paying for Plus those games are no longer playable. As much as I hate digital distribution, at least with normal payed downloads you can still play the games that are on your system.

            1. True — it is more of a timed lease contingent on your membership in the program. With that said, you can stop it at any time and come back months or years later to have your entire PlayStation Plus library still there.

              As far as things go, the deal is much cheaper than GameFly or other rental services, and it exposes me to games I enjoy but would never actually buy (I’m looking at you Velocity 2X and The Swapper).

  3. Club Nintendo will never be missed. They sucked monkey butt. At least during the final 2 years or so. When they started offering nothing but digital games for rewards, that was the final nail in the coffin.

  4. They kind of went downhill after focusing on digital, ironically since they suck at digital stuff most of the time. But it was overall a good idea anyways. Free games is nice, but when you give out cool stuff like the others and only give America games… well, it’s not cool at all, haha.

    However, if you do get a downloadable game you don’t have to worry about jotting it down, they do e-mail you a confirmation with the code in it JUST in case you didn’t get it right away.

  5. I’ll just miss it. But still…I will continue for my video game journey, as I’m a great Nintendo Gamer. And my only goal is to become a “Nintendo Master”!

    Goodbye…Club Nintendo.

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