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A Fire Emblem Amiibo Was The First Item Sold On Amazon Mexico

Amazon Mexico has just started selling physical items on their marketplace and the first item sold was a Fire Emblem themed amiibo figure. Yes, Ike was the first physical item that has been sold on Amazon Mexico, which is probably extremely good marketing for Nintendo as mainstream sites begin to pick up on the news. Amiibo spotters also noticed that the site had a number of rare amiibo figures to purchase, but they could only be bought by those in Mexico.

21 thoughts on “A Fire Emblem Amiibo Was The First Item Sold On Amazon Mexico”

    1. Whoa friend, cool it, don’t go on another rant. I agree that they shouldn’t have put that in FE and I’m disappointed that Nintendo stooped so low but gosh, you go way out of the park. Insulting people is NOT ok. In not going to repeat myself so if you want to know what I think you can go back to my comment on the Reggie NX thing uploaded yesterday, and get back to me.

  1. This news has been very badly managed. Hoarders have gone to the site and grabbed every rare amiibo that was available.

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