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There’s A Pokken Tournament Livestream Happening On July 3rd

Those of you who are looking forward to Pokken Tournament may want to consider tuning into a NicoNico livestream that is happening on July 3rd. The event will be a chance for Bandai Namco to announce when the arcade machines will make their debut in Japan. The company is also expected to reveal new Pokemon who will be added to the lineup as well as giving us more information about the game. The livestream will also feature a tournament of guests using Gengar and various other Pokemon characters. Here’s the time it will begin.

  • 12:00 BST, 13:00 CEST, 20:00 JST, 07:00 EDT and 04:00 PDT


11 thoughts on “There’s A Pokken Tournament Livestream Happening On July 3rd”

  1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

    I dont get it why theres no console version other than if they are saving this title for NX launch. Im not big pokemon fan, but this Pokken Tournament is exactly the kinda Pokemon game i used to dream as a kid, fighting game and none of that turn based BS.

    1. I was sad and disappointed when this was announced instead of an actual Pokemon adventure. Its like, oh wow you took the mortal kombat, street fighter, and tekken route and turned Pokemon into a fighter. I guess im not impressed with the idea.

        1. Along with every other aspect and great thing about the traditional game. Now its just two dudes smacking eachother with pokemon plush dolls…

  2. Hmm. A game I’m really hyped about has a livestream on my birthday. This is an awesome birthday present!

  3. I haven’t been following news of this game, but if it does grab my attention on the event I’d be wishing for a Wii U release (NX only if they can’t make it run properly on the Wii U).

  4. Today:
    – Weavile (with Mega Evolution) and Charizard (with Mega Charizard X) announced
    – 9 playable Pokémon so far
    – Initial arcade release in Japan will be almost two weeks from now
    – Another trainer (female) revealed
    Complaints to be brought up:
    – How about the latest two generations (V & VI) (non-support)?
    – Only two fighting-type Pokémon so far
    — Type diversity much (but too early to tell)?
    – The inevitable balance debates
    – Mega-centric roster?
    – Moveset analogues of Tekken characters
    – Six (or seven) more playable Pokémon to follow?

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