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Iwata Says Nintendo’s Expansion Could Include Movies And TV Programs

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes that the company should be more proactive when it comes to licensing their iconic franchises. We’ve already seen the success of amiibo, which is part of Nintendo’s merchandise, and heard about the upcoming expansion into theme parks with Universal. However, Iwata says this isn’t enough and points towards movies and television programs as ways they can branch out with their recognisable IP.

“We have been discussing internally that we should be more proactive, and it is imperative that we establish a global structure to deploy such business all around the world. As a large proportion of our sales come from outside Japan, we have various ideas in mind for collaboration on the character licensing business across Japan, North America and Europe. And this expansion won’t be limited to merchandise; it may take various forms including, for example, images or even movies or TV programs. Even though I am not sure of the actual forms, it is safe to say that in addition to profitable licensing businesses, Nintendo will take risks we believe are worthwhile. On the other hand, not a small number of businesses have ended up with a pile of leftover stock after a particular product’s short-lived period of popularity. It would surely ruin the value of Nintendo IP and would not enhance corporate value over the long term if we chose this path. Therefore, I would like to recap that our current plan is not to simply increase the number of proposals but to be more proactive than in the past by making appropriate decisions that will enhance our overall corporate value over the long term.”

64 thoughts on “Iwata Says Nintendo’s Expansion Could Include Movies And TV Programs”

  1. If done right, go for it. I’ve just started playing the metroid prime triology (shame on me, I know) and think that a Metroid film from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer would be wonderful.

    1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

      That’s what I was thinking. I don’t think something like Metroid could work very well as a movie when the fans who hate Other M want isolation. A movie where Samus is the only character won’t do very well.
      The film would have to take many liberties with it, which would turn off the people who played the series, and then we’d have another Mario Bros. film.

  2. Could be a slippery slope. Which all depends on the quality and how well received it will be, can’t say this worked out so well for them in the past… Cough (Super Mario Bros. movie)

    I’d personally stay away from this, seems too risky in my opinion. Though If they can do it right this time around, it could pay off.

    1. I fee like they have changed enough that they could do something productive… Or that was their plan all along :0. Make it horrible and get publicity 20 years later :3

  3. Nintendo, please concentrate on the games!!! Are you intending to become the new Sony? WTF?

    No one is able to do more than one thing properly.

    1. I don’t think they would do it themselves, they would have another company make it while they overlooked the project.

    2. That’s not true have you never heard of double tasking? On a serious note read my other reply (hopefully) above.

      1. Yes, I have, and I know what you mean. But I insist to take Sony as an example. They were extremely segmented, and they’ve been downsizing a lot lately since that business model does not fit this day and age anymore.

  4. I only want games from Nintendo, nothing else. Don’t bastardize beloved characters and have them sell out (or at least more so) then they already have been.

    1. But this could show most people that Nintendo isint just all MArio. In my opinion, I would like to see a smash bros anime separated into Arcs. Each arc is a new game like melee arc, brawl Arc Nd more

  5. I like how Nintendo has pretended this is new. iv bin talking about it for the last 3 years that’s its something they well do to make their IP more relevant. that said I think they should partner with adult swim and launch a shows for bayoneta, and W101.

    they should have normal cartoon network shows for ice climbers (no talking), Kirby, and maybe donkey kong.

    they should partner with Netflix and amazon to launch a Metroid movie (Charlize theron) , a new 3D animated Mario movie (more action then comedy) , spirit camera/fatal frame (like American horror story) , maybe even a Splatoon show (what do they do when they aren’t playing war games?)

    1. Um, those last two have already had cartoon shows (Kirby: Right Back at Ya! and Donkey Kong Country), it’s time to show some love to other series, like Star Fox or Fire Emblem.

      I like the Splatoon show idea- it could give us more insight into the Inklings’ lives, what Judd does during a Turf War, the Squid Sisters’ pasts, and more info on those mysterious Octarians.

  6. As long as they don’t take all the shows/movies to the same direccion as Pokémon or Sonic Boom (Talking in general, I obviosly know Sonic isn’t Nindendo’s). I know Nindendo focuses on being family friendly, but many of the IPs such as Zelda, Metroid or Star Fox would not feel right if made into a little kid’s show or movie. Some of us fans (probably most) want darker shows for more mature audiences.

  7. Please don’t include that junk I want a gameing console not a fucking computer keep that crap on Sony and Microsoft

  8. Inb4 they make a Super Mario Galaxy CG TV show. What, I just want to see Rosalina whored out more so that Mariotehpumber would be pissed off at Nintendo like he always was (given he hates “hentai” characters like her with a passion). XD

    1. Add in cameos of Zero Suit Samus, Lucina, and Robin and I’m on board for making that troll squeal XD

  9. I remember in the 90s when Nintendo came out with cartoons. I watched them religiously. School ended at 3:00pm and they were always started around that time. The shows gave the characters personalities that were memorable. I remember Link was not at all like you’d expect him to be, but I still liked the show.

    1. Well excuuuuuuuuuuuse me, princess!

      Still better than Mama Luigi and other cheesy Mario Bros. show lines.

  10. I can only wish for a Kid Icarus Animated series! Like the ones on Nintendo eshop and Nintendo Video.

    ANNND maybe a Zelda animated series with that style too! Like Palutina’s smash reveal video.

  11. Like everyone else, please make a Super Smash Anime ! :D
    Or make the Subspace a movie ! That would be awesome ! (but that’s my opinion)
    I’ve seen the Pikmin Mini-movies and they were amazing and adorable ! I’m sure Nintendo will do a great job :)

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  13. Then announce the Zelda TV series already.

    If Nintendo will allow studios to make movies out of their IP, why not make a Fire Emblem live action or get James Cameron for Metroid and get Pixar for Star Fox.

  14. Mario, Zelda and Sonic all had cartoons back in the NES/SNES and Genesis games and they seemed to do well for the most part. Those are good examples of game adaptations done right. I have most of them on DVD and still enjoy them (most of the Mario and Sonic cartoons are on Netflix if you haven’t seen them). Sonic still continues, though I haven’t seen the newest one, but Mario hasn’t had anything in a long time. Mario could be made into a Saturday-morning-cartoon type of thing easily, whether animated with its own unique style or done with CGI similar to the current Mario models. Zelda… we’ve already seen the demand for that “Netflix original” that was rumored. Done right, it could be animated or live action and do well. Zelda is the only IP I could see doing well with live action, most of Nintendo’s IPs are pretty cartoony in nature. They just can’t let someone have their IPs with no involvement or we get the Mario Bros movie…. They definitely should remain hands-on, even if they allow someone to produce it for them.

    I definitely think the demand is there for it, especially for Zelda, and if they’re along the quality of the Pikmin shorts I’m all for it! Those were cute as hell. I just hope they don’t follow the same sales model for the Pikmin shorts for anything they do in the future. It would’ve been nice to have those on DVD or other services to download it.

  15. They intend to go back to TV as well?!

    *flashback waaaaaaaaaave*

    *cries tears of nostalgia and childhood memories*

  16. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

    If you guys do this, please do it right & don’t give us cheesy Zelda, Star Fox, & Metroid cartoons. You can do that shit with Mario or Donkey Kong all you want but please, for the love of God, don’t do it with them. ESPECIALLY Zelda & Metroid. Stay far away from everything that has made video game movies & video game cartoons fail!

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