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Japanese Gamers Share Their Thoughts On Xenoblade Chronicles X


The long-awaited Xenoblade Chronicles X launched in April in Japan and it is safe to say that it failed to set the Japanese sales charts on fire. Kotaku said that the game was boring so they’ve quizzed Japanese gamers to see what they thought of the game and the results are good. The majority of them obviously enjoyed the game as most put in around 100-200 hours into the game and completed it. That doesn’t normally happen if a game is boring and tedious like the Kotaku writer implied. You can find the results of the survey in the link, here.


38 thoughts on “Japanese Gamers Share Their Thoughts On Xenoblade Chronicles X”

    1. They are filled with epic fails. Some of my favorites include: knowing less about Mario characters than the Mario movie, Calling a well known video game artist a 14 year old boy, and the most reacent one, don’t donate to Shenmue kickstarter because the place holder box art is bad and used all over the site.

      There have been some good articles but most are flame articles meant to generate clicks.

  1. Didn’t like the combat mechanics in the first game. And the setting wasn’t too awesome either, BUT I won’t say it’s a bad game. Just not for me.

    I never really liked “open-world” games that are only empty and vast just for the sake of being big , and that was apparently one of the problems with Chronicle X. Don’t think it will be a big hit with me either, though I love the style of the vehicles and characters.

    1. I haven’t played it yet, but I agree with you on the Open World thing. I dislike large open world’s that have nothing to do in them. I mean, what’s the difference between an empty open world game and a completely blank white space that you can roam forever?

    2. Fuck Kotaku. They are still butthurt from Nintendo ripping their asses by making Nintendo Directs instead of giving them click bait articles and shit. I played the game and let me tell you, it is goodness incarnate.

      The plot isn’t that great in my opinion, probably because I was kinda hyping it to be like Xenogears…What is great is that the world is very, very big and exploring is tons of fun. The combat system is good, but could be optimized better.

      My only real beef with it is that the fights while mounting your gears are kinda lacking. It is either you 1-4 shot the monster or atleast kill him in the first 1 and half minute, or he kills you. If you want to avoid that you have to stack resistance gems and play all defensive. Not to mention, the Cool Down style of combat kinda makes fighting with gears a bit lacking.

      Over all its a really, really good game. Please look forward for it, everyone.

      PS: the music is just, terrible…(mostly)

        1. Seriously, the music is a downer at times, but not all of it. Most of the vocal tracks are disappointing, but even some of them fit fine in the right places. Problem is simply those other tracks that don’t and there are plenty, with awkward lyrics or zero inflection. However, there are some great tracks in the game that at so you can look forward to those along with several other solid aspects of the game.

        2. I listened to the soundtrack, I thought most of it was very cool. It’ll just boil down to preference. I like vocals, so… I’m still lov’in it!

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        I don’t know. Every gameplay footage I’ve seen makes the game look boring to me. I’m still going to get it, just because it is a big game, but I’m not expecting much to be honest.

        1. To who wrote this article in MNN.

          It was NOT Kotaku who made this quiz!!!!

          The survey was carried by Famitsu with its Japanese gamers who have the game and played it . The feedback is solely for Japan, there is nothing to do with unofficial Western import impressions my gosh, it would not even make sense, Kotaku is not even big enough to do such a thing. Please fix it.

          1. I don’t know if this is true but it wouldn’t surprise me, Kotaku can’t be bothered to do any form of investigative work, all they do is write their personal opinions and give good press to the people they’re sleeping/friends with.

            1. Well I hope it was not on purpose. Anyway I want they to fix it. They are just giving more popularity and credit to Kotaku the, they should have. And this is not good journalism. An article need to be reviewed first, I cannot believe they posted this article saying Kotaku carried a survey on XenoX when they and their shitty impression actually have nothing to do with it.

          2. I keep hearing the story was lacking, honestly hated XC until the story picked up, then I couldn’t put it down! Pretty annoyed they didn’t up their game from the first, after doing so well, you think they would :/

            1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

              Fuck. The same thing happened to ne. This is the only game I’m hyped for, so if this turns out to be as boring as Xenoblade was in the beginning, I probably won’t even finish it :/

                1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                  Don’t get me wrong, Xenoblade is one of my top 3 favorite games. But the first 10 hours weren’t my favorite. And XCX is substantially larger than it, so if the story is less than or equal to Xenoblade’s, it’ll be pretty sparse in comparison.

                2. But for some reason Gone Home and Depression quest didn’t get the same crap.
                  I’m not saying the game is perfect or that your opinions are not valid, only that Kotaku isn’t exactly a shining example of journalistic integrity.

              1. Indeed. The story is very lacking. The problem is that YOU create your own character. That is very terrible narrative and story wise. Look at how Shulk got popular and now he is the face and mascot of Monolith Software.

                Not only that, but your party members are more like squad or team. There are a lot of them. You can even recruit other player characters with their equipment and stuff. This not only hurt the story, as your character is silent and has no God damn personality, but also the team mates are shallow too. They spread the work on lots of characters that they seem half baked.

                AND WHAT EVER THE FUCK YOU DO, DO NOT BE STUPID ENOUGH LIKE ME TO BUY THE DLC! It is god damn stupid and not worth it.

                Even with all that said, the gameplay makes up for all of the game faults and is really really worth it. I have spent 280 hours until I have finally beaten the game 100%. There will be loads of grinding to beat the hardest monsters, be prepared. (Thankfully not like the grinding of Bravely Default)

              2. urgh, Kotaku. Every time I see this site reference it or Polygon I get closer and closer to removing it from my favourites.

              3. The American release date is so far away. (6 months) Summer time would’ve been great. In December it will be buried under a bunch of other solid game releases. I feel like I’m losing more interest with each passing month. I’m afraid by the time December gets here I’m going to totally forget and not care about XCX. Sad.

              4. Who the hell actually takes Kotaku seriously anymore anyway? Nothing but negativity from them now a days. Super biased opinions galore on that site. It’s basically a hater site now. Should change their name to NOtaku.

              5. Yeah this is what I thought lol. So much for Kotaku. I love almost all the songs in the game probably with the exception of the nighttime song. I really love the battle theme a lot, so much so that I’ll probably dodge enemies to get it going before I actually start fighting lol. I love rock, so the harder tracks in the game are all very pleasing to me even with vocals. All my friends will be getting it too, so this game is gonna have tons of hours for me, especially with the online aspects.

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