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Rumor: LIMBO Is Heading To The Wii U

Dark, gritty indie games seem to be having their day in the limelight. First The Binding of Isaac got a release date on Nintendo consoles, now we learn from Germany’s rating board, USK, that the critically-acclaimed LIMBO will be making its way to Wii U.


There is still no official announcement regarding the release, we can keep our fingers crossed for an upcoming confirmation.

27 thoughts on “Rumor: LIMBO Is Heading To The Wii U”

      1. Is that your idea of any form of good video game? Did anyone imply anything near that or is this just an ass move of a reply?

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>It doesn’t even understand what you meant, that’s how useless the cattle is>>>

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          3. To be fair. Sick of all the indie side scrolling, beat making, balloon navigating, Magikarp flopping around. I see so many games on 3ds eShop that I can’t believe are there, that shouldn’t be there taking up space.

            1. This is arguably one of the best indies ever created and is a modern class — still relevant 5 years later. I humbly disagree!

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>Slaves no nothing and can’t even see the meaning of comments for what they are either>>>

                  1. Ever created lol. Alright, I won’t bash it. It just seems like the overflow of indie games has been over the top. Maybe its the lack of other games…

                1. who knows, maybe the game’s a bit more fun when you don’t have to get through it without dying five times to get a goddamn silver trophy.

                  1. …really? This, Braid, FEZ, and Super Meat Boy practically jump started the indie scene. I’m surprised if by now anyone hasn’t heard of it.

                2. Just what is this game about/how does it play? I’ve heard about it so much but never really looked into it myself.Looked too emo to me at the time(still kinda does :/ )

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