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The Better Your Levels In Super Mario Maker, The More Levels You Can Share

Super Mario Maker will have an artificial cap on how many levels you are able to upload — the move is most likely to ensure that people are only uploading quality levels, compared to endless iterations of World 1-1.


While it had been briefly murmured about, a screenshot surfacing today (above) indicates that for each medal you receive you will be able to upload 10 more levels. Medals are earned by receiving high ranked reviews from the community after they complete it. The image shows 40 available slots with the player having four medals — the deduction is possibly 10 per medal, but the base amount would alter that equation. Super Mario Maker will be released exclusively on Wii U this September.

38 thoughts on “The Better Your Levels In Super Mario Maker, The More Levels You Can Share”

    1. I think it is a good approach, you wouldn’t imagine the amount of crap I’ve sat through on LBP while looking for decent levels.

  1. At long last. INFINITE MARIO.
    Makes me wonder what’s being planned for the next ‘real’ Mario game– it has to be something you could never ever make in Mario Maker!

  2. Considering this is a game all about being creative, it doesn’t seem right that they’re trying to limit people’s creativity. Also, what if someone actually puts a lot of effort into their levels and creates quite good ones, but they simply don’t get noticed by the community? Won’t they be allowed to make any new ones just because their creations get lost within the hundreds of thousands of levels other people will create? The logic seems flawed to me, honestly.

    1. The game will be based around high reviews and not popularity.

      So a 5 star rating will probably be the same if it comes from 50 or 5000 people.

      1. And what about idiots that can’t beat a level, just dislike you because of something or go around giving bad reviews?

        Nintendo is not nearly as smart as they think they are and certainly not as smart as most people give them credit for.

        1. Could be an issue, sure. Might not be though – we’ll have to wait and see. Sick username btw.

        2. Or if they are really great levels that others can beat but the creator cant. then noone can experience them.

        3. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Trust me, this is to prevent the countless of idiots that would make levels with only 1 Goomba in it and nothing more as an example>>>

          1. It totally get that. I am just worried about myself, I am a very creative person, though i`m nervous even I might not beat some of my own levels. :(

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>If you are very creative and make levels that are fun to play, I’m sure you will ge tmany followers>>>

            2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>If you are still around on this base, reply to me one day and I’ll test your levels>>>

            3. “Your first 10 games are going to suck” is a pretty common phrase among indie developers. It doesn’t necessarily mean your games actually suck, but rather that it usually takes a while before any of them gets noticed.

          2. “the move is most likely to ensure that people are only uploading quality levels, compared to endless iterations of World 1-1.” World 1-1 is a quality level, bitch. You’re buying Mario Maker just for that level, and you’ll play that level all day, every day. No complaints.

            1. Sounds great. I’m glad that I won’t need to filter through the crap to get to the gold of this game.

              1. I think there is a hard cap for 100 — and uploading is probably better stated as “uploaded concurrently.” It would seem you can remove a level and add new ones if you reach the limit.

            2. I understand peoples complaints on this, however at least it’s not going to be like Happy Wheels were everyone does the same shit over and over and over and over and over and over again. Also I hope there is a way you can “protect” your levels so people cant just make your map after playing it and say they made it lol. That would piss me off.

            3. I predict that after creating just one or two levels, I’ll probably get tired of this game and put it away and start playing something else instead. Probably my PS3 again.

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            6. I’m ok with it, the idea of sharing your own stuff is neat but in reality it only causes a ton of crap to be uploaded every minute, I’ve done my fair share of searching in games like LBP or Happy Wheels and people just submit crap; it literally takes hours to find something even remotely decent to play, and something tells me SMM would be even worse off considering what the target audience is.
              Besides, my main interest in buying this game is making and playing my own levels, I’ve never gotten this fascination with becoming “internet famous”, at least not unless you’re aiming to become a brand like Smosh or Pewdiepie who are millionaires now, I couldn’t really care less if some stranger doesn’t play my levels.

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