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Amazon’s Surprise Amiibo Announcement Delayed For Satoru Iwata

While many people were excited about the coyly announced Amazon amiibo surprise (hinted at over the weekend), Amazon has chosen to delay the news to tomorrow (Tuesday, July 14th) because of the untimely death of Satoru Iwata. News comes by way of official Reddit Amazon representative, /u/AmazonJosh who posted the following:

Hey everyone. I know how excited you are for what we have in store, but my team just had a discussion, and out of respect for Satoru Iwata, we’re going to be delaying our announcement by one day. Iwata was a visionary that had a near-immeasurable impact on the industry as a whole, and we didn’t want to simply ignore that and push forward without acknowledging. RIP Satoru Iwata.

This tasteful move falls in line with Nintendo’s current policy, forgoing any social media posts in remembrance of industry titan who sadly passed. For many who don’t remember, Iwata was the person at Nintendo who first conceived of amiibo and placed the idea in motion.

Thanks, LuigisEngineRoom

62 thoughts on “Amazon’s Surprise Amiibo Announcement Delayed For Satoru Iwata”

  1. Major respect to Amazon for looking at the situation and making the decision based on being a human and not a part of a business.

      1. Seriously it needs to be edited, it just spews hate at Iwata, and Nintendo in general! It’s not an opinion, it’s just mean!

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Imcontaldi, erase the comment made by this imbecile too, I don’t have time to attend my normal routines today>>>

          1. I’m limiting my censorship to distasteful comments regarding the death of Iwata, one day in the future we will tackle the people who (foolishly) scoff at your ranked status.

            1. But Jons comment is completely disrespectful to Iwata, not caring at all about his death! It needs to be deleted!

              1. If I had to go on a witch hunt to figure out if Tetrarch was actually a human, I would also have to go on a witch hunt to determine if you are actually a pack of pot-smoking skeletons.

                I.e., its all in good fun :)

                1. Hahaha. Ok, ok. Damn you. That was actually well done. At least im not pretending to be anything bro.

                2. xD That was awesome! You’d also have to go on a witch hunt to determine if I’m really a fire breathing space dragon that can actually fly in space, too!

        2. *facepalm* Oh my god. Would you let your crush on Quadramus just go for a few days? Please? Is it really that hard?

  2. Somebody who makes posts for this site, please make a post about the petition that is going around to immortalize Iwata in Zelda U, its just as honorable and respectful and playing as his Mii in smash. The link is in the post before this one.

      1. Thanks I really like you, always in the comments, helping out and terminating all the hate, your amazing!

    1. Yeah. Along with that I’d also like to see Nintendo make an amiibo based on either Iwata or his mii. Hopefully if they did do that they’d make enough of them so everyone who wanted one could get it.

  3. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    I was looking forward to seeing this special announcement.

    But respect for the departed Iwata-san this can wait a day, a week, a year.
    As long as it takes for the honor of the great man.

  4. Amazon, Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA and many other companies actually showing respect to the man that help shaped the gaming industry in the modern age is really amazing.

    Shows you that their is no such thing a “rivalry” in the modern era of gaming

    1. No, dont do that. After the dust settles do you think these companies are going to walk around hand in hand? Rivalry will be a factor even after the deaths of the other most important people in the gaming industry. As a “good” company they should be doing this for him.

    2. Sorry, it’d be nice if it weren’t true, but pot-smoking skeleton man is right. But even so, I think the rivalry only extends to the corporate units in and of themselves. and not to the individual people that constitute them. From my perspective, there’s a lot of mutual respect between the talented people themselves. All that really separates them is who pays them, after all. Over-zealous brand loyalty is a bad thing for consumers and designers both.

  5. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>To the ones dedicating this day into bashing me, Lord Iwata and Nintendo, get lost and hopefully you stay away from this base in the future, most of you are nowhere close to how much this means to me and the few others who truly are Nintendo fans>>>

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  8. Jon Johnson McJansen Jeensen

    Why would you delete me comment when all i wanted was the new samus 25th annversary ammibo? FUCK YOU MYNINTENDONEWS

  9. I’m glad they are delaying this announcement. The next few days should be less about business & more about being a human being.

  10. pink0crystal0midbus

    I love Amazon. I just wish there was an option for businesses to sell packaged products together instead of paying shipping twice.

    Makes buying comics off Amazon a little expensive.

  11. Respectable move. Though I am eager to learn what the big news is, yesterday’s sudden tragedy eclipses anything that could have come from this. I will wait patiently.

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