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Tip: In Memory Of Satoru Iwata, Add His Mii To Your Mii Plaza

Many people are looking for outlets to mourn the loss of Satoru Iwata, many turning to writing articles, compilation videos, and fan art. However, if you would like to mourn Iwata-san, feel free to do it in a way he would undoubtedly appreciate: by gaming with him. Using the Mii QR code (below), players will be able to scan with their Nintendo 3DS to add him via Mii Maker. From there, you can play a round of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS with him, hang out in Tomodachi Life, or hit the green in Mario Golf: World Tour. Here is a list of all Mii compatible Nintendo 3DS software to date.


75 thoughts on “Tip: In Memory Of Satoru Iwata, Add His Mii To Your Mii Plaza”

    1. When I first heard about this I thought it was one of those dumbass hoaxes on the Internet… I can’t believe he died so suddenly, at such a young age too might I add

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>You’re an idiot, Nintendo and Lord Iwata means more to me than it does to you, say whatever you want I don’t even care>>>

                1. You’re right. I don’t care about Nintendo to the point of enacting a miserable, dislikeable, and misanthropic borderline-schizoid online persona. Moreover, if you didn’t care you wouldn’t act like I insulted your religion or something. You’ve got serious problems. Mr. Iwata would want you to get some help rather than have enabling internet stooges you’ll never get to meet (and who would hate you if they did) perpetuate your obvious psychosis. All of you who support this pitiful fool and his megalomaniacal “quest” should all feel ashamed of yourselves.

                  But, nor would Mr. Iwata want people to quarrel on the day of his passing. I’ll leave you to your delusions for today. Just, take my words to heart and find the strength to rise above your pathetic state. You’ve got the power. You’re the only one who does.

        1. At least we still have his mii to memorize Mr. Iwata! I miss him so much! Will Nintendo still be running if the president of Nintendo has passed. RIP Satoru Iwata you will be missed dearly by your fans who have known Nintendo since the beginning!

      1. When I heard about this just last night, my mind literally went blank and said “Bullshit…that’s bullshit!” So I went to check and so many news sources confirmed it. He’s really gone and just held my head and couldn’t sleep either. X(

        1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

          Well think of it this way. Every end has a new beginning. Let us remember this day for not his death, but instead him finally breaking free from this prison we call Earth and start a new, better life.

  1. This us honestly so depressing to see and his death is so sudden too. I will definitely add him when I get home from work

    1. “On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.” ~Iwata-san

      1. I take that as a yes then. But you never know, what did he actually request? Did he even have anything planned?

      2. In some cases, he was a creative and noble man. Just recently many things going on in Nintendo just made me turn around and walk away from some of the continuing nonsensical choices they’re making which makes fans like myself feel alienated and ignored. Now this happens and kinda make me wish he hadn’t suffer like that. Even though I thought he should step down but even I, in extreme frustration from Nintendo, would never want this to happen. X,(

    2. Considering he “Died in office,” mostly only done by those who love their careers, I’d say ‘yes.’
      I’m also a firm believer that one’s passing should be celebrated. When I die, I want people to have a party and have fun doing the things I did with them and focus on the positive.
      Yes, some mourning and sadness is inevitable and natural, but I’d want to leave instructions for people to be happy and have fun and remember me by not wasting any of their life focusing on the end of mine.

      So, I think this whole idea of gaming with his Mii isa great idea!

      Also, I think I have an official one from a SpotPass, I’ll be sure I save that one!

  2. This seems to be the best way to remember him, since it is one of the few ways to see him moving around in a way. As soon as I get my NEW Nintendo 3DS XL back from my stepmother I am going to be adding him to my Island on Tomodachi Life, adding him as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U, and I am going to see what I can do in terms of making a house for him in my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town.

    He shall be missed, and I will always remember him for the great man he is…Nintendo won’t be the same without him, and I am certain Miyamoto realizes the size of the shoes Iwata left for him or anyone to fill.

      1. Too bad changing the name forces us to make a copy & we lose the original mii data… Or am I missing something?

  3. He shall be remembered, and his legacy will stand strong and live on. May God bless him as he leaves us to join him.

      1. Good thing I still have his Mii to this day. All I need to do is scan the code so that two influential men that lost their lives (Iwata and Williams) can fight by my side and interact with me in Tomodachi.

    1. You’re obviously trolling, I just hope you know that the game they were spoofing was Super Mario 64 and not sunshine or sunshine 2…

        1. Hey can u write this for me i would appreciate it.

          Iwata if it wasnt for u my childhood full of great nintendo games memories wouldn’t have never been the same , ypu weren’t some random CEO u were my friend. Thank You for inspiring me to soon start developing games myself this is Nintendo Dark Ingsmasher directly from My Nintendo News

  4. Anubis, Son of Osiris

    I’m still baffled that he passed away so suddenly, it hard to fathom. At least he died a happy man.

    Rest in Piece Iwata.

  5. I wonder how the future of Nintendo will go and stanga eats shit and Nintendo will most likely make a shit ton of money with the mobile phone business and possibly the quality of life and with the amusement parks and with 3rd parties using their ips for games and amiibo and 3rd parties using their ips for movies and shows

  6. This news made me so sad. I want to honor him and this sounds like a really good way to do so. Now I will make it my mission to buy a mii fighter amiibo and make him the strongest fighter he can possibly be !

  7. It’s just how I want to remember him, too. The lovable chubster with the endearingly awkward presentation persona, not the sickly-looking, dying man. It always rubbed me the wrong how they changed his amiibo design to fit his condition…

  8. As much as he idea looks good, I rather not do this. I already have a Miiverse post of Mr. Iwata’s visit in Pokemon Rumble World to remember him by… let the guy rest in peace…

    1. There. Done. I might rename him Lord Iwata. I’d make a bigger name but sadly that freaking character limit crap is getting in my way. :/

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