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Wish Farewell To Satoru Iwata At Nintendo World Store

If you live around New York City and are shaken by the death of Satoru Iwata, head to Nintendo World Store (10 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020) to offer your condolences. According to Twitter user @Toadsanime, the Nintendo mega-store has set aside a portion of two-story building for those mourning to pay respects. While Nintendo World Store has not posted anything regarding this due to Nintendo’s voluntary social media blackout, a Nintendo representative has informed My Nintendo News that this will be held through the day and may carry on through tomorrow.

38 thoughts on “Wish Farewell To Satoru Iwata At Nintendo World Store”

    1. Great video thanks so much for posting. He will be greatly missed. May he rest in peace in the world of Mario world, and I hope he also finds peace with Zelda there as well.

  1. That’s really sweet. I do hope however, there is someone watching over this so that some idiot doesn’t come in and write crap about Mr. Iwata.

    1. This is lmcontaldi’s article so don’t worry. He’ll be on the troll comments like white on rice! :D

  2. what a lovely gesture. Still, wonder how long it’ll take before someone complains that it’s another Nintendo World Store exclusive…

  3. 1st of the Wii U started off several hundred$ less than the PS4. 2nd Someone please remove this hateful comment!

    1. Oh wow! That was fast! I posted my comment and the page reloaded and it was already deleted, THANKYOU! FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF IWATA!!

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  5. if billions of people died today the human population would go down massivly in one day

    LOL billions of people dont die each day

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  7. Too bad Nintendo “World” Store is in New York City only!

    On a more serious note, I wish I could actually go to this today. Sadly, I can’t afford to do so because I live in the deep south of the states & I’m broke right now. Anyway, since I can’t be there, I’ll mourn here instead.

    R.I.P. Lord Satoru Iwata. The last 3 years might not have been the best of your career but they aren’t the ONLY things you’ve done in your career. Your days as a developer still brought joy to all. And even as a CEO, you still tried to do your best since I’m sure you had other people in Nintendo trying to fight against you. Not even a CEO is above the Board of Directors in a publicly traded business when only half of them, or none of them at all, support you.

    1. If people wish to send me messages to write for them, I’m heading there 6:30 EDT. Email me at lmcontaldi [at] or comment here and I will sign your message for you <3

      1. Cool.

        R.I.P. Lord Satoru Iwata. You will be missed. This is Xeno Ridley, coming directly from you at MyNintendoNews.

        1. Oh crap! That second line of that message looks just wrong!

          Replace “directly from” to “directly to” & change “at MyNintendoNews” to “from MyNintendoNews.”

          1. lol This is just a reminder to me that I am sometimes very bad at wording what I say when typing OR talking! Especially when I’m not thinking straight because of emotional distress!

      2. Can you take a picture of my message after you wrote it into the book and send it to me? I’d like to see, but you can say no. If you say yes I’ll email your adress and then you can reply with the picture, but you don’t have to. :)

    2. Dat Rocko’s Modern Life reference had me rolling. Thanks for the laugh since I need my day brightened while working on my Iwata projects soon.

      1. You’re welcome. I think it’s the same video that Lord Zedd used once. Hm. Too bad he’s not here right now. His assistance in dealing with the trolls would be greatly appreciated.

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  10. Now i wish i was still in New York instead of on vacation. Farewell Iwata you were a great man and we all will miss you

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