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Here’s A Brand New Trailer For The Legend Of Kay

A remastered version of the PlayStation 2 title The Legend of Kay will be arriving on the Wii U soon. The game has everything you would expect from a remaster including spruced up character models and high-resolution textures. The game should certainly be a worthy purchase if 3D platformers are your thing. The Legend of Kay Anniversary is destined to be released on July 29th in Europe and America.

12 thoughts on “Here’s A Brand New Trailer For The Legend Of Kay”

  1. I’ve never really heard about this game before the remaster was announced. Did the game’s fans want a remaster? Did the original not sell well?

    1. Did the game sell badly? Yeah, I guess. It came at a time when the PS3 was already on its way and it’s kind of a niche title, anyways. Did the fans want a remaster? Hard to say. As just stated, the game probably didn’t sell too well, which means that it probably didn’t have too many fans to begin with. I think the actual reason for the remaster is that Nordic are trying their best to maintain their IPs, even if it means just releasing remasters for the start.

    1. They recorded the gameplay with a screen recorder recording the full screen and they had the mouse over it. This happens to The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct too. Skip to 3:16 to see it. It happens twice lol

  2. I can’t wait to get this game. I miss these games from the PS2/GCN/XB generation of video games! Can we get an HD remaster of Vexx, too!? I never got to beat that game!

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