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Here’s A Dr Mario, Bowser Jr & Olimar Amiibo Unboxing Video

NintenDaan is quite the collector of amiibos and this time he has got his hands on the highly sought after Dr. Mario, Bowser Jr. and Olimar. To celebrate he has produced an unboxing video featuring the high quality amigo figures which should be available to purchase this week, providing you can get your hands on them.

13 thoughts on “Here’s A Dr Mario, Bowser Jr & Olimar Amiibo Unboxing Video”

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  2. I’ve never understood “amiibo unboxings”. An unboxing is supposed to show off what’s inside the packaging, because it cannot be seen. Amiibos can be seen through the clear packaging so wtf is the point. So stupid.

    1. These videos feel more like the uploader is trying to go all “Hah hah! Look what I got & you most likely don’t have nor will ever get anytime soon! Hah hah uh hah hah!” because of the stock issues with the rare amiibo. But since this is Dr. Mario, I won’t be surprised if it’s easy as hell to find one since it is still Mario. Olimar, on the other hand…

    1. Just ordered, I have seen that we can also still get Rosalina, Metaknight, and Lucina Amiibo in Belgium. If you live near Belgium you can also just order them on: and go get it in the nearest Colruyt/Okay store. They don’t deliver outside Belgium so people that live further shall be disappointed.

  3. I believe the best Amiibos have already been released. Pit, Samus, and Little Mac are my personal favorites. Olimar and Duck Hunt will be my final Amiibos. I don’t have room for these little fuckers anymore!!

  4. -.- These videos do nothing but piss me off. Especially when they are of the amiibo we all know will be hard to fucking find.

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