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Nintendo America Website Lists Freedom Planet With August 3rd Release

The well-received Freedom Planet will be coming to the Wii U eShop on August 3rd. The release date was revealed by Nintendo of America on their official website. The 2D platformer that is influenced by the original Sonic titles on the SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis if you’re in the US) has received some extremely positive reviews on Steam. The game was available to demo during the “Nindies@Home” promotion and if you downloaded it you are entitled to get 15% off the full release.

16 thoughts on “Nintendo America Website Lists Freedom Planet With August 3rd Release”

  1. For those of you not having played the preview: The article image is concept art. The graphics of the game are retro(16-bit?), but good retro.
    Also the physics are somewhat crazy in this game.
    There is a place in the demo where there are two pieces of ground heightened up and a power up inside. Get in between and do a dragon dash.
    You’re welcome.

      1. Same. It’s like the Classic Sonic games but it has its own unique things to make it different enough. :)

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